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  1. i didnt even realize the sabres played today. shows how much i cared
  2. i get the impression this will be like this picture
  3. I dont know how far Syracuse is from buffalo but we had to drive for over 1 hour to get our vaccine. there is nothing in our area
  4. I have a coworker that tested positive feb 15th. He had a mild case but his wifes case is much worse. He had symptoms of what he described as a head cold. He never got retested and said he still feels like he has a head cold like he had, but he said the cdc says he should quarantined for 10 days so he is ok now and back in the office I thought if you still had sickness that you weren't safe to go out. He never went back to get retested for a negative. He said because you could test positive for 3 months. Is it really safe for him to be out when he still has mino
  5. So much for buff getting stalock. but we have hutton. Sigh.
  6. i think the sabres should pickup stalock too. i think he is better than both of the current sabres tenders. even if he isnt ready just yet. he was out for injury
  7. i wish i knew. She is 71 years old, and in not great health. She had lung cancer years ago, which was removed by removing half of one of her lungs. everyone in the family tells her she should get it, but she wont. she said she in unsure of any long term effects, but not to sound harsh, but she is 71 and not in great health.
  8. i have my second dose of the vaccine on the 14th of march. i am planning on seeing my family for the first time in 1 year in april, which is 3 weeks after my 2nd shot. my mother refuses to get the vaccine at this point. Is there any risk to me bringing the vaccine to her after i am fully vaccinated? i read the FDA is saying that you dont need to quarantine if you are around someone with covid if you are fully vaccinated if you arent showing symptoms. is there any real risk to seeing my mother if i am fully vaccinated? i dont plan on being around people with covid, but
  9. Years ago i didn't get the flu shot and some creep at work had a meeting with me and at the end of the meeting she said, man I feel sick like the flu. The next day i was as sick as i have been in my life. 103 fever, the dr said my blood pressure was really low. She wanted to call an ambulance to bring me to the hospital. i refused because I didn't have good insurance and would be responsible for around 10k out of pocket. She gave me the flu medicine and after about 7 days of constant sleep, i finally felt better. Tylenol broke my fever after the 3rd day. At the time, i didn't
  10. Has anyone heard how long the vaccine is effective before we need another booster
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