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  1. Montour to Edmonton for Athanasiou straight up? Both are pending RFA and Andreas really didn’t produce in EDM after being traded at the deadline. His combination of speed and offensive ability would be an asset in our top 9 especially as a home run hitter in the transition game. His defense is terrible and we would likely need to keep him away from skinner and be creative with his usage but, he has played all 3 forward positions at the nhl level, giving Kruger the flexibility to do so. I haven’t consulted the analytics community of this so feel free to fact check me on this comparison but I think of him as a turbo charges luxury version of e-rod (positionally versatile, defensively questionable player capable of making plays on the rush). That being said, his combination of elite speed and high end puck handling at said speed allow him to threaten defenses through the neutral zone better than any player we have not named Jack
  2. I took this as a "for one game in their prime" vote. Who was the greatest on their greatest day - my pick is Bure (fully aware that he may threaten to sit out the game unless I drop off 1 Million cash to his private locker room an hour before puck drop)
  3. Eric Staal - Next year is the last on his deal. Low commitment stopgap for the 2c spot. Minnesota is in flux and Guerin did not sign him to that deal. Botts and Billy G also have history working together. I could see Skinner, Staal and Mojo working well under heavy offensive usage
  4. the bills roster a fullback, purposefully bring in players for toughness and to set the tone. Cody Ford and feliciano come to mind here. Both of those guys can be beat one on one, but both of those guys are mean bastards who will line up and punch you in the gut 50 snaps in a row. you don’t need to be the best but at least play like it matters to you what would this rosters results look like at this point of the season with ted Nolan behind the bench?
  5. Relocated to Chicago this week - anyone aware of a Sabres bar? (preferably north of the loop)
  6. Jimmy has looked dangerous a couple times tonight
  7. As long as we are able to control the puck entering the zone this should be a top unit
  8. It’ll be interesting to see how teams play it if we continue the success. I could see opponents trying a high diamond and forcing Sam and Skinner to win down low.
  9. If that's the case he can advance into the slot to create a tighter 3-2 situation. With his edges and agility there won't be many PK forwards who will be able to close from wide coverage and take away his lane down the middle. Either walk in and snipe or wait for a killing Dman to engage and pass to the player they abandon to defend him.
  10. Remember when we were all upset when Vesey didn't sign here the first time? LOL
  11. oddly enough - I'm curious enough about Kruger and this group that im not that upset when bad stuff happens. Im excited to see how they respond
  12. I'm very interested in how they respond after their first two game losing streak
  13. In my mind this is Kruger's first true test. I would expect the team to be fired up for the first game of the season and the home opener. This is a beatable opponent - it's on Ralph to make sure the boys come out flying after experiencing an early taste of success. This is a game a playoff team wins.
  14. I signed in specifically to feed off of the panic
  15. neither official stream seem to be watchable in missouri unfortunately
  16. Jumbo re-ups with San Jose - 1 Year 2 MM
  17. Does Yzermans apparent love of Risto’s game move the needle for any Risto stats truthers out there?
  18. Doug W: "You are signing for 1 M right now or I'm trading you to Ottawa"
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