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  1. I keep Benson as the 12/13 (not line or playing time, but rather depth and games dressed) while Savoie is out. Then, send Benson down with his orders for the year. Keep Savoie as the 12/13 until world juniors, then send him down until end of season. They are great talents with high ceilings, but this year I don’t want rookies who sit in the 3rd. Give me a Rousek who has 2 years in the Amerks system and is ready to make the jump.
  2. This little one's not worth the effort.
  3. I think the running dialog is something like this: VO might score 20+ goals, but he needs to hit 200+ to be a worthy bottom-sixer. Tage plays small for 7' tall. More Tkachuk-like, please. The Buffalo statistician is notorious for under-recording hits, whereas the Isles guy note any bit of contact as a hit
  4. <pushes up nerd glasses pint glass> The design matches the Anakin/Luke lightsaber; Qui-Gon's is green. 😇
  5. Which is exactly what we want. That 23 year-old who would've been forced onto the Sabres at age 20 (Girgs, Risto, etc.) and been given top 6/top 4 minutes, now has to fight and battle just to make it as the 13th forward. And their game will already be polished when they arrive. (I really hope Rousek proves me right this year. Not expecting big scoring, but am expecting him to make opposing coaches say, "Dang, wish we had a guy like him as our 12-13, or even as our 9.")
  6. Hitchcock, Tortorella, Babcock. You want an older-school defensive-minded coach who might not get along with kids these days? I hear Darryl Sutter is available.
  7. Too young to begin the training be in the A (minus a conditioning stint). Hopefully, he remains motivated on the end goal even if he spends his season in the 'natch'.
  8. Work ethic sneaky picks in order of likelihood: Rousek, Benson, or Savoie.
  9. Dangnabbit. I want my 65+% of snaps played and incompetent Jets QB play leading to a 5-12 season.
  10. A firestarter and sparkplug. I also see him playing 3C more than 4C in terms of 5-on-5 minutes. If he can stengthen up his shot and confidence with it, and get closer to 15 goals this year, then he'll be a very dangerous player on his next contract.
  11. Exactly my point; Adams saved money on Tage and Cozens by nabbing them before they had put 2 consecutive seasons together. Good for him. He'll have no such luck with Dahlin. And Power could be bridged, but the longer you delay the more you pay. The team will be a cap ceiling team next year. Every $500k is going to be important for the middle/bottom of the roster moving forward. Power's agent wouldn't be worth his salt if he let a like player (with 40 more PPM) sign for more than his #1 pick. Plus, Power is taller.
  12. 5 days. We've got hockey this week!
  13. This is why you don't wait to sign your top youngsters. Set the market or pay the consequences. (Edit: granted, for an 8-year deal it was likely going to be $8M minimum. But now you figure Power can ask 9.)
  14. It won’t be this season, but I still believe by the back half of their contracts, Cozens is the top all-zones center and Tage is the amazing, offensive zone dynamo who demands your best defensemen and checking line, much to our collective delight. Mitts is the logical top6/Quinn replacement. It means Mitts could be in line for a $6-7M contract in 2024. I think if JJP remains on his left the RW is an open rotation as many as 10 games into the season. Greenway, VO, Mitts, Rousek, Savoie/Benson/Kulich (however unlikely), and even Okposo. Why could KO be possible? The board work and defensive mindset paired with a much stronger all around 3rd line featuring Mitts/Greenway.
  15. Between .907 and .918. For this offense, that’s something around 27-13-5. But will they schedule him to play more than 45 games? Will they need to?
  16. Waived. If unclaimed, a promise to be on speed dial to any other GM who loses a goalie long term. And until that trade insurance against injury. Or I suppose poor play by Levi but I don’t see him playing badly enough to warrant a demotion.
  17. Haven’t been in awhile…. Dragon Con is still a damn fun time.
  18. Stillman will be fine as a 7/8. The key is not simultaneously losing more than 1 of Dahlin, Power, Muel, or Clifton for significant stretches (10+ games at a time or more). Once that happens, the depth such as the Sabres have it, will be strained beyond comfort. But it would then provide opportunity for a Johnson type.
  19. For me it’s the Sens and that is based on the goalie tandem. I simply trust Korpisalo and Forsberg over 82 games more than Husso/Reimer/Lyon and Levi/whatever sub.900 guy the Sabres are going to roll for 25-35 games.
  20. Both Svobodas Petr ended their NHL careers in 2001. Of course, the real Svoboda started in 1984. The other played 1-2 seasons.
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