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  1. Totally agree that Dahlin is a great defender. But I disagree Owen won't ever be as good offensivly as Rasmus. Rasmus is way ahead in physical play, now. Be interesting to see how Owen progresses there.
  2. Better is in the eye of the beholder. If you want to judge on best hair, fine.
  3. So glad both are on our team. And none of this is meant to disparage either player, they are both great talents.
  4. Interesting idea. I'd love to see them try a variety of ideas in regards to offsides. Maybe no offsides at all, but if defensive team gets puck past blue line then offensive players have to get out of the zone, but then could just reenter after everyone cleared out.
  5. I remember watching this and looking at expression on PB's face after they gave up goal thinking he was feeling his age.
  6. What a wonderful post!! 👍
  7. I just saw this, didn't read it so don't start throwing bricks at me if it is no good.
  8. So the data says we might regress in scoring? I’ve always found predictions difficult, especially ones about the future, as Yogi Bera said
  9. "I thought I would just snap my finger and I would be fine and get a chance in the NHL." Young man learning to respect the game.
  10. I'd think Boston has to be on that list
  11. https://www.wgrz.com/article/sports/nhl/sabres/hamilton-take2-russian-prospects-buffalo-sabres-development-camp/71-f448bdc9-eab7-404d-aee5-59e3ececcabb Hamilton's look at prospects
  12. I would guess Grier played more than LaFontain, or maybe La La La Fontaine was just such a shooting star he just seemed to shoot on by
  13. Ok, I'll move Dawe to number one and Grier to 3 Does that work??
  14. I'll probably get none of these right, but here goes: 1 Grier 2 Dudley 3 Dawe 4 Mitts 5 Brier 6 TNT 7 Drury 8 LaFontaine
  15. Good, I hate the Pens. Hope he plays a lot
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