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  1. Claude_Verret

    GDT: Sabres @ Hurricanes -- Jan. 11, 2019

    Puck luck tonight is understatement of the year.
  2. Claude_Verret

    Who is in for the raid on Raleigh?

    It says: An NHL Team Actually Traded Jeff Skinner I asked him if he plans on getting into the game with it and he said...well I plan on taking it off the stick. My prediction is the canes staff Gestapo will not allow it in.
  3. Claude_Verret

    Who is in for the raid on Raleigh?

    Stoking the fire for tasty babyque and a passerby with a provocative sign.
  4. Claude_Verret

    The Music Thread

    I've been getting into Devin Townsend over the past few years, he can probably be safely be tabbed as progressive metal for the most part. Recently I stumbled into this side project that he did a few years back called Casualties of Cool. It's most definitely not progressive metal. Devin himself described it as haunted Johnny Cash songs. Great stuff.
  5. Claude_Verret

    The Music Thread

    I saw Steven Wilson in Chapel Hill last month. That show and the one time I saw Porcupine Tree are without question in my top 5 concerts of all time. His 5.1 mixes are indeed without peer. He mixed the 5.1 surround for Rush's Hemispheres 40th anniversary. Unfortunately I haven't heard it yet since you can only get it as part of the super deluxe package with the vinyl and a bunch of other stuff I'm not interested in, especially at $130.
  6. Claude_Verret

    Who is in for the raid on Raleigh?

    I'll be there and tailgating early. Tonight will be a right of passage for my son. He was only a baby himself during the great horde invasion of 2006. Today will be his right of passage. At 14 years of age I feel that he is now fully ready and prepared to learn about the intricacies of neonatal BBQ. I'm in section 112.
  7. Claude_Verret

    March 16 Raleigh meet up?

    I dont have tickets for the March game yet, but I'll be there. I do have tickets for the game in a few weeks and will most likely be tailgating under the row of trees near Carter Finley stadium.
  8. Claude_Verret

    Post job interview etiquette

    I think he believed that I was desperate for the position. I haven't worked in the field for about a year, but as i explained to him and others that i interviewed with, I have a few alternate income streams that take at most 5 hours of my time per week. Time that I can put in on evenings and weekends. Maybe he didn't believe me and thought he could low ball me. Either way, a 30% lowball offer is a total non starter in pretty much any negotiation process. The salary I asked for was probably right at the mean for someone at my level. At my old company, that I left voluntarily, we had a saying for our HR department who coined the phrase "selecting the best" for the candidate interview and hiring process. We added on. "Select the best. Pay the average." I'm not a boomer, but I dont blame millennials really, I mostly blame their parents.
  9. Claude_Verret

    Post job interview etiquette

    I recently interviewed for a position. The first interview was for half a day spending time with various senior people and giving a presentation that represented my work over the years in a niche technology that they were trying to develop. Everything went great and I had a really good vibe. About a week later they brought me back to meet with the CEO. The conversation there moved towards the salary and benefits that I was looking for. When I told him my salary requirements he asked if it was negotiable and I responded that of course it is and that I'd be looking at the entire package if they decided to offer me the position. A few days later I received an offer letter: 30% less salary than I told him in the interview. 2 weeks vacation. lol 401k and other benefits. meh. To say that I was insulted would be an understatement. So I ghosted them. It wasn't worth my time to draft a letter in response to it. After about a week I hear back from the CEO wanting to know if I had a counter offer. This time I did respond with an offer to come on board as a consultant at my highly inflated hourly rate....negotiable of course. I haven't heard back. lol Beyond all of that, something really turned me off during my interview with the CEO. As we sat down in his office he asked me to tell him about myself. As I began speaking his phone beeps. Not only does he pick it up, but he begins reading an email for a good minute as I'm talking. I've repeatedly had to remind my reports over the years about not having their phones out in meetings and at the lab bench, and here is a CEO who presumably is interested in hiring me, on his phone reading an email right off the bat in the interview. Bush league.
  10. Claude_Verret

    Eichel Reinhart Skinner

    How do you get such players, specifically Jack and Sam?
  11. Claude_Verret

    Babcock's dystopic vision of KeyBank Center for Leafs games

    Maybe the Sabres organization should start handing out fan behavior expectation cards to all Leaves fans as they enter the arena. Then proceed to antagonize those very same fans that they expect to be on their best behavior with pot shots directed at their team and city on the scoreboard throughout the game. That should turn out well.
  12. Claude_Verret

    How badly did the tank fail?

    This is a perfect example of how the discussion around this topic will forever be a clusterfukc. The Sabres tanked for two back to back seasons only, with the prizes being Reinhart and Eichel. They purposely attempted to ice an awful team both those years, finished last, "lost" the lottery and drafted 2nd overall to draft the aforementioned players. In no way, shape or form did the Sabres go out of their way to finish DFL last season, yet they did anyway and ended up being rewarded with Dahlin. If people can't even agree and understand what tanking even is, then of course there never can be an honest discussion as to whether the strategy was successful or not. Bottom line is the Sabres employed a PART of a team building strategy that other franchises have also tried and been rewarded for. It was a strategy that the Buffalo Sabres franchise hadn't ever tried in their history. It remains a work in progress.
  13. Claude_Verret

    Concerts you plan to attend this year

    Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. Cary. NC. Now.
  14. Claude_Verret

    Holy Mackerel! Sabres Win Dahlin Lottery!

    Dahlin! The lottery win that I hope will heal the tank war rift among the fan base. Appropriate I guess that they finally won the damn thing by finishing dead last without tanking.