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  1. I don't love the trade based on how obvious our second line centre weakness was this year. Saying that, damn I like the looks of Montour. A pairing of he and Dahlin for the next decade sounds pretty nice.
  2. Sam has been good to very good for a full season and a half now. Jbot can extend Reinhart contract beginning July 1. Does he try and get something done before next season hoping he can get a little cheaper now or wait for more proof after next season? Ofcourse if Sam puts up huge numbers next year it will cost even more going forward. I wonder if Sam's camp even wants to talk this summer or wait until the conclusion of next season.
  3. Almost like playing with jack can inflate your points. I hope sabres don’t overpay for Skinner.
  4. Surprisingly it was alright. They showed up for a change.
  5. Ya that was weird. Ref is just like nah I'm ready for the intermission.
  6. I LOVED DJ Smith when he was with oshawa. His in game adjustments were so impressive. There’s a reason Babcock wanted him on his staff. I don’t think he’s the guy the sabres need right now but he’s an interesting name to watch down the road.
  7. Ya I don't really understand. The team falling off a cliff coincides with the timeline of him arriving. Yet to my eye he's been very good. Love his speed and aggressiveness. I'm thinking this is just a bad coincidence but I would like to see the underlying stats as well.
  8. We actually just booked a family vackay to Hawaii. We're on a 9 night Disney Cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii (four ports of call I believe) and then booked a 5 night condo stay just outside of Honolulu for afterwards. Trip isn't until May 2020 but we've already got a count down board started!! My son is obsessed with Dolphins so I'm looking into swimming with the dolphins excursions right now. This thread is very appropriate timing. Looking forward to some suggestions as well.
  9. Pettersson is having a great year out in Vancouver. Otherwise Dahlin would be running away with the Rookie of the Year award.
  10. You build up the rest of your team. We have a franchise centre AND a franchise D. Christ almighty we just need management to not screw this up. Those two pieces are the hardest to find. The rest should be much easier to fill. Maybe it's just blind faith but I still don't think this turnaround should take more than 2 more years.
  11. And that's where the Sabres have some leverage. They are the only team who can offer this. I would rather barf than sign anyone over 24 to an 8 year deal but if Skinner agrees to a reasonable aav then fine. Otherwise he's only getting the 7 max.
  12. I think so. Unlike drury/briere I think there's still a decent chance he signs in Buffalo even if he tests the market.
  13. Should also add that he reminds me of Eichel in his rookie year where he's putting up some pretty good points but there are another one or two plays every game that could have easily went in to inflate the already lofty numbers. If he can develop a harder shot then the sky is the limit.
  14. What a great post. Agree with all of it. I watched the leafs feed last night and when they put up the graphic showing Dahlin passing Bobby friggen Orr for most points as an 18 year old d it really put it into perspective for me. You never know if the highly hyped prospect will live up to the billing but so far he has absolutely hit it for me.
  15. That's a hell of a shot. I still don't know if I'm ready to give up on him yet. Could still turn into a Kotalik type imo.
  16. Nylander is already playing for his career right now but I wonder if playing his brother tonight gives him even extra motivation. He has looked pretty good at times over the past two games. Very anxious to see if he can build off that or goes through another invisible stretch.
  17. This has nothing to do with Pegulas accountants and financial advisors (I think you know that). If there was no salary cap I suspect the Pegulas would be willing to quickly meet Skinner's demands. That's not the case though. You have a huge Opportunity Cost to consider. What's worse than consistent losing? Still losing and being stuck with multiple, unmovable, long term contracts. Like it or not the core of this team is young and there should be internal growth. I don't need to overpay a winger (who's partially the benefactor of playing with Jack) into his 35 year old season. Again, li
  18. I sincerely hope the Sabres operate based on what is best for the franchise and not general fan emotion. Cap management is an essential part of today's NHL. I don't think that's even debatable. Yes he scores goals. Yes I hope he stays but I'm not overpaying him just because we don't have anyone else right now. I think he does want to be here. I think the Sabres want him to be here. There should be enough wiggle room to pay him slightly more than Botts feels comfortable while keeping the contract within reason. IMO $9.25 x 8 years is not reasonable (as had been his rumored ask).
  19. Ya he was the one who got into it with Mitts.
  20. Obviously it was much louder with me in attendance ;)
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