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  1. You can't. HCRK hasn't been given enough time behind the bench to promote higher. While it would be a good move in a vacuum, given how many HCs this team has gone through you can't make that move right now.
  2. It's just a bad as the Phantom Menace but for totally different reasons. The film is just a pacing nightmare with plot holes galore that spends it's entire run reconning TLJ and even reconning itself. The only points that were worthy of praise were the score, Frick, and Adam Driver's performance. He killed it.
  3. I've been saying this forever. Ullmark still has the potential to be a great goalie. We'll probably know what his ceiling is by the end of next year.
  4. I've checked out. One of the only things my father and I bond over is hockey. I'm visiting them for the holidays and he asked if I wanted to watch the game last night with him and I just said 'What's the point? You know how it'll end." and he nodded and we just went our separate ways for the evening. I have never turned down watching a game with him. But I didn't even regret it. After all, what's the point?
  5. I wanted so badly for that doubt I had at the beginning of the season to be wrong. I sincerely hope they pull it together soon. The team expects to lose and are overthinking everything. I don't know if they can pull out of this again.
  6. I agree. They seem to immediately lose composure and play on their heels when a team has an aggressive forecheck. Time will tell if they can break that habit or of it'll be their downfall this year.
  7. I always hate Florida games. They tend to be the team we look worst playing. Hopefully the boys can change that tonight.
  8. I wonder if this partially due to teams being especially aware of him on the ice and him not having the experience yet with how to work around that. I know for one that if I was an NHL head coach I'd have a game plan to protect primarily against Skinner, Dahlin, and Eichel. He's only 19 and this along with his being susceptible to taking penalties and prone to being caught up in the emotion of the moment are his two biggest areas in need of improvement. I've been noticing that he seems to take alot of physical attention lately in the form of checks and just being hounded in general. I wonder if it's causing him to be less patient...
  9. Hutton has not played well tonight. I honestly was more impressed with Ulmark on Monday.
  10. It is a shame that this period is about to end. They're finally playing great again.
  11. I disagree. Bench him for a bit. Let him beat himself up. Learning opportunity.
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