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  1. Excellent idea. Set the tone right at the beginning. Easy fight for Eichel.... how could he possibly miss a snot locker that Is that big? A near miss is actually a direct hit!
  2. Not so much a promotion as it is a hope and a prayer that something good might happen. I'll be as shocked as the rest of you should that miracle take place.
  3. There is a 3 part answer to this question. The school is definitely one of them and the most easily recognizable. The other two are a specific program that has a reputation much greater than the school's name and/or specific professor(s) that have the power to drive the value of your degree beyond the school or program reputation. Both of these are much harder to identify, but could provide a better experience in the long run.
  4. Never a bad idea to invest in yourself. Being in a niche' position, the MBA will broaden your horizons and potentially make you even better at your current job. That could pay off the investment right there. Or, the MBA will provide the entry point to other career opportunities and a new line of friends/peers/other MBA students to have as resources in a job search. Sounds like you are in a good spot that has some changes taking place. The MBA could be your insurance policy for whatever happens.
  5. Is there anyone left in Rochester that is not injured and has also ever even sniffed NHL talent? Consequently Bogo playing some RW might not be great, but at might be the best fit until MoJo is back. Plus it would be fun to watch him go into the corners. That would make for some fine entertainment.
  6. Lazar/Asplund/Thompson, that looks like a decent energy line. Hope that it's contagious and everyone else catches it.
  7. The Sabres now are icing a full complement of Rasmi. Play every shift of every game like you are never going back to Rochester young man. Demonstrate to your teammates that you are providing 100% effort every second and are here to make a difference. Best of luck on your first game in a hall of fame career.
  8. Agreed, but the chances of a win/win for both parties is difficult with some of these guys. They are so difficult to value. We love them too much at the same time that we hate them. JBots has the worst job in town right now. I hope he has what it takes to keep the ship afloat with so many leaks, then maybe work on setting course for a playoff appearance.
  9. Miller sitting indicates to me that some Dmen are getting showcased tonight. I'm not really a GM, but I play one (a really bad one) in my dreams.
  10. I agree with Eleven. Any trade Bots makes will have to be a good trade for the Sabres. He is hardwired that way, otherwise there would have been 1-2 more trades before camp started. If he has a good trade in front of him, I hope he flips the switch and makes it known that what is being seen on the ice is unacceptable.
  11. Few seem to have the heart to play the whole game. I'm looking at you team captain Jack Eichel. YOU NEED TO CHANGE THIS ATTITUDE. IT STARTS WITH YOU! Seemingly, none have the spine to play NHL hockey. If you can't stand up for yourself, at least stand up for your teammates. Last but not least is the dumb plays have to end. This is on the coaching staff and they have lots of work to do. I started the season not expecting the playoffs and thinking this was another year of building the team for the long run. After what I saw this weekend, I'm wondering if the pieces are there. Right now the answer is no. Ralph has lots of work to do, and I'm thinking he doesn't have the tools he needs to make it happen. We will see what the team looks like at the end of November.
  12. Bring Aquavit into the conversation and good things happen. Thanks Victor!
  13. Have Modo introduce you to Aquavit. That will make the whole experience go better.
  14. It will be worth the pain and agony. Brother in law married a Swede and they are in Gavle. We always have a great time when we visit.
  15. My old eyes need the brightness and better contrast of the default setting, although I do appreciate the thoughtfulness and options.
  16. I doubt there are many here that are anticipating a playoff series for the Sabre's this year. Let us hope that we are proven wrong.
  17. We will not see the roster that the Sabre's ice until 01Nov at the earliest. There will be changes and adjustments. Enjoy the hockey to the best of your ability in the meantime. Don't let this this short period of time ruin your life or your love of the Sabre's.
  18. Just did that. I saw his post from last night. Thanks much.
  19. Allow me to get the 2019 hunting season started. Not a great pic with the waist deep grass and being taken about 30 minutes before sunset. We were only about 200 yards (183 meters for our Canadian friends) from the slough, then approximately 4 miles in the John boat back to camp. We made it home just before last call at 2am and toasted our good luck with a very nice Oban 14. Although I prefer the Oban 20, it was a fitting tribute. Had tenderloin steaks on the grill last night. Devine.
  20. Binnington still isn't necessarily the answer for the Blues. He was just good enough to get them the 4 wins they needed in each round of the playoffs. He did not light it up, nor was he doing headstands, but they won Lord Stanley's Cup. I agree that Ullmark has some work to do. I hope the best Linus shows up this season and has many years playing for the Sabres. Having consistently solid defensive play in front of whomever is in net will help all of them, of course. That is something we have not seen from the Sabres in many years.
  21. I heard a rumor that the training room got a new coat of paint...... and they are all sitting there watching it dry. Get out and enjoy the summer. It's gonna be cold and snow before you know it. At least there will be hockey then.
  22. You got this. I did 9 weeks of radiation last year for prostate cancer. A year later it was just a nuisance in my life, and you will find the same at this time next year. Check your PSA's guys. Catch it before it's too late. As for the ladies, get your parts checked regularly and if something is going on, catch it early.
  23. Agreed, with the added hope that the player has significant leadership experience with a perennial playoff team and can show Jack what it takes to be a captain.
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