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  1. Robviously

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    Belichick is money against young QBs, especially with 2 weeks to prepare. Rams will get behind early and that’ll be it.
  2. Robviously

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    So did the refs.
  3. Your posts on the last couple pages don't read as jokes, but I'm glad you're walking that one back. Everyone on this board reads the same mock drafts and prospect analyses leading up to the draft which is why most of us are generally excited about the same players. A lot of people liked Boeser (along with a bunch of other projected late 1st rounders in 2015) which is why the board was apoplectic when the Lehner trade went down. A lot of people liked Sergachev the next year but were fine with Nylander -- again, based on what we all read. This board was pumped about Grigorenko and Girgensons right after that draft, and no one took Laaksonen seriously when we made that pick. We're hockey fans forming opinions based on second-hand information. It's fun, but I think we can just leave it at that.
  4. This is honestly one of the more insane things I've ever seen anyone post on here.
  5. There’s no way to justify ever playing Scandella again this season. And that was true weeks ago.
  6. We’re gonna end up drafting 8th overall again aren’t we?
  7. Nothing matters. Life is pain. Eat Arby's.
  8. Sobotka is not good but I at least understand why they keep playing him. Scandella has been trash the entire season and we have better options.
  9. Goodness. Every Scandella shift is a nightmare.
  10. No intelligent GM would give us anything useful for him but it's really about not having him here. He's been a disaster for us all season, and we have better options.
  11. I'll believe the Sabres are serious about making the playoffs this year when they get rid of Scandella. You can't justify playing him any more.
  12. Robviously

    2018 - 2019 Sabres Prospects

    This. If we put Mittelstadt and Thompson in the AHL (or Dahlin for that matter), our system would look ridiculous. Instead they're doing their learning in the NHL. (In Dahlin's case, he's our best defenseman.) Apart from that, our system still looks pretty good. When's the last time Rochester had three defensemen (Pilut, Guhle, Borgen) and four forwards (Smith, Olofsson, Nylander, Asplund) we could bring up now with confidence and still have plans for in the future? UPL and Laaksonen are looking like guys that should have been picked in the 1st round, and Samuelsson looks promising too. Organizationally, we need some centers but GMJB probably knows that.
  13. Let's just get this over with. Watching the Sabres has been painful since the 10-game streak ended. They've become the ultimate "team that finds a way to lose."
  14. Robviously

    World Juniors

    Maybe this is crazy but are UPL and Laaksonen our two best prospects outside the NHL right now?
  15. Robviously

    World Juniors

    He's basically been my favorite too since we picked him and for the same reason. The collective meltdown here when we went off the board and picked a guy that Google was telling us was like 5'9" and 140 pounds instantly had me rooting for him. I want him to succeed for the same reason I want Josh Allen to - not just for Buffalo but to prove people wrong. Check out TSN.ca. Under World Juniors, go to Schedule and then click the "Game Page" for each game. They basically have the box score for each game, although TOI is only there for the goalies.