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  1. Drunkard

    Movies / TV Shows - I Have Watched / Plan To Watch

    I also finished Season one of Good Girls on Netflix. Overall, I liked it, although I wish I had waited to start watching it later. I watched the first season on Netflix and started season 2 on Hulu but there are only 3 episodes available for season 2 at this time, so it won't be long before I'm completely caught up and having to wait for a new episode every week.
  2. Drunkard

    Movies / TV Shows - I Have Watched / Plan To Watch

    That's the Ricky Gervaise one, right? If so, I thought it was pretty good, although I'm disappointed it was only 6 episodes (so far).
  3. Drunkard

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    By that logic no coach has ever lost a team in the NHL because I'm pretty sure no coach has ever lost every single game.
  4. Drunkard

    Fighting in sports...it's a thing?

    Have you seen a Sabres game recently? Terrible goalies and useless defenseman are still a big part of the game for some teams.
  5. Drunkard

    Buffalo Bills 2019-2020

    That had much more to do with the thought of having to watch Nathan Peterman line up under center for the team and it turns out that those fears were completely justified.
  6. Drunkard

    Should we root for the Sabres to lose out?

    Halak never played a game for us and basically refused to show up to this shitshow if I remember correctly. That's why Murray send him packing. We probably didn't even want him in the first place but St. Louis needed to include him in the deal for cap and roster purposes in order to make room for Miller. Either way, that was the season before we drafted Reinhart, not Eichel.
  7. Drunkard

    Should we root for the Sabres to lose out?

    Fair enough. Personally, I wanted call ups earlier on, but at this point I'd rather keep the handful of guys down there who even have a chance of ever making it to Buffalo to stay far away from this shitshow. Botterill should be wary of them getting any loser stench on them.
  8. Drunkard

    Should we root for the Sabres to lose out?

    How much of an evaluation period does this guy need? Last season was supposedly 100% about evaluating the organization from top to bottom for the entire season and what did we get? Another highly disappointing season this year. I suppose he needs a few more weeks to figure out that Sobotka should be ashamed of even cashing his paycheck and Pominville should retire. If that's the case this guy is seriously slow on the uptake. Does he need the last dozen games to figure out Skinner, McCabe, and Rodriguez deserve raises and the rest of the guys coming up for new contracts at the end of the year should count themselves lucky just to get an offer. He turned Rochester around, but most of the players responsible won't ever be of any help to Buffalo. If we're lucky maybe one of the Pegula's will realize we need an expert to come in so they can demote FXGMJB to being the GM for Rochester at best.
  9. Drunkard

    March 16 Raleigh meet up?

    I will pass on this one as well even though it's just a 2 hour drive from where I live. I can't find the motivation to give a damn when it looks like the players don't give a damn even though they get paid handsomely to do so. So I'll spend 50 to 75 cents per beer to possibly watch it on my couch (or watch something better) rather than spend $10 per beer to watch it in an arena, plus parking, gas, and bribing one of my buddies to stay sober and get us home.
  10. Drunkard

    Should we root for the Sabres to lose out?

    I'm all in for a mini-tank and I supported the original tank. I should probably clarify that I don't actively root for the Sabres to play poorly when I watch them, but given how poorly they've played since 2019 started, I have been watching games less and less frequently even though I already paid for NHL.tv for the season. When they play poorly and I'm watching I find it funny more often than not, but their crappy play does make me less inclined to watch. Lately I find myself just checking the notifications on the NHL app during games while I watch something else. When the Sabres score and/or win I watch the highlights and I'm happy for whoever scores, but when they lose I don't let it bother me and I check the standings to see where they are at with regards to the draft.
  11. Drunkard

    Movies / TV Shows - I Have Watched / Plan To Watch

    Good to hear. I watched the first episode but was worried the whole killer/hit man was going to take a back seat to his acting aspirations. I guess I need to keep watching.
  12. Drunkard

    2019 College UFAs

    I didn't even know they had hockey in Alabama.
  13. Drunkard

    Practice Report 3/13/19

    Hey, that's FIRST LINE CENTER Vladimir Sobotka. Show the man some respect.
  14. Drunkard

    Practice Report 3/13/19

    Whatever do you mean? This lineup is proof that FXGMJB won the O'Reilly trade. We traded a second line center in O'Reilly and not only did we get back a 1st and 2nd round pick, but we also got wunderkind Tage Thompson and 1ST LINE CENTER Vladimir Sobotka! Trade officially won. I take back everything bad I ever said about him.
  15. Drunkard

    How far do we fall in the standings??

    The stealth tank. I love it! So much winning (in Carrion lingo at least).