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  1. On days like this it makes me wish the other fans on this message board were like those airing in the MSG promotional video. Anyways, I think this is a good place to pause this particular conversation for now. I understand that there's spirited debate on both sides here, and that's okay. Revisiting this conversation in a few days will do good for all of us.
  2. My final word on that is I never meant it was a stellar deal for exchange of talent--more like it had to be done. We can't tolerate someone who acted so recklessly, regardless of their percieved skill. Some things are more important than hockey. Overall not a fan of this topic because it make me look like the bad guy
  3. I don't know what to say anymore here. You get attacked from all sides if you say something from a different perspective. I really thought by coming online, I'd be able to bring people together. I think tensions are too hot right now with the article, COVID and perceptions percieved socital, socioecomic issues. Hopefully in a few days people will be more receptive to arguments with nuance
  4. Just because you have A final piece to a puzzle, doesn't mean you have the specific piece to YOUR puzzle
  5. Many reasons why this might happen. Some people have strong family ties and that superseeds all. But not the rule
  6. Correlation doesn't equal causation. All businesses want to make money. Nothing wrong with that. That's a purpose of a business. You have to consider all options on all sides.
  7. Sometimes this is just how business goes.
  8. 1) Arena experience is sound. You can't just yell about something without telling someone what's wrong with it. In regards to the food prices, you're paying for the atmosphere like anything else. 2) ROR decision was a good move. You can't have people who act recklessly and endanger lives in our organization. Simple as that. 3) All teams have up and down periods. That's just the way of life sometimes. Thank you. Appreciate this
  9. It's so sad to see someone call the organization criminal. Look, I think we're just going to have to agree to diasgree. I think tensions are hot over the percieved economic inequality in the country. Let's all take some time to cool down
  10. You don't know how ironic this statement was. Even if we take your word, amount of tickets purchased is a much better metric of interest and pashion. Lots of reasons why a fan might mot attend. Maybe they had an exam, got into an accident etc. See my other comment. Ticket purchasd is a much better metric of interest. Lots of reasons why one might not go to a game after buying a ticket. Family events, car accidents etc.
  11. And you should know that team success comes from BOTH a bottom up/top down approach. I'm just trying to find ways to bring people together so the whole organization is on the same page That's because the paid ticket number is so similar to actual attendence.
  12. Didn't come to Buffalo till after. But have read up on things when I came here.
  13. I just have never seen someone say something positive about the players/management/staff here in a long time, and I think that's what prevents people from wanting to come here. Always doom and gloom. I think people here need to have a positive outlook
  14. Not correct. 00-01, 01-02 the team had relatively strong numbers, with close to sellout crowds. They dipped for a few seasons (02, 03) season during the early 2000s. Almost always in the top 20 for attendance. Amazing what a little research does http://proxy.espn.com/nhl/attendance?year=2001
  15. Again, I said this in the other post, but attracting talent player wise and management wise comes down to two things. Robustness of the city and fan culture. Better fan culture = better team = better investments in the city. It sounds like you're fine with no hockey in Buffalo. Fine, but imagine all the dreams you'll crush from all the kids who really believe in our club. Even though the record might not be great, Mr. Pegulla has utilized the team to help a wide variety of charities and pump money into the Buffalo economy. In a city like Buffalo, A team is much more than it's record. It provides jobs and stability to many. There are some things that are too big to fail.
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