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  1. So much for that! Skinner has given us hope??????? Suck it Keefe! (you too Hutch!)
  2. Remember folks, it's Michael Hutchinson in goal for the Leafs, a guy who was on waivers just a short time ago,. That's how much respect the Sabres get in the league now. (and Hutch may pitch a shut out!) Babcock wanted him gone but Keefe has resurrectede him. So far, Keefe is looking good!
  3. and with US Thanksgiving upon us once again and this club currently out of a playoff spot, I'm guessing this season trends downward towards a ninth consecutive year of no playoffs.
  4. Sheldon Keefe is the "real deal". Complete Leaf renaissance under this guy. They have found their goal scoring once again. It's going to be bad for the blue & gold I'm afraid. But perhaps another humiliation may get JBots or TPegs off their collective arses to actually do something to shake this #### show up. Here's hoping anyhow.
  5. Also, when playoff time starts, physicality is on full display. Even Ovie lays on the body come playoff time. (and just ask the Leafs- soft and get out muscled every first round)
  6. No heart, no character. I know others have already stated this and it is the absolute truth. Those things matter in this league and this team will continue to spin its wheels until it finds this.
  7. I also miss the open ice hits Peca used to lay out. Not a big man but you had to be aware when he was out there. Delivered some beauts in his day.
  8. Schony was one of my favorites and a huge reason I became a Sabres fan. Busted his ass every night for this franchise. Korab was a beauty also, Guevremont included. Ahhh, the great old days......
  9. Amazing what a decent coach can do! (I know its still very early in the season but Coach Ralph has this squad motivated!)
  10. I hate to say it, but I have to agree with you. It doesn't thrill me. I am thrilled with the royal blues though! (and yes, bring back the shoulder patches!!!!) I do hope the 50th season shows promise for this club and our new head coach. Would really dread another woeful season, especially a 50th anniversary one.
  11. If they suck as bad again this upcoming season, I'm afraid that may be the case. (and they'll be carrying me out on a stretcher as well) Here's hoping coach Ralph and crew hook up this roster with a system they can excel at. And here's hoping they give RJ a chance to get his adrenaline going again! It has been a sad 8 years for him and for us.
  12. Right there with you! The shoulder logos were a great touch. Here's hoping!
  13. Plus, we'll see how the "re-treads" do with their new clubs. Maybe the coaching candidates were out there but for whatever reason weren't in the picture for this franchise. Let's see how Quenneville does in Florida, Vigneault in Philly and McLellan in L.A. I'm also liking that Patrick Roy is interviewing for the Ottawa head coaching job. I hope he gets it. He'll be another fiery "Michel Bergeron- type". I think he may be a really good choice for them. Wouldn't have minded him here also. It would be seriously sad if Philly, L.A & Florida eclipse the Sabres next season.
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