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  1. Digging the 70s night theme. Really hoping they bounce back after a brutal outing last night. Edit: oof, I'm apparently still on a delay and it's not a good start. 😟
  2. They all were, honestly. It's amazing how accurate they're shooting with so little time to set up. Improved passing probably goes a long way there as well.
  3. This team is actually good enough/fun enough to watch on delay. 🙂 Oloffson is the real deal, and both his and Reinhart's goals were a thing of beauty. More, please!
  4. Ah okay. Well not sure how full your work schedule is, but if you're free some evening and want to grab a beer, PM me!
  5. How long are you staying? I'm actually in Aurora (just East of Denver), so not far!
  6. Good catch! I had seen emails about the preseason starting and was debating whether to renew, and even searched my email for info on the upcoming season but found nothing. Then I saw my credit card was already charged. 🙄
  7. As someone who also intentionally stopped with a Master's in a field where PhDs are often considered the only viable option, I can tell you I've never regretted my decision because it was the right one for me. I suspect it is also the right one for you. Happiness is more than meeting other people's expectations for your life. Offer still stands if you ever want to explore CO! 🙂
  8. Listening to the Sabres while drinking Weldwerks Coffee Maple Imperial Stout in my hammock. 👍
  9. Well, NHL TV auto-renewed my subscription, so I guess I'll watch/listen. I have a lot of work to do to re-acquaint myself with the team, but I sure hope they make it worth the effort this season.
  10. Alas (or fortunately?), I am en route to Phoenix to see Billy Joel with my mom, so no Sabres game this year. I've hardly watched lately between work and frustration at how they've thoroughly squandered the early season success. 😕
  11. Late catching up on all the threads here, but nicely done, Doohickie! Very envious of your spacious kitchen.
  12. I love Denver, but I wish I was still within easy driving distance so it was more affordable to come visit you all. 😞 Thanks to everyone for the suggestions / advice... looking at flights to Phoenix. 🙂
  13. lol I did up until Thanksgiving weekend... traded it in for a Mazda CX-5 (with AWD, of course)! (c;
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