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  1. Drunkard

    The Insomnia Thread

    Does this mean you wake up several times during the night crying? You piss and ***** yourself? Both? No judgement, mind you. We've all been there.
  2. I voted that it adds to the forum but posters who use it should be banned anyway with no dedicated threads. Clear as mud, right?
  3. Drunkard

    2019 moves

    Still not enough. The reasons you want Couturier are the same reasons Philly would want to keep him. The fact that they have center depth is irrelevant. They can always move someone to wing. Couturier is still relatively young (26) and is on a great value contract. Scraps isn't going to get him. There would need to be at least one piece included in the deal that makes you cringe and Guhle is no where good enough to be that piece.
  4. Drunkard

    Playing themselves out of a playoff spot.

    Dahlin? Because it can't be Eichel. That bum can't even will himself healthy. No compete in this guy. On a side note I love how compete is a verb to the rest of the English speaking world, but Buffalo fans have turned it into a noun. Thank you Teds Nolans.
  5. Drunkard

    Eichel has an UBI

    We should trade him, then. Not for getting addicted to the sweet sweet H, but for being an f'ing quitter. Time to just revolutionize hockey and start playing without centers. We'll be ahead of the curve for once and take the league by storm! I know we already tried it once but this time it's gotta work.
  6. Until he signs a new contract then proceeds to miss a ton more games due to injury.
  7. Drunkard

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    I've heard a few people from the area call it crotchfester. I've been there a few times though and my fun bits are still in presentable condition. Guess it's a good thing I wore pants on my visits.
  8. Drunkard

    What value in a contract for Skinner?

    Then you don't want him on the team. There's almost no chance he signs for 8 or less.
  9. Drunkard

    Berglund suspended, failure to report

    Well, at least his cap hit goes with him. Good riddance. We can give his spot to a kid earning peanuts and use the extra space to give Skinner a pay bump.
  10. Drunkard

    The Music Thread

  11. Drunkard

    2018 - 2019 Lineup

    I'd like to see Reinhart play with Mittelstadt as well, but I'd leave Reinhart at RW and keep Lord Casey (pbuh) at center. Other than that I like the lines, especially Sobotka in the press box.
  12. Drunkard

    Trade: Ryan O'Reilly to St Louis Blues

    It's not the wrong way to look at the money at all. The biggest difference is O'Reilly will likely produce enough to justify his contract for the entire duration because he's a good player and it ends when he's 32. Berglund and Sobotka are ALREADY not producing enough to justify their pay, they are both in their 30's and it's only going to get worse, especially for Berglund because we're stuck with him for another 3 crappy years after this crappy year. O'Reilly 3 and 4 years from now will likely still be producing more than both of these bums combined. Sure Sobotka will be off the books by then, but that added cap flexibility isn't worth the downgrade in talent and production.
  13. Drunkard

    Trade: Ryan O'Reilly to St Louis Blues

    This idea might hold some merit if O'Reilly were the only variable that changed. I think adding Skinner, Dahlin, Hutton, Ullmark, and Sheary have a heck of a lot more to do with the Sabres improvement on the ice than any sort of addition by subtraction nonsense that shipping out O'Reilly theoretically got them. I haven't watched the Blues play this season but it's been posited numerous times on here and HFboards that their goaltending has completely fallen off a cliff this season. I honestly doubt losing Thompson, Berglund, and Sobotka while adding an all around center who is scoring at career high rates while also producing positive fancy stat metrics can be serious looked at as the reason for their downfall.
  14. Drunkard

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    Instead of replacing the cheap guys who don't produce they should get rid of the overpaid guys who don't produce.
  15. Drunkard

    Trade: Ryan O'Reilly to St Louis Blues

    Sure. It's obvious that they wanted to get rid of O'Reilly for whatever reason (probably some combination of his blue demeanor, his scrape with the law, and to "give" the room over to Eichel). I understand it, I just disagree with it.