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  1. Can someone explain to me why I see so many line-ups listed with Skinner and Staal on the same line? From my memory of them on the same team and what Hurricane's fans have to say, I seem to remember they never worked well together on a line in Carolina. Not to mention Hall and Eichel are similar players. I don't think you would even want them on the same line in the first place.
  2. Thanks. Gaudreau being traded makes sense from a Calgary point of view. I'm not sure why the Sabres would do that... but that's a Sabres thing to do. Lindholm? Yeah, no chance imo Rittich is better than Hutton. Hanifin for Montour would be a nice. Them moving on from Bennett makes sense. He'll never meet his draft expectations.
  3. Well it doesn't make sense, so it makes sense
  4. I don't defend the current format. I think it should be a lottery for the whole league. Your finishing position for the season should make no difference. It should be weighted based on the last years position in the lottery. Being rewarded for losing in a game that the point is winning is a just wrong.
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