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Buffalo Bills: 2020-2021

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I haven't been this pumped and nervous since the mid 90's.

I don't think I'm gonna be able to keep it together.

Let's go goddamit!



download (6).jpeg

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8 minutes ago, Gatorman0519 said:

Wow the Packers looked like a juggernaut tonight.  

Against a team playing a QB with a broken thumb, an injured Donald, no Kupp.. and it was within a possession right until 4th. Rodgers was only OK - he threw back to back picks to end the first half that the D just dropped. 

I don't think they represent much of a threat to the AFC winner. Though I think they'd beat NO, Tampa I think would beat them if they are on their game. 

Still, anything can happen. It's an exciting set up of teams remaining. 

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6 hours ago, GoPre said:

A thread on twobillsdrive asked what are you doing until 8:15? Good question.  What are you all doing to kill time? Me?  Did a 5 miler, and now playing Madden 20 and a PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn.  Never played before.  Heard great things.  Oh - and cracking open a cold one too. 😂 Anyhow, go Bills!!!  It’s Allen time!!! 

An amazing game.. I spent much time playing it thoroughly and the Frozen Wilds expansion as well.  Looking forward to the new one.

Made some ramen tonight, went birding, took some photos, bought some beer, played some NHL21....

And now it's almost time to drink that beer.

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12 hours ago, JujuFish said:

Do you really think a kicker in his 30s has never had to deal with winds and snow?


1 minute ago, SABRES 0311 said:

Announcer: One of the greatest kickers.  Almost never misses.

Reality: Welcome to Buffalo. 

Thank you

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3 minutes ago, JujuFish said:

Haha, sorry, but that doesn't make your statement any more intelligent

Oh, I never claimed to be intelligent, merely that the weather environment at Rich stadium will be a factor for a kicker who's not familiar with it.

After all, a hmmmm is not like me saying I told you so, at least, not yet anyways 😉

7 minutes ago, ubkev said:

*****, Davis had to have that.

No worries, Buffalo's D is GAME ON!!!!



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Just now, JujuFish said:

Hmmmm. 😉

I told you, the kicking game will be the difference. My bad on Bass. Your bad on the Ravens kicker. agreed?

With that said, I am not impressed with Baltimore, but...........I am equally not impressed with Buffalo, specifically Singletary.

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