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  1. The tone of the article being heavily against its usage. Mumtiple state governors banning its usage for anything but RA and threatening to revoke medical licenses on any doctors who do otherwise. Mainstream news constantly downplaying the treatment in every news briefing despite Trump brining it up
  2. That’s fair. Doesn’t mean he can’t figure it out. I think he’s in the rug he situation to do so. The arrogance that Housley has that he could develop him himself was his downfall.
  3. Yeah but once you add more factors the p values turn to junk. And they don’t share how these models all do this. Or they do like the RAPM guy and say the stats don’t really say much at the end of the day except for the far outliers, and even then only sometimes like the curious case of Marco Scandella who got older, same teammates, new coach, worst player in the league into the best one off season.
  4. The Rsq values I’ve seen in statistics I’ve looked into methodology on regarding shot location (High/low danger) etc. The p value is what I’ve seen listed for stuff like WAR charts.
  5. I think the onus on showing the rsq and p value is on the guy posting the statistics. I’ve never seen any hockey statistic/model get to anything beyond ‘interesting idea, but nothing to sway an opinion’ on levels of Rsq related to actually winning. They always have more to do with coaching play style, luck (PDO is great, there I lied, there’s one decentish model), but always fail to predict one season to the next or players moving from one team to another where their role, teammates, system, etc all change and overly impact anything the statistic was trying to get at in the first place. Like those RAPM charts. The creator himself acknowledges they do nothing to show how only player will be on a different team or if the coach decides to change what line he is on.
  6. Suspended, banned. Tomato, tomato. 1. Read the article posted in #1 and frame it in any other light for me 2. Half the ads shown are pharma. Is the point any different if it’s only 40%?
  7. His confidence, the part you didn’t bold, addresses this. I don’t think ‘processing the game quick enough’ was his problem. He was tired and outmatched physically and this killed his confidence on the puck. And without his confidence he isn’t much of a player. Maybe he needs another year, but I just don’t think he’s some guaranteed bust. I saw him turning his confidence around in the AHL as he understood how to play differently against peers who just weren’t physically drowning him out. He played with awful teammates dump and chase hockey in Minnesota. Was just a square peg round hole. I wouldn’t look too much into that.
  8. They removed his post on this and temporarily banned him. It’s widely reported in the news. https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5e801cafc5b661492268e789
  9. If you believe Samuelson will compete for a spot, Botterill failing to move out a defenseman this offseason will be a rotten egg on his face. I understood last season. Maybe a deadline deal wasn’t there. But the excuses are gone now
  10. It doesn't take machine learning to look at a 53-person dataset. Curious if the HIPPA changes will allow machines to get at huge US datasets?
  11. So you suspect it to be false information because it comes from the hip of our president? Ignoring that the original studies were done in China, South Korea, France, etc. before American physicians reported on their own statistics?
  12. What do you do when someone gets shown the stats are junk, ignores them, and posts them with authority in their new thread over and over again?
  13. Seal Team 6 is dead after conveniently killing Osama right when Obama needed a poll boost. What's your point? Do you want the country to fail at this?
  14. If you believe the anecdotes, the method of treatment is to prevent the fluid build-up and secondary bacterial infections that get you with the immune system overload. Prevents the needs for hospitalization is the point of the treatment. The ventilators help you breathe while you're filled up. They aren't doing much of anything to reverse fluid build-up. But the media is in an active campaign to prevent this $20/person treatment from being widespread. They even banned Rudy Giuliani on twitter and others for making similar awareness posts like our site moderator did. The media who makes 1/2 of their revenue from pharmaceutical ads. Yet, detractors of it are standing on a high-ground where the only acceptable course of action is multi-billion dollar multi-year long clinical trials to get some proprietary treatment protocol tested and approved first. Just silly if you ask me. They've gotten rid of all the red-tape that turned 20$ ventilators into $5000 devices that are in small supply and exposed medical device industry for the con it is. Why the hesitation on drugs that if they actually don't work 100%, nobody but idiots drinking off-label fish tank supplies and ODing on it die from it.
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