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  1. Even Benson could use another year, im not worried, send them both back.
  2. He can't be worse than our captain though.
  3. ***** glad i was a bar until right now after reading this thread a bit 😄
  4. True , but if that is the issue, then take Tage out of PP1 because he likes standing around on that left spot.
  5. Keep saying it, you can not have PP1 without VO on other side. They just high cover tage like he is ovechkin.
  6. UPL made some good saves, big goalie doesn't need to move much, I said it before he will make a good back up.
  7. The ref inside the zone, right on it waves it off, but the ref on other end of ice will call it ffs.
  8. Years ago we had ESPN + and they would air MSG games now and then over here, but after contract disputes they got taken off.
  9. For my country besides Ilegal streams I have no access, even NHL network blacks out my country for some strange reason.
  10. Weakest division by far, and the oilers having a really bad start.
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