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    My company just informed us today that they'd be suspending my position for the next 2 weeks minimum and that I could take time off, come in and work retail at a lower amount or use vacation time. As much as I wanna just self quarantine I think I'm gonna go in. The economic effects are scary for all of this but I understand the idea of flattening the curve to keep our under-prepared healthcare system from becoming like Milan where doctors basically have to choose who lives and dies. I ordered a bunch of books for the inevitable total shutdown. I sincerely hope they suspend mortgage payments for 2 months to give families a bit of relief economically.
  2. https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2020/03/13/these-are-the-nhl-owners-who-have-not-agreed-to-pay-arena-staff-for-suspended-events/ Dunno if this has been discussed here yet or not, but this actually surprised me. Given how their PR image tries to project the caring and generous attitude.
  3. I think he's going to be a good solid #1 goaltender the rest of this year and next but not elite. He can steal you a few games here and there but he can't carry the team squarely on his shoulders every game. But since he's solid, he frees up the rest of the team to be much more aggressive and creative. He shouldn't be replaced by anyone less than elite because you can tell that the team trusts and loves the guy. But for the love of God we need to get him a solid backup because Hutton has been HORRENDOUS.
  4. GREAT WIN. Ullmark was definitely the best player on the ice for both teams by a mile.
  5. Ugh, terrifying the talent Washington has for a SO. Encouraging that Holtby has not looked well.
  6. Lol @ Biron getting snubbed and then taking control of the conversation.
  7. I dunno, he doesn't seem the type. I think there's some ruthlessness behind those eyes.
  8. And that is why I'm beginning to believe in him. Any X and O deficiencies can be fixed with different assistants but this team has quit on every coach (besides Ted Nolan) and has really bought into him.
  9. This is the team that disappeared. Loving this game so far.
  10. I forgot how much better we play in from of Ullmark.
  11. I dunno, trading Sam does not exist in a vacuum. Gotta remember whom is either signing or trading him. I think JBot can do less damage signing him rather than trading him. He may overpay him by 1 mil, but if he trades for him I think it's fairly obvious the return would be disastrous.
  12. Girgs' Passion Eichel's Talent Moulson's Class
  13. I'll go further, I think he's the bad attitude in the locker room. He has always seemed to me like a spoiled little brat with his nose up in the air. I had a friend tell me a story about how his brother was an Uber driver and had Jack in his car one night when he first got here and without prompting told the driver 'Your tip is that you got to drive Jack Eichel' Now I dunno about the validity of that story as I'm always sceptical about celebrity stories but that just always seemed to fit for me. Between the stories of locker room division when he was starting out between the youth and the vets and how there is always motivation issues on this team, I can see it being him. Everyone has worked with someone who was great at their job but was an absolute POS and bratty and whenever you had to work with them it was something to be endured, not enjoyed. Worst part is that if this is all true I cannot think of a human being I would trust less than JBot at improving the Sabres in an Eichel trade.
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