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  1. Oh bother. The Kid line could've buried that. Great play by Krug, but wish Quinn had made his decision sooner.
  2. The Sabres are still super young, so I think they'll get there once they experience their first playoff round. But they need to develop a 2nd gear on defense. They've got the 2nd and 3rd and 4th gears on offense. But there's a shutdown intensity that they lack still. It'll come eventually, though.
  3. Technically, Dahlin started out behind Ristolainen. (Paired with McCabe.) Then, after McCabe's injury, he moved to the left side and played with Risto, Bogo, and Montour the remainder of the season. Gotta wake back up, gents. Remember, your best defense is a good offense. Go get #5.
  4. I know recently Tage hasn't looked so good because he's met immediate defensive pressure at every opportunity. But (especially with ROR out) St. Louis doesn't have those centers. His goal though -- his length allows him to be soooo patient. And if you don't have the defensive centers or team game to harass him... Tage will crush you.
  5. I think you're both right. They're incredibly different players. Dahlin's skill and control were amazing, he attempted the audacious puck-handles and truly wow moments. Sometimes it backfired. As an 18 year-old, he managed to get back and diffuse a bunch of those mistakes. Then Krueger happened and he couldn't be who he was. Fast forward to now, and his defensive game has matured, his IQ and passing are still off the charts, and he no longer backs down from anything. Power is different. Power doesn't attempt the impossible. He's so smooth, controlled, and fluid. He's had the benefit of NA ice and college coaching (even if just for a season) that's allowed him to be a more defensive stalwart earlier. However, I don't think he'll ever reach Dahlin's offensive bravado. Yes, he'll pinch for the tap-in, but the ... derring do! is not a Power quality. But he'll be oh so reliable.
  6. The Blues broadcast interviewer (former Blues pick) Tage during the intermission. That's nice.
  7. It's like when Buffalo went to the slug, and then occasionally teased the original crest, then came back with it but in the way-too-drab near-navy color. It's a great big cycle. It's like poetry. It rhymes.
  8. Their reverse retros are garbage. I like the big blue eighth note, but everything else about it is flawed.
  9. It's been sluggish and not enough aggression for a couple weeks. You've got to outwork them, even with the man advantage. It's simply a little easier to outwork them when you've got an extra skater. Another chance on the PP. Good practice.
  10. Dang right the interference call is on Brown and not the Sabres... he walked over UPL's back (No Panger on the STL broadcast tonight. This saddens me.)
  11. Since the first game of the season I've most impressed that he always knows where the puck is. He needs a lot of functional/core strength to help with jam and board work, but his vision is amazing and his awareness lets him win so many puck battles already. STL got the matchup they want, the Kyrou line vs. the Kids. Kids survive. Thanks, UPL!
  12. Uncle Owen! Uncle Owen! Aunt Beru says if you score a goal, be sure it's a tap-in.
  13. Tage curled and Parayko was able to close the distance and deflect. Otherwise that's another fantastic opportunity. And a bad turnover gives the Blues a chance, but UPL's shields are too strong for those blasters.
  14. This is what last night could have looked like for the Stars after uncovered slot defense... but... you know, with Binnington instead of Anderson as the goalie.
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