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  1. Who cares for Detroit. It’s a ***** city and they already won enough cups.
  2. I think they need to stop looking at rushing players in. It’s not working plus most don’t have the speed or the body to hold up against much older players. Are you surprised? The NHL screws up more ***** just like the Sabres!
  3. ***** Detroit. They won enough Cups already. This is why it’s important to have good scouting to find nhl players wherever you choose.
  4. Huge fan of that team. I have watch hockey a long time and I can’t remember when a team had 4 of their top 6 defenseman get knocked out of the playoffs. Plus you also had to add in Tim Connolly who was playing unreal before he was knocked out as well. Sad because I believe they were the best team that playoff but all those injuries killed it for them.
  5. Probably pick a new one. I live in Vegas and moved away from Buffalo back in 89. I Still like the Sabres but this organization has to be one of the worst run franchises. When Vegas got a team didn’t really know what to think but if you lived here and seen what this team did for this city and how this city embraced this team you would be giving up your former team. You don’t even know how many people I play hockey with that we’re fans of other teams but are now hard-core Knights fans. Team practices are open to the public and they draw about 200-350 daily. This team is made up of players that have strong character, hard working and are out in public often. T Mobile arena has an unbelievable energy every game. It’s really amazing to see how much hockey has taken off in Vegas. Now we have our minor league team moving here and they have already over 7,000 season seat deposits since they started taking them 3 weeks ago.i feel bad for Buffalo fans because they deserve so much more.
  6. Yep, totally agree. How about putting a solid group of people in the hockey department to run this team. It’s like it’s okay not to be good! You want change. If I was paying thousands to see this organization continue through the motions of putting a ***** product on the ice year in and year out I would give up my seats. Then maybe just maybe they will demand more from top to bottom. The hockey department seems like they don’t have a clue.
  7. I don’t think he’s that good at all. As a life long Sabres fan who moved away back in 89 this organization is just one big mess from top to bottom. Buffalo fans deserve so much more then what they get year in and year out. I don’t even know where I would begin because this organization has major faults from top to bottom. The Pegulas should be pissed and demand more from each and everyone in this organization to be better and to not settle for just a paycheck.
  8. I agree on the defensive play. God it’s disappointing that it’s the same ***** year in and year out with this team. I think they need someone up top to change this culture of losing. I don’t think Jason Botterill is the guy that’s gonna steer this ship in the right path. Skinners a complete waste of a player without having a great center to play with.
  9. ^ This, I think they need to be patient and not rush these players in.
  10. This is the Sabres story every year! It’s difficult being a Buffalo fan because at the end of the day they always find ways to disappoint.
  11. I have season tickets to the Knights and I’m not sure if Buffalo came to play or Vegas wasn’t motivated because Vegas usually plays a heavy forecheck style and really close the gaps quickly on teams on the defensive side of the game. All in all not impressed with Hutton and the defense needs some work in Buffalo. Maybe a new defensive coach?
  12. I agree but he could flat out be a major factor if he turn on the jets and took shorter shifts. I like Jack but that’s what I see. A guy with a ton of talent who only turns it on every once in awhile.
  13. It’s only a matter of time before he wants out. But I’m gonna say this he can be much more of a factor if he skated hard every shift . He coasts around a lot. Buffalo needs to hire a better defensive coach. Too many times people left wide open. Plus nothing for nothing Knights didn’t look there normal selves tonight. They usually have a heavy forecheck going and they bottle teams up trying to get speed.
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