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  1. This sounds shady in my opinion. Yes, you can easily be more specific.
  2. There could be something to your point because I can't see Peter DeBoer making Vegas any better than Gallant can. You may be able to add DeBoer's name to your list. However Vigneault in Philly, Quenneville in Florida, Keefe in Toronto.......................so you just never know.
  3. Most likely, unless he is another Babcock and we just don't know that yet?
  4. Not buying it. Sorry. So you hire Peter DeBoer as your improved coach??????? I can't see it.
  5. In total agreement with you. I'm betting something else went on. Maybe he too, is kind of abusive as a coach and #### was going to hit the fan shortly. Time will tell. Gerard can be an intense kind of guy. I like him as a coach but who knows? Can't believe it's because ownership thinks his performance is lacking.
  6. Las Vegas is crazy. They took a page from Florida. Got rid of Gallant way too early. I'm sorry, DeBoer is the improvement????? I'm betting not!!! DeBoer is one guy I never want to see behind the Sabres bench. But nice to know Gerard is available once again. I wonder if there is more to this as he took them to the damn Cup finals in their inaugural season. Wow, seriously a "what have you done for me lately"? league. This guy is a good coach.
  7. and????????????????????????? I know what you're aiming at!!!!! (and I'm not against it)
  8. I'll take Lazar any day of the week over Rodrigues. To me, stronger on the puck and Lazar has better hands and will use the body. Not sure why he isn't in the lineup all the time under Coach Ralph. I've seen enough of Evan. He can go.
  9. Man, Jack has a "heavy shot". It just rips the twine when it goes in. I wish he would use it even more often. Matthews shoots whenever he gets the chance for the Leafs. Jack should do the same. Great shot!
  10. AGAIN! The Bills, the gift that keeps on giving!
  11. Game set and match folks! Bye Bills. You blew it!!! (again!!)
  12. This game was so winnable. A chance for this club to make a statement. A real shame if it goes down the drain.
  13. The bed has been shat. O-line starting to make some serious errors. A field goal attempt that never was...........
  14. I have to agree with the Network broadcasters- not crazy about some of the decisions Allen is making out there. Nice first down pass though.
  15. Hauschka has earned his paycheque that's for sure! Let's Go Bills!!! You are back from the brink of death!!!!!
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