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  1. This team is really impressive. I honestly thought they’d be average going into this season. Thought they lacked top end scoring, but the defense and goaltending have been phenomenal. And they e been winning without CJ Smith, Thompson, Elie and Leier. And maybe Asplund too.
  2. I think they’re aiming for UPL to hopefully be in Buffalo when Hutton leaves. I think they work him in Rochester in the second half of the season. Next season he’s the starter, and if things go well, has a good shot to make Buffalo the following year. Johansson can also get games in the ECHL. If he keeps playing well, he may get qualified and be UPL’s backup next year.
  3. I think he’ll be in Rochester relatively soon. Sexton said they’d reevaluate around Christmas. With the way he’s playing, he’s ready to move up. Johansson has been decent, but he takes a back seat to UPL and Hammond.
  4. Well said. You got to it before me. Who could possibly agree with sitting two AHL players in the NHL while the Amerks are playing 2 D at forward, unless you’re an arrogant ass?
  5. Who’s he playing over? Redmond Pilut Borgen Gilmour Bryson Nelson MacWilliam Fitzgerald All of these defensemen have been very good this season.
  6. I’d take the ECHL team all day. It’s a professional league with older players who are simply better than the kids are the NCAA level. It’s not a knock on college at all, but experience would win out on this one. The ECHL is actually quite a bit better than people seem to believe. Far better than it used to be and more and more NHL teams are starting to utilize it in a AA baseball sort of way.
  7. I’m sure for some that’s the case, but I think what I said is true. I think the best ECHL team beats an NCAA without much difficulty.
  8. I think your average ECHL player is better. NCAA or juniors obviously have high end talent, but the low end can be pretty bad. Usually only the better juniors or college players get a pro contract.
  9. Redmond and MacWilliam are top tier AHL defensemen. They’re not sitting for a low end prospect like Stephens.
  10. Yeah those years were brutal, other than 09-10, when they signed a ton of AHL all star forwards. That team should’ve gone far if not for non existent goaltending. Full strength, they’re a good team, but still lack high end skill. I think Asplund has struggled as a top 6 center without Olofsson to carry him.
  11. What? The late 90s Amerks were some of the best teams of my lifetime. They went to the finals back to back, and the 00-01 team won the division. The 03-04 team was very close to winning the Cup. This teams looks okay, not nearly as good as last year.
  12. They’ve been losing players almost daily for a week and they haven’t done anything. There’s no excuse to have to play two defensemen at forward because you don’t have enough players. Scott Wilson was hurt on Wednesday, when they o my has 12 healthy players to begin with, and they did nothing. It’s inexcusable from a management perspective. They needed to bring in a healthy body or two even before Larsson got hurt.
  13. Yep. Management totally caught sleeping this week and failed to bring in PTO players from the ECHL, let alone maybe a decent enough AHL player. Pleasantly surprised they won a game with that gruesome lineup.
  14. Might have a small influence, but it’s not like they changed the system at the last minute. Just a lack of high end talent. Very boring team with really no identity.
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