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  1. Yes it is!!! Great job! I award you 17.5 points!
  2. Ok, here is my trivia question. Back to the 80's again. This player broke the odds and played a "good number" of games for the Sabres. Over three seasons he played just over a seasons worth of games. Up and down with Rochester. He then left for Italy, became an Italian citizen and represented Italy in the world juniors and Olympics in the 90's. In 2013 he became the first person in Western New York to have a heart transplant operation performed locally. Who is this guy?
  3. Well, that hint made it pretty easy.
  4. I feel like I will know the name when I hear it, but I was in the Air Force when Perreault retired and for a few years after and did not watch as much hockey in those years. How about a hint?? Also, don't remember Dale Tallon at all. 😇
  5. I’m going with Rick Vaive
  6. Nice reference! July 4, 1826 Grant Fuhr?
  7. Teppo? Brian Gionta and Stahl?
  8. How about Luce and Craig Ramsey, ya, Mike Ramsey ❤️ too?
  9. Ok, the answer to the question of being blind in one eye was Ric Seiling https://www.nhl.com/sabres/video/scars-ric-seiling/t-277437090/c-5364071 Gilbert, I would imagine is one
  10. Great answer! But not correct. Hutton had two bad eyes lol
  11. This Buffalo Sabre was blind in one eye. He would cover the same eye during eye tests with different hands to fool the tester. He played a lot for the Sabres
  12. Not Lindy. I'll give a hint, he sort of reminds me of Mule
  13. He won Buffalo's Unsung Hero award for the 1979-80 season. Who was he?
  14. Easy one, he won gold in 1980 and then four Stanley Cups in a row, who was he?
  15. Respectfully disagree, with an improved level of defense and the young players—hopefully including UPL—getting better this team will probably win anyway. I mean if a good goalie is to be had, sure, but don’t see it
  16. I’m cool with the triumvirate now, I feel—not think—the overall defense will be better, Levi will play well and this team can win as it is.
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