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  1. Marcel Dionne vs. Mike Vernon.
  2. Cheers. BNL, the Low and the Headstones were the soundtrack of my mid 20s. Such huge bands in Buffalo at the time. Went down to the cemetery..looking for love...
  3. For you youngsters Billy Smith has to be in the top 3 dirtiest players to ever play the game. Also, before there was a Linesman, Lemieux or Dale Hunter there was Tiger Williams, I'm surprised he hasn't been mentioned yet. The infamous Lindy Ruff incident was par for the course for Billy.... that dirty SOB.
  4. Sabres Gilbert Mogilny Mike Foligno Non Sabres 99 Yzerman Coffey Hate Brad Park Brett Hull Billy Smith
  5. Awesome as usual. I've seen JI probably four or five times now and he often gets labeled as americana or country....this is not true of his live shows at all. Jason and the 400 Unit put on a good old fashioned rock n roll show. I must admit that I was little disappointed that his wife Amanda who usually plays fiddle wasnt there for this one. She is quite easy on the eyes.
  6. I watched the draft video for Joki on YouTube yesterday. The commentary right after the Hawks made the pick was that he was a prospect that had moved up draft boards late. It seems like he has continued that trajectory throughout his development in Chicago thus far. Nylander not so much with us. Can Chicago fix Nylander and can we F up Jokiharju? Let's plan on drafting a preliminary report circa January 2020.
  7. A hockey coach who meddles in non-hockey matters?
  8. Ugh that intersection is a nightmare in the best of conditions.
  9. I'm in Buffalo this week, but I heard that some pretty nasty storms rolled through our area yesterday. It looks like some of my neighbors had trees down and property damage. Did you come through it ok?
  10. Meh. No matter what happens Aho will be skating for a team that I hate next year.
  11. Whether you agreed with the tank or not, you shouldn't have been under the illusion that the winning or even watchable hockey would start immediately upon ending trying to finish DFL. Has the timeline for icing an at minimum competitive team been too long? Yes. Does TP ultimately have to answer for hiring people who botched the overall rebuild? Yes. It's been said before, but honest tank supporters fully acknowledged that tanking as part of a rebuild could result in a downward spiral of losing that can prove difficult to pull out of..... and here we are.
  12. Cozens hand injury looked kind of gruesome on the Twitter video I saw.
  13. I can confirm that these are both indeed available at the Wegmans Pub on Transit. I've had Heady Topper before, but the Focal Banger is right there with it. Dank hop explosion.
  14. Wake county I'd guess is definitely over a million. The city of Raleigh alone has to be about 400-500k. If you include the whole triangle region (Raleigh-wake county, Durham- Durham county and Chapel Hill- orange county) I'd guess it's in the 2 million neighborhood. Whatever it is, I know the road infrastructure here cant support all the droves of people moving here. Traffic here in the last 5 years went from being just an annoyance to sucking major balls.
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