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  1. Optimistic note: Hammer parlays on the under and puck line rest of the year. I'll have like 30 season tickets.. wait.. no.
  2. Im not on the fire Ralph train, yet. We've been burning through coaches more than we've scored goals. Something is structurally wrong with the organization.
  3. I've lost all sense of optimism and can't even think of a ***** pun to describe my apathy. It's all psychological from here on out.
  4. Same. I don't like their regular stuff, aside from mixers, but this is pretty damn good. Like the label says, its heavily vanilla, baking spice, and caramel to really turn it into more of a dessert whiskey... I havent tried with ice or adding a drop of water (usually like it neat, but might experiment), I think $60 or $70, It's worth it. The Woodford Double Oaked Private Selection Barrel from Premier (as opposed to the regular Double Oaked) on the other hand, I don't know what they chose as far as barreling - no info on the label, but it is the biggest oak bomb that I've tasted. Usually
  5. Hahah of course; Trying my best to get some sabres in the lineup, my lord is it tough right now.
  6. Agreed, I was only responding to the comment Skinner won't be here. We have no salary retention currently, I know there's nil chance we retain 50%, but for the sake of the initial comment, Skinner at 50% retention, is of value... we'd need to receive one hell of a sweetener carrying a 4.5m burden for 7 years. Realistically, I don't foresee a Skinner trade.
  7. It's not a big deal lol... just expected Hall, albeit for a pretty arbitrary reasons, getting a chance in the SO.
  8. I don't know how it's done without significant salary retention, not to mention his NMC. However, based on his usage, and little sign its changing... I dont think he'd be too upset waiving it.
  9. Surprised Ralph didnt give Hall the chance to close it out against the Devils, but happy with a W, despite another OT winner.
  10. True, but well composed in the game, especially during the final 90 or so on the pk
  11. Really liked Ullmark tonight... as with most nights
  12. I'm not saying that Eichel will forever remain a Sabre. There is certainly a real chance he leaves. My issue falls with this blog, and their middling effort and timing. How natural a Rangers blog posts this before their first matchup. BS blogging, begging for clicks. I would put money this is a saved draft from November. First quote, an ESPN post from May 2020. Then tweets from Bobby Margarita, we already know from September. Followed by an Athletic article prior to the start of the season. Also sprinkling in some Buffalo News articles. Create original content. This screams lack of kn
  13. Should be fine, your superiors will probably say the same.
  14. I don't know what that means, "we'll worry about coaching tomorrow" ... so RK took a personal day? Messy play overall, I agree. I wouldn't much stock into the game... but they had no control of the puck until the dire moments, thennnnn lost control again.
  15. Huh, thought Ullmark was labeled the starter, whatever. LETS GO BUFFALO! I have a Voodoo Barrel Room Collection stout waiting for puck drop! Cheers, guys!
  16. Not advocating for this ( click-batey) trade, playing devil's advocate, I guess... I was born in Buffalo, haven't lived there in 21 years, aside from a year (part time) after law school... but I still love Buffalo. Just because you've left a place for a while, doesn't mean you're rid of it, especially if it's where you were raised.
  17. It's a sample size issue for me, not that I don't believe Olofsson
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