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  1. 😍 you complete me
  2. Assquatch

    Are the Sabres damaging players?

  3. Seriously, this is a thing? Maybe the site can be set up to hide such modern thinking when it detects people are browsing from Netscape Navigator on Windows 95.
  4. Assquatch

    GDT - Devils @ Sabres, 7:00pm MSG, 1/8/2019

    Oh man you better hope the Sabres win by 3. You're tempting fate here switching to this GTT abomination 😁
  5. Assquatch

    GDT - Devils @ Sabres, 7:00pm MSG, 1/8/2019

  6. Assquatch

    GDT - Devils @ Sabres, 7:00pm MSG, 1/8/2019

    Enough about timezones; the thread title has been updated. I think it's now about a Glucose Tolerance Test. Everyone get checked for Diabetes and watch your sugars.
  7. Assquatch

    GDT - Devils @ Sabres, 7:00pm MSG, 1/8/2019

    WTF is a GMT? A timezone?
  8. Assquatch

    Sabres Expected to Get A Third Jersey for 2019-20

    It’s their 50th metric anniversary.
  9. They must have deleted and then retweeted it. The new link is https://twitter.com/SabresPR/status/1075436891925868544
  10. Assquatch

    Playoff Format: Do you like it?

    I like Schopp's idea of 1-16 (or 1-8 from each conference) and the top seed chooses whom to play, then the next highest team chooses their opponent and on down. Travel expenses be damned
  11. Assquatch

    Eichel Reinhart Skinner

    This has not aged well.
  12. Assquatch

    Eichel Reinhart Skinner

    With Pominville, the line names itself as JackSkinVille. With Reinhart not so much.
  13. This right here is some quality content. ❀️ First cousin twice removed.
  14. Assquatch

    beyond subscribing for NHL center ice how do you watch games

    I’ll pm you