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  1. Good for the pk. Fast as heck. Meh signing; hope more is coming
  2. Yes and let Seattle take him in the expansion draft
  3. Is this a hint..or.... 😉 Anyone hear more info about Qual Offers?
  4. He would be great, obviously depending on the ask. The problem would be if Cozens matures into who we hope he is (2C). Danault already complained about being 3C in Montreal.
  5. Hey @sabresparaavida Have you heard anything lately? Things must be heating up quite a bit! Thanks for your info, we all appreciates it.
  6. That's whats I appreciates about you 🤣
  7. Ehlers-Eichel-Thompson Olofsson-X-Sam Skinner-Cozens-Johansson ?
  8. Not with Botts as GM. He turned it down.
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