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  1. Another wasted year with the team falling apart. Phil does not do it. He should have been gone earlier to try and save the season. I fear he stays and will only go after he messes up the start of next season.
  2. We need a coach like Barry Trotz. A good experienced coach who can build and lead a team. I am getting sick of all the green horns not doing their job. I believe that this team can/must be better than this. Why should Skinner sign here? I am totally frustrated, because we lost 4 of 7 at home.
  3. Is there a free agent live stream avaiable? Thanks
  4. Ok this is my bracket. I have Boston over Winnipeg, but normally my Stanley Cup choice looses in first two rounds. I really don‘t want Boston to win, but somehow they are scary good right now.
  5. It is so awesome. I really hope the Sabres will be good again anytime soon.
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