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  1. Only 11 months to wait. They should easily win back to back games in October 2020.
  2. They should fired fat Pugsley and let Krueger take his spot as GM. Then Kreuger can hire that bearded Viking guy Modo campaigned for and he can put the fear of Odin into them.
  3. Bogosian's contract expires at the end of the season and we can retain up to 50%. That won't be hard to move at all, come deadline time, unless he's back to being injured.
  4. Welcome aboard. I've been here since the trade of he who will not be named. Better secure a lazyboy in a prime spot near the beer fridge. I have a feeling it's going to get crowded in here really soon.
  5. Skinner should definitely be playing with Eichel. Since we're going to be paying him top dollar for close to another decade he should at least be playing with our best center in order to get as much production out of him as possible. Reinhart may not get $9 million but it's not out of the question given his age and production. He's on pace to score 70 points this season playing with Eichel. Botterill decided to bridge him and Reinhart should benefit from that fact greatly. Another blunder from the so called cap expert.
  6. So we should be content with him sitting on his hands until the trade deadline? At that point the Sabres will be well out of the playoff race and he'll likely just be selling off Scandella and Bogosian for late picks from teams looking for playoff depth. Yeah, there may not be any deals going on now, but it was obvious last season that the forwards needed help and his big moves up front were re-signing Skinner, letting Pominville go, bringing in Vesey who has done nothing and bringing in Johansson who has actually been better than expected. Any way you slice it though, it wasn't enough based on how that last 5 months of the season went and that was obvious to almost everyone on this board outside of the handful of people who were either taking the wait and see approach or people who defend Botterill pretty much no matter what. Sure it's tough to point to this exact moment in time to force a deal but the reason the natives are getting restless/impatient is because there were other opportunities (last years trade deadline, the entire offseason, free agency, the draft) that he could have made a move to improve the forward talent and he mostly maintained the status quo other than bringing in one new solid contributor in Johansson.
  7. 60 points on the second line is great, but not if he's earning $9 million or something along those lines. Skinner was a bargain last year with 40 goals for a cap hit of $5.75 million. It won't look nearly as good when they pay him $9 million for 30 goals this year.
  8. We should definitely keep Reinhart unless some team offered us a center of similar age and talent and I don't see that happening. For being a so called "cap expert" though, you'd think Botterill would influence the coaches when setting up lines to not make his job negotiating contracts more difficult. Last year he let Housley keep Skinner with Eichel for most of the season in a contract year and the result was having to overpay for Skinner in money, term, and a full NMC. Now they aren't playing together and we're paying Skinner as a 40 goal scorer and he probably won't be since he isn't with Eichel. This year Reinhart is up for contract and he's letting Kreuger play him with Eichel so he's on pace for 70 points. This will lead Reinhart to getting a big deal being paid as a 70+ point player but with Buffalo's luck they'll probably move him down to line 2 next season and he'll pace for 60 points while getting paid for 70.
  9. I thought about paying the money for NHL.tv when they started off so well in October again, but I'm glad I held off. I don't think they'll nosedive as badly as they did after the winning streak last season, but at least if they do I won't have to pay to see it. If they somehow manage to turn things around I can always subscribe for the back half of the season and the playoff race but at least point I'm pretty sure I won't have to spend the money.
  10. Skinner can't be traded because Botterill not only overpaid him on money and term, but he gave him a full NMC. He's not going anywhere unless Toronto wants him and I doubt they want to pay him what we're paying him. I agree that he should go back to the top line though. With Johansson out, we're basically a one line team anyway, so we might as well stock that top line with our 3 best forwards (Skinner, Eichel, and Reinhart).
  11. Show some leg and start hitchhiking, man.
  12. That definitely makes a lot more sense.
  13. Because Thurman Thomas went to college there back in the 80's. Other than that, I got nothing. If they really do prioritize the Bills in Oklahoma like that though, you should be able to watch them on the local CBS station instead of shelling out dough for Sunday Ticket.
  14. I still haven't paid for NHL.tv yet after I wasted my money last year but when I do have access to see all the games, I definitely wait 30-45 minutes so I can fast forward through pregame, anthems, commercials, and intermissions. I usually catch up to live somewhere towards the end of the 3rd period and I much prefer that to sitting through all the non game parts of the program. I just disable all notifications from the NHL app before the game starts and then watch something else saved on the DVR until enough time has passed.
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