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  1. Not to downplay the seriousness of the pandemic, but it is human nature to react that way. Having said that, I hope and pray that it ends soon.
  2. One of the best out there. What a life. Rest In Power, Sir Sean.
  3. Oh, well. I don’t have time to walk on eggshells over the slightest nitpicking “offenses”.
  4. Reminds me of Pommer’s return to Buffalo after a stint in Minnesota. Things weren’t the same as they were before. Just MHO.
  5. Ugh! I’m out of work until November 10th due to recent surgery. Hitting the books again and reading as much as I can.
  6. Some people are so gullible that they will believe anything. Either that, or look for confirmation bias. The theatrics isn’t just stranger than fiction; it’s literally insane. Neither do I, especially with how much has to go into trials and ultimate approval. As conservative as I am, I’ve been masking. I’m not cavalier nor nonchalant. Say what you will about Oliver Cromwell, but he was irrefutably right about one thing: “Trust in God, and keep your powder dry”. Thus, I am convinced that this quote is clearly applicable - even for today.
  7. Since a late friend of mine never closed her Facebook account before she died back in April, I was reminded that she would have turned 51 today.
  8. His age is a concern for some of us as well. Granted, Jagr and Chelios lasted a long time in the league, and I haven’t heard anything about Chara retiring. But there’s always that one wrong move, and Staal’s career will be over.
  9. They lost in 2000, and now this year. Now they know how it feels. It just doesn’t hurt them nearly as much as 99 did for us.
  10. This was long overdue. I’m surprised it took them this long to sack his sorry a$$.
  11. Looks like R&B singer Teona D is at it again. I was close to dying laughing at this:
  12. TBH, I’m bittersweet about going back there. Just me showing up and not saying a word may get under some people’s skin. Then again, maybe not. Lets just say that those weren’t my best years. At any rate, #GoBlueJays!
  13. You never disappoint. Whoever agrees with SwampD, raise your hand.
  14. Why isn’t this thread pinned? He was one of the best to wear our Blue & Gold. But, man. This is terrible news. Condolences to his family from me and Mrs. CC.
  15. I haven’t been back there in a long, long time. So, I couldn’t tell you if that joint was still around.
  16. YW. I remember the locomotive design so well because I grew up in Arcade. It’s impossible for me to miss.
  17. IIRC, Trotz quit because of a contract dispute. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/things-fell-apart-barry-trotz-capitals/sn-amp/
  18. That train locomotive looks like the exact same one that’s been in service with the Arcade & Attica Railroad for decades.
  19. Oof. Ugh. They dropped both of them at Sahlen today.
  20. Long rain delay at Sahlen Field. Last time the Jays had a rain delay at home was all the way back in 2003 - even with a retractable dome.
  21. I clearly remember this. Montreal had post-championship riots. Plus, the Habs goalie was none other than the legendary Patrick Roy. A few months later, the TBJs became the last Canadian team to win the World Series thanks to that monster WOHR from Joe Carter.
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