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  1. KD in CT

    Who is in for the raid on Raleigh?

    Good thing he wasn't eaten in the chaos! That Game 7 tailgate was certainly memorable.
  2. KD in CT

    Post job interview etiquette

    No one makes hiring decisions based on a thank you note (or lack thereof). Anyone who would is not someone you'd want to work for anyway. Many, many things can happen between a good interview and an offer (or not). -They might have found someone they liked better but are keeping you on the string until they close him. -They might have done a final 2019 budget review and realized they needed to shave a couple jobs out of the budget. -As they got closer to making an offer, they might have reviewed the role more closely and revised the job requirements. I've seen all those things happen many, many times. And sometimes everything is fine, and the key people just got distracted/delayed, or haven't been able to connect in person to make a final group decision. That happens a lot, especially at year end with lots going on both at work and at home. So hang tight and wait for them to make the next call. Showing eagerness is fine, but going overboard is not.
  3. KD in CT

    2018 Winter Olympics

    That was ridiculous. Looked like Dean Smith's Four Corners.