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  1. The web sites don't seem to work well, most try to funnel you into an app. Tanks. I'm surprised the old TuneIn doesn't have it anymore and WGR app is gone? I truly am out of the loop.
  2. SO what's the preferred way to listen on Android these days?
  3. Hey, that's local for me, maybe I'll drive up and scout.
  4. MattPie

    Night Mode

    I dig it, I like night modes. If I were tweaking it, I may lighten the background *very* slightly and grey the text a little. White on almost-black is a little jarring.
  5. Yeah, what were Boomers thinking when they came up with that!
  6. This is the first year I didn't buy-in to GameCenter; I barely watched last year, and didn't feel like spending any time on it this year. I'm mildly regretting that decision, but I'm just superstitious enough to wonder if I should subscribe now and jinx them.
  7. Forget you man, 72-0-10 (I don't consider OTLs true losses since they almost maintain playoff pace on points).
  8. That works! I'm not sure how full it'll be. Most of the people are local so they may not be able to hang out 4 times in a week leaving families at home, so I should be left to my own devices some night.
  9. Oops, don't know why Boulder popped into my head. I'm leaving Friday morning, staying in Westminster on the northwest side of town.
  10. Heading out to Denver on Sunday for work (I'll wave at Boulder (?) if I see it @biodork!). This is for some interesting and challenging work, so I'm actually looking forward to it.
  11. MattPie

    OT: internet

    Now I'm curious what you use. I have a Netgear Nighthawk something that seems adequate, but I rarely have more than 3-4 things doing something at the same time. Before I bought that, I considered a Juniper SRX300 and access points, but that turned out to be way more for support than I wanted to spend.
  12. MattPie

    OT: internet

    FWIW, my old-ish (2011) Mac Mini (next to the laptop, so ~14ft through a floor to the router) is getting 97Mbit down 83Mbit up on Spectrum's test (Oxford MA) (I'm on FIOS). fast.com reports 78Mbps, although it briefly showed 220. Verizon shows 150/180 from my device and 947/928 from my router to the Verizon's server in NYC. From verizon: What does a “Good” router test result mean? Your router speed: 947/928 Mbps A good result indicates that you are getting a result close to your subscribed speed. The speed to your router indicates the total bandwidth available to all devices combined. For instance, your result of 947 Mbps download bandwidth indicates that you could have 94 devices connected at the same time, each streaming 10 Mbps of content simultaneously.
  13. MattPie

    OT: internet

    I'm not in the business, nor have any direct knowledge, but it wouldn't be too hard to set up Quality of Service to prioritize certain types of traffic, such as speed tests. That being said, a lot of peoples network knowledge is up to the person yelling SHOOOOOT during 3-on-3 at center ice, to draw a parallel. It's a bit of both. The speed test is probably a little rigged (or "optimized"), while people think the local network is slow because catvideomp4.org doesn't download at > 90MBytes/s.
  14. MattPie

    OT: internet

    If you are having speed issues, you can have a primo network in the house with the good wifi access point, and a second low-rent wifi for the older devices. Not trivial to set up, but not too hard either. That being said, I've been lazy and only have my FIOS-provided router right now; It's almost directly below my laptop on the first floor right now, and the quoted speed in the adapter properties is bouncing around between 300 and 600 Mbit right now. I'm not shy about attaching devices to it, although I don't have anything truly old here either.
  15. MattPie

    OT: internet

    I'm gonna quote! 🙂 He doesn't mention, but FIOS does offer (almost) 1Gbit up and down (it's like 960Mbit down/920Mbit up or something). And your point about contention ratios is valid, although with FIOS I have an independent link to the local switch. The uplink to the next network device likely isn't sized to carry the full bandwidth for every port on the switch; my guess is it's larger than the individual interfaces though, since 10Gbit is cheap these days. I'll have to test and see what I really get. But yes, it's unlikely most people need a gig for any reasonable (<20) number of household devices they use at the same time. Mostly because the providers aren't streaming stuff to you at that high a rate because it doesn't scale. Youtube apparently does around 40Mbit for 4K videos, which is probably the most bandwidth-intensive thing an average person does. So you could run 20+ concurrent 4K videos on a 1Gbit network. Almost anything else is peanuts in comparison, music is 1-2Mbit, full-DVD quality video is <10Mbit, the max for 1080p bluray is 40Mbit (I mention those as examples of really high-quality streams). I think NHL.tv is a few Mbit for 1080p.
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