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  1. I'd prefer Rodriguez over Olofsson just because Mittelstadt is green enough on his own. I'd probably put Olofsson with Eichel and Skinner (if he gets re-signed) and Olofsson earns a spot on the big club to start the season. Then as LGR recommended put Reinhart with Mittelstadt and than have either Rodriguez or some veteran who is better than Rodriguez on the other side.
  2. Good man. I'll make sure to send you an evacuation notice before the locusts, plague, and zombies are released upon your town as long as you don't tell your neighbors why you're leaving.
  3. I'm already at maximum hate for Boston and have been for years. I'd root for ISIS over Boston as well as Hitler, Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, and the Devil himself.
  4. Fair enough. Thanks for explaining. We'll never agree but I understand the mindset. I think my hate for Boston trumps everything else because I can see no situation where I'd root for them.
  5. Thanks. I guess it somewhat makes sense then in a SEC, ACC, BigTen type pride sort of sense to some people but I still don't get it. I met a guy once who was from Buffalo and was a Bills fan who also claimed to hate the Patriots* but then would root for them in the Super Bowl because they were an AFC-East team. It boggles my mind. I told him if he roots for the Patriots* to win against random teams (Rams, Eagles, or whomever) then he can't really honestly claim that he hates the Patriots*. If anything, he likes them, just not as much as he likes the Bills.
  6. I will never understand this mindset. I've never heard anyone brag about how "yeah my team sucks but this other good team is in my division and they've won like a dozen championships over the last 20 years so it makes me feel better that my team sucks. They aren't really that bad for not beating X because nobody can." Nobody thinks the Bills, Jets, or Dolphins are good except that they keep running into the Patriot* buzzsaw. They all suck and even a dozen more titles for Belichick isn't going to change it. Also, who even keeps track of division cups? If the Blues win, do you think the Blackhawks or Wild will bask in the glory of a Central team that isn't them being Stanley Cup Champion? If the divisions change do you suddenly feel different about a Championship that was decided 10 year ago because now that team is either in your division now or suddenly isn't? Do you recalculate the tallys for what division has won the most Championships when there's a realignment or does it only matter what division they are in when the Cup was actually won? I can somewhat understand the I don't want other teams to win their first before Buffalo does mindset even though I don't subscribe to it (because I'd rather see Boston die in a fire than win anything) but the other part is way more puzzling.
  7. Improved wingers plus the past year of experience should definitely help. He's not good enough to be saddled with mediocre players like Okposo and Pominville and he's definitely not good enough to perform while playing with a bum like Sobotka or players who aren't ready themselves like Thompson. I think we need to re-sign Skinner and then staple either him or Reinhart to his wing while making sure the 3rd guy on his line is at least as good as Rodriguez.
  8. And the JB fan boys continue to make excuses for him. He's either an idiot because he actually thought he was getting a good deal or he's a wimp because he couldn't stand up to ownership and properly inform them that how badly getting O'Reilly off the team as quickly as possible/by any means necessary would set the team back. Being that they had recently hired him to run the team he should have had the clout to make a better hockey decision. Otherwise his role is to simply execute the decisions of novice owners. It reflects poorly on him in either scenario.
  9. Go Blues! The only thing Boston should ever win at is dying in fires.
  10. He did have a choice. O'Reilly was under contract. It doesn't matter if he wanted to be traded because it wasn't up to him and even if he did demand to be traded he didn't make it public. Duchene wanted to be traded and it was already public knowledge but Colorado refused to just accept the best crappy offer available. They made him suck it up until Colorado got the return they desired. The artificial timeline killed it and even if it came from Terry and Kim, Botterill should have explained that to them and convinced them to take a longer view.
  11. I think he's our 2nd line center next season. He's not ready for the role yet and he probably won't be proficient at the job for another season or 2, but that's where the team and roster is at so I'd rather see him try to grow into the role than watch our GM get taken to the shed again by trading Ristolainen for some mediocre stop gap like JT Miller. It would be great if we had the center depth to break him in on the wing last season but that didn't happen so at this point it's better to just let him take his lumps now.
  12. I thought this thread was about our idiot GM and how he was stupid enough to think Casey Mittelstadt was ready to center the second line before the season started. My mistake. Maybe if we had kept "he who will not be named" then Mittelstadt could have played wing in the top 6 and been more productive.
  13. O'Reilly is worth more than a first round pick and a team's 4th or 5th best prospect. People seem to love to make excuses for Botterill and why he made such a ***** trade, but any way you slice it the trade was *****. I believe he thought Berglund and Sobotka had actual value which makes me question his ability to evaluate talent. If he did only take them on as cap dumps to make the money work then I question his ability to judge talent anyway, because he received horrible value for a 1B center who produced well, is still in his prime, and is under contract for several more seasons. Doug Armstrong took him the shed and spanked him on this trade. Imagine if we could trade a 1st round pick, Okposo, Pominville (while he still had 2 years on his contract), and Danny O'Regan to Edmonton for Ryan Nugent Hopkins. I think that's about on par with how the trade went, even though O'Reilly is a better #2 center than RNH.
  14. I have no problem with guys like Larsson and Girgensons being shown the door once we have better players to give their spots to, I just don't see it as a priority. Those guys make (relative) peanuts compared to guys like Sobotka, Bogosian, Okposo, and Pominville and they are typically signed to 1-3 year deals so if some rookie call ups, waiver pick ups, or college free agents push those guys off the depth chart they can easily be put on waivers with minimal cap implications. And until that happens at least they are earning their paychecks more so than the albatross guys.
  15. I didn't advocate for oldies, I just mentioned that the options were not good. I'm sure someone can post a link to all the initial options but from what I remember it was slim pickings. That DJ Kool Song was the only half way decent one of the options and it's 20 years old as well. I'd personally prefer something from the 90's-2000's-ish metal genre (Slayer, Manson, Pantera, System of a Down) that kicks into high gear right away, but that's me. More than anything, I was just letting Swordsman know the fans were able to vote on the decision.
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