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  1. They could play 2 games from Friday to Sunday.
  2. A week between each game? That’s ridiculous for a 3 game series.
  3. How can a division winner have such a bad power play? The NHL will be happy to at least have one major tv market in the next round.
  4. I’m pragmatic, I didn’t think the Amerks were even going to make the playoffs. But I wish it kept going. Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.
  5. Crap, puck over glass delay penalty on Amerks. And Laval scores on the PP. The season is over. 😞
  6. Would have been a great ending Quinn had scored. He needs to snap it instead of winding up for slap shots.
  7. Crap, here comes OT. How did Jankowski miss the open net?
  8. I’m happy when I’m wrong. Now I have to go from disappointed to nervous again. 😬
  9. Amerks are playing like they’re on a perpetual penalty kill. No spark, no effort. It’s over. 😞
  10. How the hell do they leave a guy open in the slot. 😡 2-2.
  11. And the relentless Laval forecheck finally pays off. 2-1 Amerks.
  12. The acting in the Caragilo’s pizza ad is pretty bad. And who’s the extra guy at the table with the glasses?
  13. The goal was a bit lucky, but the continued trouble clearing the zone is going to cost them. They’re getting too many shots from the point. So long term, I’m concerned.
  14. Jankowski gets a lucky bounce out to the slot and makes it 1-0. Laval’s fast forecheck continues to be a problem in clearing the D zone.
  15. Would be nice to win one at home before packing it in.
  16. I expect Subban and Tokarski will be the Amerks goalies next season.
  17. Another sloppy breakout and another long rebound from Dell. UPL will start Wednesday if he’s healthy.
  18. If Laval scores one more the Amerks gloves are coming off.
  19. This is his 10th year, mostly with Tampa. He played 24 games for Montreal with only 2 points.
  20. Don “Snorting” Stevens really hates the between period music. 😄
  21. Dell has a problem controlling rebounds, which gives Laval second chances.
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