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  1. I think this was the best scenario for Boston hopefully losing in the next round. They are playing like a well oiled beast of a hockey team right now. Maybe the extra time off will allow some rust to develop.
  2. Not yet, but I didnt see nary a one on a car on my drive into the office this morning...beautiful. I do feel bad for my neighbor who is one of the true diehards. I'll just keep my distance for awhile.
  3. It feels so good to watch a team you hate get swept and shutout in the last game on home ice. That was the most fun I've had watching hockey since the mirage that was the 10 game winning streak. Now F Boston.
  4. Toto, Doobie brothers, Kenny Loggins et al. Brutal, awful, ice pick to the ears stuff...
  5. I recall many, myself included, acknowledging that the tank could very well start us down the path to becoming the Oilers, but it was a chance we were more than willing to take. Of course there are dozens of other variables to consider outside of the tank itself but I digress... The tank appealed to me because it was an outside the box strategy for the Sabres that hadn't been tried before. If it flushed the franchise down the toilet for a decade then so be it. I liked the tank for the same reasons I like this hire: Different, outside the box thinking that hopefully shakes things up and starts moving things in the right direction.
  6. It was awfully quiet for stretches at PNC last night. A beautiful thing. Hopefully the Bruins can step on their throats early on Thursday and end this thing..... Then its ***** the Bruins right where they breathe!
  7. 1000x more apropos if the Canes had to.
  8. We will see, but it's a given that there will be significantly more Bruins fans here than there were Caps fans.
  9. My order of want to win Sharks/ Blues Bruins Effin Canes. It's a huge mark that I've been forced to abandon my doctrine of never rooting for a team to get their first cup because of the two vomitous teams left in the East.
  10. I dont blame Canes fans for hating Buffalo at all. It's just out of proportion. We came in for game one in droves, won the game and had some Sabres fans acting like major league jackasses. We still take over their arena now. It's not at all unlike to complaints we see on here with Leaf fans and some of the boorish behavior that goes on at FNC. Stuff like that stokes the tribal passions and really is what sports is all about, again minus the few true jackasses. Theres two unique problems with Carolina that I contend are different than Buffalo/Toronto or likely almost anywhere else. 1.) The over the top hyperbole around sabres fans here. I'll admit some of this has died down in recent years, but it does persist. 2.) The fact that the canes organization itself participated in furthering this hyperbole and exacerbated it with their actions. Bush league nonsense.
  11. I went to game one of that Devils / Canes series in 2006. It was on a Saturday afternoon and if there were more than 11000 fans there then PA loves Terry Pegula.
  12. Go Bruins. All weekday games in Raleigh will likely lessen the influx of massholes, but I still expect substantial swaths of black and gold at PNC arena.
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