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  1. At least Plante got that terrific OT goal against Ottawa that advanced the Sabres at the start of the Ted Nolan era. He did something in a Sabres uniform. Erod, not so much.
  2. Apparently I may be doing that to Flagg and perhaps nfreeman. Again, I wish no personal misfortune to Erod, and I know the World is fraught with injustice (as is the sports world) but I just never cared for him as a player and could not understand how he stayed on this roster (and got the money he got!) season after season. But please remember, this guy wanted out of here and with his skill set, to make that kind of demand rubs me the wrong way. O'Reilly was lambasted for the same, but at least, he is a very good player who played well here.
  3. Don't forget last season and Ryan O'Reilly either. He got it pretty bad on Sabrespace as well.
  4. I wouldn't think it's possible either as they are aging. But if Matt Murray finds his game and never count out Sid and Evgeni, they can make it interesting. And hey, Erod has been a whipping boy on Sabrespace in posts past big time. If you're a member here, you should never be surprised at the things that get people worked up on this site.
  5. I won't. I don't expect Erod to last in Pittsburgh. I would be shocked if they can develop him into something he wasn't in Buffalo. As I said earlier, I'll sleep well knowing he isn't on this club anymore.
  6. How about it would make me nauseous if he gets a ring and name on Cup? (which it would)
  7. I think I make perfect sense. Sorry you aren't comprehending my point and find it disturbing. I did not care for the guy as a player. Yes, it would bother me if he lucks out and gets his name on the Cup and a ring. Is that better? Not sure why it's "weird" or "disturbing"? I don't want Erod dead, I am glad he is off this club. I'm sure he's a nice guy and all. I want no "physical harm" to come to him. Do you feel somewhat better now ?
  8. Which is why I'm glad he's gone. It does ring true that Pittsburgh could possibly be contending for the Cup and Erod could get a ring and his name on it. That, to me, would be a huge injustice. Wouldn't hurt. Notice I did say "Andreychuk-type" (big ,strong, parks in front of opposing goalie and screens or picks up garbage goal rebounds)
  9. Dave Andreychuk on the other hand wasn't a terrific skater but he helped the Sabres a load more then Erod. I'll take an Andreychuk type over Erod any day of the week. Nope, he did not help this club win games. Let's see how long Pittsburgh enjoys Erod's "skills".
  10. Great, he was a terrific skater................ glad it helped the team...............NOT!
  11. It would be an injustice in my mind. (looking back on great Sabres who never got a ring or Cup like Perreault) I was glad for Dom in Detroit as it wasn't going to happen here but at least he played his ### off in a Sabre uniform. Erod.......sorry, no ####### way! Consider it weird then.
  12. See response to Flagg. Not sure why people love this guy now? I found him a complete waste of roster space. This guy blew so many chances to score when he had opportunity it was mind boggling to me. Let's see how he pans out in Pittsburgh. Glad he's gone!
  13. Why? I couldn't stand Erod. Waste of roster space. I think the only reason he ever made it to this organization was because he was Jack's College buddy and teammate. He has been dealt to a contender now and if they do get a Cup it will sicken me. Guys like Gilbert Perreault don't get one and Erod getting one would bother me. Could not stand him as a player. Hey, if you liked him, sorry he got dealt. I'll sleep well tonight thanks!
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