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  1. I will add about 10 years ago we did this vacation thing similar to this and afterwards our sister in law complained that we spent too much time swimming in the lake and not enough family time talking. The vacation was not how she wanted it I think maybe she didn't spend enough time swimming and maybe she should have made more of an effort to spend the time with us. It was 100 degrees and the ac in the house was terrible. Of course we are going to swim just to stay cool
  2. My wife and I had a very interesting conversation this morning. Her cousin emailed her and all of her siblings and their families to see about everyone having a giant group vacation in the south this year. Basically like a huge family vacation, including spouses/children, boyfriends/girlfriends etc. My wife and I were talking about this and neither of us want to go to this and declined the invitation. My wife gets 2 weeks vacation per year and wants to do a vacation with just her and me (we dont have children) I didnt want to go because i generally hate almost everyone
  3. When hasek played you knew if the sabres scored 2, they were going to win. He carried that team, no doubt I saw on a show that he did not know he was drafted for a couple weeks after.
  4. Nj looks like its at 63% of people have 1 vaccine and 53% have 2. We have about 200 people a day in the state test positive. we were at 4000 per day in March. Im not wearing a mask unless required. However I dont go a lot of places. Im fully vaccinated since march 26
  5. I dont understand why they just dont put skinner back on jacks line where he hmgot his points. we get it, he is not the playmaker his salary commands, but shoving him on a line or sitting him makes 0 sense If they trade them both, Seattle will put them together and look brilliant
  6. My wife's coworker was sick as a dog yesterday. today she is pto. I sure hope she doesn't have the covid
  7. In the next 3 days i expect to hear something like this... the Sabres trade eichel, sam and next years round 1 pick for the number 10 pick this year. They are keeping 96% of the salaries
  8. I had an interesting conversation with a coworker. she said she didn't want to get the vaccine because she didn't know about long term side effects. however she said she had a child in college and they are requesting the vaccine to continue. she said once he gets it at the end of the summer, she will get it too. Why not now? Why wait
  9. we went out to dinner last night for my father in laws memorial. he died in december, but due to covid, we waited until his birthday. none of the employees at the restaurant wore masks, none of the diners did either. i guess in that area, it felt really weird, but good hopefully.
  10. Its not a far stretch...virus happens to start in a town with a biological testing lab. The fact that it was so quickly discredited and people called crazy screamed coverup. There is some serious propaganda campaigns going on, on both sides. Unfortunately the people will be the ones who are suffering
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