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  1. Alas (or fortunately?), I am en route to Phoenix to see Billy Joel with my mom, so no Sabres game this year. I've hardly watched lately between work and frustration at how they've thoroughly squandered the early season success. 😕
  2. Late catching up on all the threads here, but nicely done, Doohickie! Very envious of your spacious kitchen.
  3. I love Denver, but I wish I was still within easy driving distance so it was more affordable to come visit you all. 😞 Thanks to everyone for the suggestions / advice... looking at flights to Phoenix. 🙂
  4. lol I did up until Thanksgiving weekend... traded it in for a Mazda CX-5 (with AWD, of course)! (c;
  5. I looked to see if maybe he was headed to Denver on another date, but no dice... it's a fairly limited tour. Love it! I'm gonna need a bigger suitcase... 😅
  6. Two years for the Sabres... I missed them last year after a last minute work trip came up. I don't have a good track record seeing them in person, but man that game last night... They could actually be fun to watch! I thought I remembered you were no Billy Joel fan. 😉
  7. Okay folks, I need some advice. I love Billy Joel. Probably a decade or so back, he was actually playing in good ol' Hershey, PA, so I bought my dad two tickets for his birthday (he loves him, too) fully intending to be his +1. My dad had recently started dating who is now my stepmom, so I let her go in my place, and they had a great time and raved about how wonderful the concert was. I figured I missed my one and only opportunity to see him. A few weeks ago my mom (who lives in Phoenix) tells me Billy Joel is playing in Phoenix on March 9, says she's definitely going to go, and asks if I'm interested in joining her. It's the same day as the Sabres are in town to play the Avs, and I already have a ticket to that game. But it's also the weekend after my mom's birthday. (Why, universe, do you torture me so????) What should I do?
  8. And I thought it was bad when I found two rabbit carcasses in my old basement. 😱
  9. Right there with you, man. I dunno what is wrong with me lately, but I've been spending money like there's no tomorrow and my credit card statement from last month is horrifying. Too much retail therapy and not enough self control. YIKES. Also, otters?!
  10. I love when people put "detail oriented" on their resumes and don't check for typos. 🤦‍♀️
  11. These two ladies are awesome: 2 New Yorkers Erased $1.5 Million in Medical Debt for Hundreds of Strangers
  12. Oof. Well if they lose to the Avs on March 9th, that's on me. 😵
  13. Didn't seem right for a Complaint thread! 😉
  14. I think I'm jinxing the Sabres... they've only won one game that I've watched this season. 😞
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