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  1. Pinch me, did I just see a decent PK from the Sabres?
  2. Agreed. Just as long as it doesn't cost us a goal.
  3. How can a roster this talented be this bad? It's mind boggling.
  4. One of my favorite players of the era for that exact reason. And the exact type of player that is woefully missing from this lineup.
  5. You know who I miss? Kaleta. Say what you want about him, but he would have given us at least a moment or 2 of entertainment and riled up the team.
  6. Surprise, surprise, when you actually hustle and move you can score a goal...
  7. This is such an absolutely painful game to watch. How can the Sabres be this bad with adding Staal and Hall? Absolutely zero hustle.
  8. I live in Pensacola and Hurricane Sally just devastated the area. Luckily I just had a bit of tree, roof, and fence damage, but the house is fine. But holy hell, the places that have power are PACKED. We're gonna have an explosion of cases because people weren't super vigilant before and honestly, no one is thinking about Covid right now here. It's scary.
  9. I just wanna call you out for a second. The ability to be reflective of your own behavior and evaluate it and then admit that you were wrong without excuses is a rare and very amazing thing that should be cultivated and admired. The instinct to stick to your guns no matter what, even if you know you're in the wrong is far too prevalent in our society. The world would be a better place if more people had your humility and self reflection. Thank you for being one of the good guys.
  10. I'm a hairstylist in FL. My salon hasn't opened up yet, but it probably will in the next 2 weeks. I have never been more afraid than when I go back to work. Even with both client and stylist wearing masks it's incredibly dangerous to be within 6 ft of someone, especially for a prolonged period of time. You know it's bad when nurses are telling you that they're praying for you. What makes me doubly afraid is the fact that the hotels here are almost filled with 100% compacity too.
  11. Who keeps feeding the troll? The minute they said the ROR deal was good we should have all just laughed and stopped paying attention.
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