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  1. I'll be honest, I find a lot more uses for the 48" x 96" 40" tall cargo area in my van than I could ever use in the pickup. The day I did need large open space (moved washer, dryer, and outside furniture), I borrowed a flat trailer. I'll never get pickups, I think.
  2. We have an AWD Sienna, which is fine but uninspiring to drive. It truly is as large as a Suburban inside though. The Odyssey was more fun but lower clearance and FWD killed it.
  3. I think we have different ideas of "small camper"; my minivan tows 3500lbs which is enough for small to me. Also, Minivan, the Suburban for people that aren't vain.
  4. This is old (and I think you may have quit), but I have to salute your VI humor, even if you forgot to git push and are a psychopath for keeping user data in /opt. :) :)
  5. I went to High School with that guy, but he spelled it Wayne Gee.
  6. Is that what got the Sabres' offense banned in after January last year? Also, MoJo, JoJo:
  7. It almost surely wasn't purely hockey. It had to be some combination of ROR wanting out (and saying it to JBOT), issues with other players, or some other locker room issue. I like to think it started with the player(s) and the GM/Owner made it happen, but I suppose it could have started at the top too. Who was it that said "if someone doesn't want to play in Buffalo, we'll make it happen?"
  8. No kidding. Before kids, I used to do multiday (like 7-9) solo motorcycle trips. I can't even conceive of a one-day trip now.
  9. :) Jake Elmer was apparently an undrafted free agent, picked up by the Rangers in March: https://www.blueshirtbanter.com/2019/3/15/18266716/report-rangers-to-sign-whl-free-agent-jake-elmer-scouting-report-lethbridge-hurricanes-dylan-cozens
  10. Where did Elmer go in the draft? That guy was all over Cozens' highlight reel.
  11. Speaking of Gold Circle, they should bring back some of the classic board ads, like "Hills" and "Celino, DWYER, and Barnes".
  12. You take electrical and then add vibration and corrosion.
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