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  1. Should be fine, your superiors will probably say the same.
  2. I don't know what that means, "we'll worry about coaching tomorrow" ... so RK took a personal day? Messy play overall, I agree. I wouldn't much stock into the game... but they had no control of the puck until the dire moments, thennnnn lost control again.
  3. Huh, thought Ullmark was labeled the starter, whatever. LETS GO BUFFALO! I have a Voodoo Barrel Room Collection stout waiting for puck drop! Cheers, guys!
  4. Not advocating for this ( click-batey) trade, playing devil's advocate, I guess... I was born in Buffalo, haven't lived there in 21 years, aside from a year (part time) after law school... but I still love Buffalo. Just because you've left a place for a while, doesn't mean you're rid of it, especially if it's where you were raised.
  5. It's a sample size issue for me, not that I don't believe Olofsson
  6. A white jersey with current colors makes the most sense aesthetically
  7. It may have been a prototype... this was several months ago. But, I agree. Unless the Pegula's are full blown hashtag return to royal.
  8. Well I guess I can, kinda, take my a buddy's word that deals with this stuff to an extent... said Vegas would be red and Anaheim would be their throwback breaking through the ice; Said the Sabres' jersey is royal blue/gold goathead jersey. Put the Sabres in the top 5 with the Blues, Pens, and Vegas; Buddy isn't a Sabres fan... however, his take on Vegas gives me pause. Take it for what its worth... I can't verify without likely getting him/her in trouble (not that they would see this or likely care).
  9. It's like going through every stage of depression... within 2 hours, lol.
  10. Deck Hockey Draft Analysis: Can confirm that, collectively, the Pegulas have many hands.
  11. Next year, the latter. Long term, I would have preferred Rossi... but what the hell do I know?
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