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OT - if you were casting for a "history of the Buffalo Sabres" movie who would play who?


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This topic is way too easy.

Seymour and Northrup Knox will best be played by Luke and Owen Wilson.

Next, we have the famous "French Connection."  I'd have them cast by Steve Martin (Martin), Chevy Chase (Robert), and Martin Short as Perreault.  I'm telling you this will be a smash hit!

Now, I'd really love to see Danny DaVito play Punch Imlach, but if he can't do it, I'd most likely settle for Sean Connery.  Maybe I'd bring them both in for a read through.  Scotty Bowman can play Scott Bowman to make it seem really real.

Not a whole lot going on, up until the late eighties, early nineties characters.  John Muckler - Leslie Neilson, obviously.  And this is going to be nuts.  Craig Ramsey, I'm thinking Arnold the dang Schwarzenegger if he's not too busy!  Yes!

We got Scott Glenn as Grant Fuhr.  I want to see Dale Hawerchuk played by Meryl Streep.  Dominik Hasek played by Johnny Depp.  I'd have to see LaFontaine played by Tom Cruise, but I'd have Val Kilmer cast as Mogilny.  This will be huge!

Briere and Drury are a tough one because you want guys who can be different, but have an equal status.  I'd have Clint Eastwood play Drury, but Briere would be like Pauly Shore.  Equally brilliant. 

Damn!  I'm getting no less than Tom Hanks to play Lindy Ruff.  Already left the message on his answering machine.  Hell yeah!

We've got some minor roles to fill with Millsie, maybe Vanek.  Probably Jim Carrey be good as Ryan Miller, and if we could get Joaquin Phoenix to play Thomas Vanek, that would be perfect!

Dang!  There's not too much up to the present that really breaking the bank on any name actors, except for Terry and Kim, and maybe Eichel.  It's a tough call, because you want to be serious, but not SERIOUS, if you know what I mean.  You know who I think would do a good job as Terry, but might not take the roll because he's too busy with music is freaking Meat Loaf.  So you probably know who I'm thinking of for Kim, and its Cher, duh.  Once you establish a theme with these musical characters it's important to develop it, so I would like Clay Aiken to be my Eichel.  All three artists do have some acting experience and would be brilliant in this production. 

And the rest, I guess, is basic history of cinema 101 casting stuff that I would just leave for my assistant to complete while I meet the studio big whigs and talk about the moolah!  Hell yeah! 


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Wouldn't be too hard for Steve Carell to pull off Ted Darling....

ted_darling_-_Google_Search.png.2103411551ce1bfb253a71148fc86705.png  steve_carell_-_Google_Search.png.9a15d741d66c7185e25c764673ef992e.png  


-- Punch Imlack, since we're casting people who have since died, I've seen former NY Mayor Ed Koch in movie cameos before.  He'd make a grea Imlach

-- Michael Fassbender as Dominik Hasek

-- John Kraskinski is Pat Lafontaine

-- A young Gene Hackman as Don Luce??

-- Lucy Liu would have to be Kim Pegula

-- Leslie Neilson is Terry Pegula

-- This would need an element of cartoon in it, so Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory) is Tim Murray

-- Harry Styles could be Eichel


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