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  1. Really? I few half inches and we have a couple more goals.
  2. I'll see your two goals and raise you an assist! Ha! B-) Three point night for Eichel!
  3. Good to have Schaller back. He's a good player and it's nice to have a hungry player trying to push his way onto the team
  4. Love this team! Last night is in the past
  5. I saw a Sabre check the forwards stick so he couldn't tip that point shot. Something they didn't do last night
  6. It really wasn't as bad a game as the score indicates. Rome was not built in a day
  7. Ok, but I dont think we will continue losing. That was the best 7-2 loss I've ever seen. We constantly had pressure on the best defensive team in the league and that was fun. Johnson did let in a couple bad goals but most of the shots were tip in. I think if we played this team again tonight or this was a seven game series we would be right in it. Johnson has to play better. And he has. No where to go but up with this team.
  8. I think so. We just keep attacking. Love this
  9. All goals were the 2nd goal of the year for a player
  10. This team will explode soon. The goals will come
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