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  1. even with 2 goals in 2 games they can have him...and Boston is known to trade before signing players to huge contracts and I doubt Hall will get 5X$6mil or anything close from the B's (or anyone else for that matter). I'll be curious to see if anybody signs him unless he takes far less both in term & money
  2. funny I do think the team would miss him in the room and on the ice...maybe he could become an assistant coach? And yes freeing up salary to sign Sam and Dahlin would be great. I still see and hear some wanting to trade Sam but al the guy does is play every year mostly injury free and quietly puts up nice numbers. I look to sign him for 5 years at $5 to 6mil? That would be great!
  3. could we not put Kyle on long-term disabled if he has a concussion the way other teams do to get rid of salary off the books? Does he not have just one more year after this? If we could get rid of his salary that would really help moving forward (and yes please buy out Eakin)
  4. speaking of injuries HNIC has posted that Kyle O has yet another concussion. Poor guy tries so hard. Maybe this time is THE time to hang them up? Of course we said that last year too and he keeps coming back. Such a great competitor who truly loves the sport...
  5. KA is starting to look like a genius in this trade...clearly it would seem that this Bjork is a darn fine hockey player and if this can continue a far better fit and of far more use then Lazar. I really do not care about Hall as losing him has made the team better (just as losing Staal did too).
  6. Whoever we draft this year I hope there is size involved...nastiness would be most welcome as well. I really like how the team is playing now but clearly we need to get bigger and nastier and that should be a priority no? Miss having Deslauriers who last I checked was leading league in fights. Much prefer him on the 4th then Reider or whoever...
  7. agreed agreed agreed and then kinda agreed...not sure we are "easily" in playoffs but for sure there is all kinds of cause for hope now. The team is day and night from how it was under Ralphie and one cannot help but think Granato deserves a full year with a full team to see how they fair. If they continue to improve as they have thus far there is without doubt cause for optimism which was not there scant weeks ago...
  8. I kinda feel that the team's season began after firing RK...and considering they are without Jack, McCabe and Borgen they have faired really well. The difference and improvement has been refreshing and gives hope. I do wonder if bringing in a new coach who is more of a "badass" may end up again hurting the team's (and Dahlin's) progress? They seem comfortable and inspired playing for Granato...
  9. true enough...we don't have anybody you could take a run at Hall..other then Risto who will if given the chance anyways
  10. Not sure how "fair" it is to judge TG as coach when he is missing Jack, McCabe and Borgen who obviously were all a huge part of the team moving forward. From what I understand we are playing mostly playoff teams (Washington Pittsburg Boston & islanders) coming up so we'll see how the team makes out...should be interesting
  11. My thinking is Lazar will fit right in with Boston and do well...I am very curious to see how Hall makes out with better support round him. I truly thought he looked finished and not anywhere near the player he was even a few years back but I guess his time with Boston will show us either way. How ironic we play them tonight! I dread Hall scoring two goals and hot-dogging in the process with a "see I am better then you saw and it was all your fault" attitude to the Sabres
  12. Probably just a case of other teams seeing us giving away Hall & Lazar and Montour and hoping we'll take a 7th for Mitts (which we may still do by days end)
  13. to be truthful Jack is in his prime and if KA is to continue selling and adding mediocre pieces at best to the lineup (Riley Sheehan Reider etc) then it probbaly is best to trade Jack now then to wait til his value drops too. Mind you if what we have seen to this point is what we can expect from KA in future trades we are in real big trouble! We are starting to look quite good as a team and the real test is this summer for KA and whether we lose Linus then we need both a 1 & 2 goalie and a 2nd line center...we'll see how that plays out
  14. find it hard to believe Lazar would say that...seems to me not too long ago no one wanted him and we help to ressurrect his career by signing him. You will not make many friends around the NHL trash talking like that
  15. soooooooooooo...clearly Linus is as good as gone. Guess it'll be Hutton and whoever tending goal next year. And we wonder why the league laughs at us and clearly does not take us very serious. Can hardly wait until next year...
  16. often overlooked is Sam;s ability to stay healthy as well..does not miss many games and is very consistent...he is far better then the team has apparently thought of him nickle and diming him while giving stiffs like Hall and even Skinner crazy amounts if cash...
  17. Sportsnet had the following on their website... Heading "Bruins take advantage of Sabres"... Buffalo’s inexperienced front office will take more heat this week when the trade deadline’s ledgers get tallied up. All told, Adams has dispatched Hall, Lazar, Eric Staal and Brandon Montour in exchange for a second-rounder, two third-rounders, a fifth-rounder and Bjork. By comparison: The other big seller, Columbus Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen, has recouped two first-rounders, a third-rounder, a fourth-rounder and a seventh-rounder for Nick Foligno, David Savard and an
  18. clearly KA cannot be trusted to handle the team and I fear that he'll give away Linus now that he (Ullmark) has voiced his intention to try out free agency. We wil have Hutton and whoever as our goal-tending next year? I would have much preferred he not trade Hall at all then do what he did was embarrass the team yet again. No wonder we are the laughing stock of the NHL...
  19. Pretty pumped for trade deadline day today...hoping we can continue and trade Risto for a 7th, Sam for a 5th and retain and maybe like a 2nd and 3rd for Jack? We would of course retain half of Jack's salary as well. In all honesty I really fear we will give Linus away today as well. 40 saves yesterday and the team is clearly much better when he plays and we need to sign him. I see other teams getting NHL goalies for backups yet we cannot seem to do anything right. There are people out there who actually trust this current regime to make "smart" moves? Giving away Lazar is the kicker...he will
  20. I think at this point I would have preferred not to trade Hall at all then to further embarrass the team by making this pathetic trade. And there are some who have confidence in this team to actually trade Sam or Risto or even Jack for anything worth while? It becomes more clear every day this team desperately needs a guy like Rutherford who knows how to wheel and deal like we keep seeing in TO and Long Island. This was making a trade just to get rid of Hall but would have beenm fine with not bothering if this is the return (making the team worse)
  21. I think it is safe to say that other teams do not figure they have to give much for our players in trades...I am thinking we'll be real lucky to get a crappy 2nd for Hall. Again getting a 2nd from a team at the top of the standings (like Florida) is basically like a 3rd which is pretty-much useless. Florida's 3rd will be like 75th to 80th overall which is well...and a 2nd from a likewise team will be in effect like 50th overall or in that vicinity and again we cannot expect much from that spot. Does make one wonder when we get only a 3rd from Montreal for Scandella then they turn around and ge
  22. Florida's 3rd is like around number 85 to 90 overall...does anybody really think we are capable of drafting someone even remotely useful at that position? Been a lot of trashing the Sabres for their poor drafting even in the 1st and 2nd rounds with our picks which are much higher then this 3rd from Florida. I do think Montour will be fine in a good well-coached structure and situation like Florida has happening. Has Montreal traded Staal yet for a 2nd? That may very well be next.
  23. where the heck did this Jack Campbell come from? 10 wins in a row for the Laughs who are sure enjoying beating up on inferior teams up here in the Great White North (where it is over 70 degrees today). Wild destroy Avs 8-3. Wow
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