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  1. biodork


    Right you are; best estimates now based on ease of transmission suggest closer to 60% would be required for herd immunity: https://www.sciencefocus.com/news/coronavirus-can-herd-immunity-protect-us-from-covid-19/ This is a long read, but an interesting post-mortem on how the initial messaging and response to COVID cases was done well and poorly in Seattle vs NYC: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/05/04/seattles-leaders-let-scientists-take-the-lead-new-yorks-did-not
  2. https://images.app.goo.gl/Wf1RHVZJ8Lriavj2A Overly busy with work here. I've hardly followed the Sabres or hockey the last year or more. I'm a bad fan. ?
  3. I am very late to the party here, but I'm pretty sure nfreeman a few others watched Schitt's Creek? I think I'm near the end of season 3, and definitely enjoying it. Moira's absurd outfits and wigs and David's general awkwardness are always good for a laugh.
  4. Took entirely too long, but I finally put a few more things on my hockey wall (including a cool print from our very own @josie).
  5. biodork


    Sorry I've been MIA, all; my lab is actually running COVID tests (the PCR test for active infections) and we've been absolutely buried the last several weeks. Too much to realistically catch up on here, but I hope you and yours are healthy and safe.
  6. Digging the 70s night theme. Really hoping they bounce back after a brutal outing last night. Edit: oof, I'm apparently still on a delay and it's not a good start. ?
  7. They all were, honestly. It's amazing how accurate they're shooting with so little time to set up. Improved passing probably goes a long way there as well.
  8. This team is actually good enough/fun enough to watch on delay. ? Oloffson is the real deal, and both his and Reinhart's goals were a thing of beauty. More, please!
  9. Ah okay. Well not sure how full your work schedule is, but if you're free some evening and want to grab a beer, PM me!
  10. How long are you staying? I'm actually in Aurora (just East of Denver), so not far!
  11. Good catch! I had seen emails about the preseason starting and was debating whether to renew, and even searched my email for info on the upcoming season but found nothing. Then I saw my credit card was already charged. ?
  12. As someone who also intentionally stopped with a Master's in a field where PhDs are often considered the only viable option, I can tell you I've never regretted my decision because it was the right one for me. I suspect it is also the right one for you. Happiness is more than meeting other people's expectations for your life. Offer still stands if you ever want to explore CO! ?
  13. Listening to the Sabres while drinking Weldwerks Coffee Maple Imperial Stout in my hammock. ?
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