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  1. StuckinFL

    GDT:Leafs at Sabres 7pm 3/20/19

    Is there anything better than Leaf tears? I want us to win this game so bad.
  2. StuckinFL

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    Me too.
  3. I mean this is just sad. We are absolutely pathetic. We fold at the slightest amount of pressure and we absolutely cannot score right now. How much longer can this go on before people start getting pink slips?
  4. StuckinFL

    GDT: Sabres at Blackhawks 3-7-19 @8:30PM

    Yeah, I have zero hope for this team anymore. Expecting a blowout. Guess is that Chicago beats us by 3 or 4.
  5. StuckinFL

    Dahlin's expectations

    I'm inclined to agree
  6. StuckinFL

    It's the scoring, stupid?

    Leave em wanting more? Come on, don't leave us in suspense like that. I enjoy reading stuff like this quite often. Given the way the season has been as of late, it's the only source of joy about this team left, haha.
  7. StuckinFL

    Skinner Contract Watch

    This. I think the plan was always to trade him at the deadline, but with how bad the team has been lately, I think they hold him to stop a revolt from occurring with season ticket holders and he ends up walking for nothing.
  8. StuckinFL

    Sabres @ Stars, 1/30/2019, 8:30 PM ET

    We don't deserve to even have a loser point in this game.
  9. StuckinFL

    Sabres @ Stars, 1/30/2019, 8:30 PM ET

    Did Dallas have a 5 on 5 power play? Because that's what that last shift looked like...
  10. StuckinFL

    Sabres @ Stars, 1/30/2019, 8:30 PM ET

    I'm excited for this game. Let's hope the boys bring it.
  11. StuckinFL

    Skinner Contract Watch

    I definitely agree. But that fear is still very much there that it could bite us in the ***. Okposo's contract definitely makes me leary of throwing money to someone based on one years production. His other seasons were good, don't get me wrong, but not worth over 7x7. If someone offer sheets Dahlin for max contract after we sign Samson (or someone that replaces him) and a 2c, and we have to match it, that's it, we're done if Skinner isn't producing at an elite level. We need to shed that contract ASAP. I'm hoping Seattle can be bribed with picks to take him. I know it's a fools hope. Only other option is a compliance buyout at the next strike.
  12. StuckinFL

    Skinner Contract Watch

    I personally wouldn't go above 8x8 for anything but Dahlin or an exceptional 2C, but I have a feeling that JBot is going to do 8.5x8 for Skinner. Where this scares me is if this is his career year and he only sniffs 30 goals the next 3 years and then plummets after that. Or worse, he turns into another Okposo next yeat and we're stuck and doomed with those contracts and can't field a competitive team because of 2 horrendous contracts. I'd be much more comfortable gaming on Skinner if Okposo wasn't such a waste of cap space.
  13. StuckinFL

    Skinner Contract Watch

    I totally agree. But that's why I said we need an exceptional 2c. An average 2c wouldn't help us enough to carry that weight adequately. An exceptional one just might enough to carry us to the playoffs. And I'm not pinning my future on a hope that Casey is 100% going to become that guy. That's just poor planning for a GM at this point in Casey's development.
  14. StuckinFL

    Skinner Contract Watch

    I'm not putting my eggs in that basket yet. I don't care what his age is, I wouldn't even consider him competent as a NHL center yet. He has no business being on the Sabres roster and should be developing in Rochester. We need a 2c that performs at that level consistently if this team is ever going to make the playoffs.
  15. StuckinFL

    Skinner Contract Watch

    Oh I'm not advocating doing this. You had stated that it would be unrealistic. I was playing devil's advocate and stating that this is a scenario that is possible. I certainly would be irritated with it occurring as well. Should've worded it much better. I think the only reason he shouldn't be signed ASAP is if he's asking too much or is showing primadonna behavior behind the scenes. No telling how much the cap is gonna be raised after Seattle joins the party. I'm unsure about giving that 8th year without getting a discount though. Dahlin needs to get paid eventually as well as whomever we plug at 2c. Because this team is going nowhere without an exceptional 2c no matter how stacked the first line is.