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OT: College Football Thread


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I admit I'm starting this thread because of the team I get to see each week in Athens, GA.  However this had been a truly amazing season throughout the country and I thought it would be fun to discuss some of the storylines this season.

1) New leadership in the SEC?  UK is undefeated and heading to Athens this weekend.  Texas A&M's stunning victory over Alabama coupled with Bama's near loss to Fla, makes the Tide look vulnerable for the first time in over a decade.  Is this finally GA's year.  Still so much ground to cover.  Georgia still has games with undefeated UK, ranked Fla, and an improving Tenn before they even reach the SEC championship where they'll likely still see the Tide.

2) Revival of the Big 10 - Iowa, Penn St, Mich, OSU and Mich St are in the top 10.  After seeing my Hoosier lose to Iowa and Penn St (plus Cinn), with Michigan, OSU and Mich St still on the schedule,  IU may have the hardest schedule in the country.  Ouch!  It will be interesting to see who gets the pleasure of playing Iowa's ball hawking D in the Big 10 championship.  A case can be made for any of the 4 East team.  I'm betting OSU ends up on top in the end.  

3) The Outsiders - Cinn, Coastal Carolina, SMU and San Diego State are all undefeated with Cinn now ranked 3/4.  Honestly they are overrated and should have lost to IU, best I think they have a legit shot of making the playoffs.

4) Okla, Oregon and Ok St are also lurking out there.  Oklahoma and OK St have no D.  Oregon also looks decent but not great. 

5) ACC is a joke.  Wake is the top team right now.  Enough said.

Playoff right now IMHO GA, Cinn, OSU and Okla.   

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