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  1. They didn't score but they worked toward the middle more; should get a goal if they stick with it.
  2. You sure? Let's see where they stand by the end of the month.
  3. It's funny (and sad) because my dad did exactly that and never saw a Buffalo championship (unless you count the last pre-Super Bowl AFL championship). He's been dead for more than 25 years now. So I guess I'll say it's funny cuz it's true.
  4. Dumb ass. Its a home game. You better watch it. I've heard @Weave will report people for abusive behavior.
  5. Not sure it's accurate but the first comment on the article states "She leaked sensitive player injury info to the press and got fired for it." I didn't know Caesar played hockey.
  6. She must really love you otherwise.
  7. Sorry, I was thinking of Biro. Letters can be so hard sometimes. I wouldn't mind getting a look at Rousek either.
  8. A gritty player can't add talent just because he decides to. I think we've seen in Dahlin's example that a talented player can add grit when he's determined to. Muel is physical but not especially gritty; I think he would become more so. I expect Power to add physicality and grit as he matures. When you get past the stalwarts, what do you prefer with the bottom D? Grit? Budget level talent? a bit of both? I think for the bottom pairing you're probably looking at getting one or the other. I kind of miss Jake McCabe. He would be nice on this team.
  9. Darn right. It's probably a good thing I've never been divorced.
  10. Did Quinn finish the game in Boston? I don't remember any injury. If he can't go, do they bring up veteran depth (Sheahan) or replace him with the next prospect up (Bloom? Weissbach?)
  11. I get the sense that Kevyn's communication skills keep the Pegulas at arm's reach. Although I don't have direct evidence I think he wanted to relieve Krueger of his duties right from the start and move Eichel but the Pegulas didn't want him to. They came to a compromise that he would do what he could to "win now" with Eichel under Krueger, signed Hall and Staal, and gave it an honest go. When that failed he prevailed on the Pegulas to move forward with his original plan (although Eichel's neck injury complicated the trade situation). He's briefed the Pegulas on his plan, gotten their buy-in, and effectively communicates such they they are letting him run with his plan and he communicates the team's progress and major moves to them and gets their concurrence. I get the sense that Murray and JBot ran more "open loop" in that they heard what the Pegulas wanted but didn't communicate effectively back to them, and I think this is where the "meddling owner" narrative started. If an employee doesn't effectively communicate to the boss and information is only flowing one way, it looks like the ownership is mandating things (meddling). Even though Kevyn is executing his plan, his communications skills made it the Pegulas' plan and he gets their support without them meddling, providing he stays within the parameters of "the plan."
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