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  1. My bonsai tree died. I think I overwatered it and rotted the roots. I should have replanted it in better soil before it was too late. The soil it was in was cheap and always seemed too dry. Which is what lead me to overwater it.
  2. Just hopped over for some light reading. There is a "Pegula jet tracker" thread. I was not disappointed.
  3. Lol, Mayfield recreating this classic photo https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DbradCEX0AIH29Q?format=jpg
  4. I like the choice... Some would even say that 4/25 is the perfect date ;)
  5. Something that bugs me in baseball: when fans boo the first pickoff attempt. Don’t boo the first throw over. Don’t boo the second for that matter. Boo your little heart out for the 5th or 6th pickoff throw of the at bat. But a pickoff is a legitimate baseball play!!
  6. Swept up in the Guentzel outburst and the criminally disrespectful Philly fans was an incredible performance by Couturier. You’ll recall that Gudas tore Couturier’s MCL in that practice collision. Sean played through it to score a hat trick and 2 helpers today. Played into all 5 Philly goals. Pretty gritty stuff.
  7. Well Jake Guentzel just scored 4 straight goals against Philly. Yeah, that happened.
  8. MMQB’s latest mock has Rosen falling to 9, with the Bills trading up to scoop him. Allen to the Browns at 1 Darnold to the Jets at 3 Mayfield to the Broncos at 5 Jackson to the Ravens at 16 If the Browns go full-Browns and take the project at 1 (which we enabled them to do hehehe), it might start a domino where one of the other falls deeper than anyone expects. Like to 9 or 10. Bills might have to jump Miami to be sure.
  9. Somewhat related, so I’ll share. If you want NHL.tv, NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB.tv etc, use a .edu email address to sign up. You don’t have to pay with a credit card in the same name. It just has to be an active college student to verify the email (and they do that real-time, not by sending an email for verification). Nothing required of your kind lender of email address. Just a bunch of savings for you. I save a TON of money by using my wife’s credentials. She’s a forever-student in a PhD program haha. Since I’m out of town, I get all my local sports this way and don’t have to pay for a cable package. I know this isn’t possible for a lot of you locals. But for transplants or WNYers that want all the league, give that a shot.
  10. Fred Jackson will be signing a 1 Day contract to retire a Bill. Supposedly streamed live on Facebook at 1:30 today. That’s a man that deserved a playoff game in Buffalo. I’m happy he got a few touches in Seattle.
  11. Panarin just undressed Beagle twice on the same rush. https://twitter.com/therendernhl/status/986398689789906944?s=21
  12. EichSnipe


    On Monday I left 29 degree Columbus and landed in 93 degree LA. Today I leave 55 degree LA and land in 77 degree Columbus. I ain’t mad.
  13. Argyle socks rock. My company makes custom argyle socks with our colors and logo as a swag giveaway. They are epic and I will bring a pair to Dark if I ever find myself at a SS meetup because he deserves a pair too ????
  14. I’m in LA through Friday, but the Kings don’t come home until Sunday. Won’t catch a game. But will hopefully get to another playoff game in Columbus this year. I’ve actually never seen Ovi live. Would also be cool to see.
  15. Snipe is still an inappropriate word that NHL.com won’t allow in my bracket name ???? Therefore, I am EichSn1pe What a rebel.
  16. Well here’s to hoping we both have lots to post about this offseason! And hmmm, exact opposite? Canal area? Cool to have a Columbus buddy.
  17. I’ll give you a hint: He LOVES to point.
  18. Ullmark brought us MODO. Lehner has brought us nothing... Case closed :flirt:
  19. Imagine dark sitting on the end of the bench, donning full gear and a ballcap as he backs up Ullmark, posting regularly in the GDT. Hopefully they'd let him on the private wifi :D PS @Thwomp, I don't think I ever noticed that you're in Columbus! Is that new, or am I unobservant?
  20. You've gotta put your ######s in a little more context. Otherwise I can decide what word is bleeped, and therefore I can decide whether or not I am offended ;)
  21. 100% on the same page. I took your comments to be a general sense. JW was very much "option b" in all of my scenarios. I don't fault anyone that was snippy back or poked fun at him.
  22. There were 7349 PP opportunities in the NHL last season. That was 245/team. Almost exactly 3 chances per game. There have been 7556 opportunities in the NHL this season. That's 244/team so far. Again, right around 3 per game, but slightly up. The average PP% is up though, from 19.11% to 20.08%. Still not drastic though.
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