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  1. Doug W: "You are signing for 1 M right now or I'm trading you to Ottawa"
  2. the Beauts name always made me think of the Canadian Womens team crushing pilsners and cigars on the ice after the gold medal win. Definitely the sort of "MVP on the ice AND at the bar" imagery that it means in the context of mens hockey - never had a problem with it
  3. ***rabble rabble quality of teammates****Morgan Riley absorbs tougher minutes***I have no data to back up my position*****stats are for nerds*** Goes back to watching Don Cherry Rock 'Em Sock 'Em videos from the early 90'S
  4. Physically? Risto is bigger and stronger and possibly faster. Are we operating on different assumptions of what "physically gifted means?
  5. Less physically gifted version of Risto. Puts up some points on O, makes some terrible mistakes in his own end. Would make us better and it would be fun to see him stick it to the leafs fans but he is far from a perfect player.
  6. I've lived in Missouri for the past few years - neither can I
  7. Anyone else catch oloffsons shootout goal? The best part was his quick flex startling Tage as he skated by
  8. You can't teach size....some players can develop grit and tenacity once they realize that they wont make it without. These are a part of the equation but, a player can have all of the grit in the world and if they're not able to skate, pass and shoot at the NHL level they wont make it. A softee with elite hands or shot at least has a chance to make it and can maybe up their grit quotient.
  9. all in on the blues but premature publication of that newspaper article has me feeling more than a little stitious
  10. Not sure what you mean by the "real" midwest. I will disagree on the winter's, every winter that I've lived here I've managed to sneak a few rounds of golf in. The summer does get too hot here, WNY has ideal summer conditions IMO but the trade off of shoveling my driveway 4 times a winter instead of 4 times a week is palatable.
  11. Current KC resident. DJ Pauley D (Jersey Shore) is playing a St Patricks day show here. Its a cultural mecca. https://www.facebook.com/events/287497265296366/ On a serious note, lower taxes, slightly better weather and central location (cheap flights, can be anywhere in the country in three hours) are positives for KC. Food and nightlife are a wash Buffalo runs away with fun natural attractions and beauty. No hiking or skiing in KC.
  12. Gore fits our offense better as a runner, he knows how to hit a hole and at least get positive yardage instead of dancing behind the line of scrimmage. I was hoping that they would draft Benny Snell as he's a similar type bruising runner but, for a year, Gore will be a guy who will consistently get 3-5 yards up the gut for us on first down.
  13. Frank Gore to the bills 1 yr 2 MM
  14. Quit our jobs and start a Tableau driven advanced stats site? You can do the numbers, i'll make them pretty?
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