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  1. I have a yearly tradition to drink this on Christmas Eve. Outstanding beer, if you’re into darker and maltier beers. Wegmans usually sells is, though they tend to run out.
  2. One beer from 2 years ago turned you off from an entire brewery? Seems pretty odd to me. Their strength is their German beers, anyway. I would honestly say your loss, as they release new beers that at are quite good every month.
  3. Genesee literally had 8,000 people a week ago at the brewery for the keg tree lighting. I think some people have pretty outdated views of Genesee.
  4. Genny seasonals are the best bang for the buck out there. Their Schwarzbier for $9 a 12 pack is my favorite. The Genesee Brewhouse is packed every weekend of the year.
  5. Yes, they’ve been great. But Johansson is just now proving he can be an AHL goalie. They’re not going to rush him into the NHL next season. He’s not even the starter on the Amerks. Next season you’ll likely see UPL and Johansson as the Amerks tandem.
  6. No chance that’ll happen. It’ll likely be Johansson and UPL in Rochester next season.
  7. Amerks and Hershey playoff game in 1987. The Bears dressed several extra goons for warmups and attacked Andy Ristau. I think 3 of them had him down on the ice at one point and were kicking him. There’s a video of the brawl on YouTube. Jim Hofford won the game in OT for the Amerks and they went on to win the Calder Cup that year. True story, a couple fans in Rochester tracked down one of the Hershey goons that beat up Ristau in Rochester when he was a scratch and beat him up pretty good.
  8. This team is really impressive. I honestly thought they’d be average going into this season. Thought they lacked top end scoring, but the defense and goaltending have been phenomenal. And they e been winning without CJ Smith, Thompson, Elie and Leier. And maybe Asplund too.
  9. I think they’re aiming for UPL to hopefully be in Buffalo when Hutton leaves. I think they work him in Rochester in the second half of the season. Next season he’s the starter, and if things go well, has a good shot to make Buffalo the following year. Johansson can also get games in the ECHL. If he keeps playing well, he may get qualified and be UPL’s backup next year.
  10. I think he’ll be in Rochester relatively soon. Sexton said they’d reevaluate around Christmas. With the way he’s playing, he’s ready to move up. Johansson has been decent, but he takes a back seat to UPL and Hammond.
  11. Well said. You got to it before me. Who could possibly agree with sitting two AHL players in the NHL while the Amerks are playing 2 D at forward, unless you’re an arrogant ass?
  12. Who’s he playing over? Redmond Pilut Borgen Gilmour Bryson Nelson MacWilliam Fitzgerald All of these defensemen have been very good this season.
  13. I’d take the ECHL team all day. It’s a professional league with older players who are simply better than the kids are the NCAA level. It’s not a knock on college at all, but experience would win out on this one. The ECHL is actually quite a bit better than people seem to believe. Far better than it used to be and more and more NHL teams are starting to utilize it in a AA baseball sort of way.
  14. I’m sure for some that’s the case, but I think what I said is true. I think the best ECHL team beats an NCAA without much difficulty.
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