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  1. Relocated to Chicago this week - anyone aware of a Sabres bar? (preferably north of the loop)
  2. Jimmy has looked dangerous a couple times tonight
  3. As long as we are able to control the puck entering the zone this should be a top unit
  4. It’ll be interesting to see how teams play it if we continue the success. I could see opponents trying a high diamond and forcing Sam and Skinner to win down low.
  5. If that's the case he can advance into the slot to create a tighter 3-2 situation. With his edges and agility there won't be many PK forwards who will be able to close from wide coverage and take away his lane down the middle. Either walk in and snipe or wait for a killing Dman to engage and pass to the player they abandon to defend him.
  6. Remember when we were all upset when Vesey didn't sign here the first time? LOL
  7. oddly enough - I'm curious enough about Kruger and this group that im not that upset when bad stuff happens. Im excited to see how they respond
  8. I'm very interested in how they respond after their first two game losing streak
  9. In my mind this is Kruger's first true test. I would expect the team to be fired up for the first game of the season and the home opener. This is a beatable opponent - it's on Ralph to make sure the boys come out flying after experiencing an early taste of success. This is a game a playoff team wins.
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