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  1. Hopefully Bloom's shoulder is nicely on the mend. I'm looking forward to he and Kozak scoring several shorties for Rochester in 2023-4.
  2. West of the Cascades state-side here. The link on Sabres.com worked here. Now that I think about it, the stream was excellent last night. I don't think I had any lag or audio issues (intermission muting was intentional).
  3. Amerks at Blue Jackets tonight. Nice. Should be a good test.
  4. Huh. Do I have to be in the stadium to claim the 50/50 raffle?
  5. I try to keep my distance so I can take advantage of all the opposing broadcast teams throughout the season, but don't look like I'm trying to keep my distance from the local broadcast team.
  6. And no dinosaurs or planets! What the hell? (Ok -- that's maybe more for 6 years old, but you get the idea.) Lots of odd man rushes given up thus far by the Sabres.
  7. Savoie offsides, but that's some timely interference on Philly. Gotta hold up with more effort/strength.
  8. Typically the games are moved/canceled/delayed when it's a risk to gathering the fans (massive storms, driving conditions, lightning, etc.) There are shenanigans (and they'll call it gamesmanship) at all venues. Minnesota will leave the speakers on behind the visitors' bench which amplifies the crowd noise; it was always assumed for about 10 years in the 2010s that you'd lose the helmet audio connection when playing at Foxboro; and all the home teams leave the opponents in the sun and wear home whites. Heck, the Packers visiting locker room in Tampa this weekend suspiciously had no air conditioning. The NFL could mandate evening games if they're worried about player safety, but it's also the responsibility of the visitors to be prepared. It's a billion dollar business and every team is rich beyond imagination. Rent the equipment you need, wear your special earplugs for noisy venues like Seattle, bring your heaters in the winter and the mist-fans in the summer, and carry parasols if the won't let you set up awnings.
  9. OK Sabres.com... let's not show the highlights and graphics during the play, eh?
  10. Slick pass. Biro needs to stay healthy this season for the Amerks.
  11. But the top line ends the mess and looks like a top line for a good shift.
  12. Trying to make passes instead of skating it. Rousek with a turnover, Savoie with one, etc. Poor couple minutes here.
  13. Philadelphia has nice jerseys/colors/logo and all, but they still haven't figured out that the black box nameplate on the back is a uniform travesty.
  14. Ebriate's going to try to be a DarthExercise during games this season. Time to... you know... be a responsible adult.
  15. Radio may be a dying breed. But it's also a dualistic announcement. If you can do radio, you can do TV. But it's not two-way. A TV announcer cannot necessarily do radio. It's the ol' a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square. Here's the story. I listened to the Brian Campbell game on WGR online (no cable, no OLN, etc.). You know of which game I speak. I knew what was happening the entire time. I had an image of the Campbell hit. I knew it was right to left. After listening to the win, I went out on the town with friends. (Being in Seattle this was still only like... 10 pm.) We went to a bar and ESPN was showing highlights. The Sabres came on and I yelled at friends... "Campbell's gonna kill Umberger. Watch! Watch!" Everyone gave a collective ooooh (or oh god how can humans do that to each other depending on their mettle). But still.... Dunleavy wouldn't have me watching highlights and yelling at my friends who have no interest, "Watch this! Watch this!" And it spills over to TV, too. Because even a generic Al Michaels at age 65 (now retired years later) call is more engaged.
  16. He's improving. Last season he made strides. And that's good. But he cannot do the radio broadcast, he just can't. You have to be a storyteller, a visual artist, to do radio. The WGR broadcast needs to be someone else.
  17. My Darth side has a real soft spot for Disney+'s Light & Magic. Take your little models and kit bashing and put in lights and have all the fun in the world as you invent all the techniques that change all the games to make worlds and scenes and images that inspire kids to say, "I wanna do that when I grow up."
  18. Eh, don't worry about it; learn from it and move on. I still liken this season for the Bills to '96 GB. It's your year. Stay patient. Ride the defense and don't worry about a September loss in Florida heat (the HHH Metrodome curse for Favre -- who just couldn't win there). Don't worry about it. The Bills will outlast their division to the playoffs and get their home games. Injuries will test and forge new strengths (Brooks, Freeman, Chmura all out at the same time... hey, it turns out Levens is real running back). Re-learn, re-forge, and win. There will be setbacks, but ride the defense and a scrambling Allen when needed, and win. Don't overreact or worry at this. Edit: And what the hell is this "it's too hot/humid" garbage? Do you expect the NFL to cancel a Bills game from lake effect snow? Shut up. Every college and high school football team in the south plays in this heat. Suck it up, any crybabies who worry about heat and humidity. whiners.
  19. Decided to tune in on the radio for a few minutes between some chores. I know it's a preseason game and half of the players are nobodies and they're wearing super-high digits, but Dan is not a radio announcer. There's no indication who is on the ice with each other or who has the puck (unless it's Quinn).
  20. I don't see why any team would publish the actual attendance while doing poorly because it'd be negative publicity, though it could be out there. Announced: The Sabres should beat it by 33% with the border open and a good roster. The outdoor game technically counts as Buffalo so those (looked it up: 26,119) count as Sabres home crowd and inflate the numbers a bit. And they did have sellouts for Eichel, RJ, and the final games. 33% still should be doable. Actual: Sabres will crush that on a nightly basis. They'll have more fans in seats on opening night this season than they did in the first 3 home games combined last year.
  21. I'm not sure any NHL team would have the cap flexibility to ice a roster like 1998 Team Canada (F: Gretzky, Lindros, Sakic, Shanahan, Yzerman; D - Blake, Bourque, Desjardins, Pronger, Stevens; G - Brodeur, Roy) all established and in their prime/twilight so not on rookie deals. And while the Sabres pipeline is good... it's not comparable to those players quite yet. I will contend that it didn't matter who was on Canada's 4th line: the Czechs had the 1998 version of Hasek (as well as a roster mostly made of solid veteran NHLers). The emphasis on roster construction could as easily be to get the best goalie in the world and worry about the 4th line later, if at all.
  22. I think it's still too soon for the kids to limit the 3rd pair that much. Their games are all still growing; their bodies are all still filling out -- the oldest of Power, Joker, Muel, and Rasmus is 23. If Rasmus and Joker were 28-29, then yeah, ride 'em for 28 minutes/night and ice the 3rd pair for 12 minutes. But these are all still kids, given to lapses and inconsistencies and being worn out. None of these guys is built like Pronger (and only Muel really comes close at the moment; Power can get there eventually). Balance the pairs and keep the minutes near 24, 20, 16 from 1st to 3rd pair if at all possible.
  23. My answer is after he proves himself a playoff warrior and some team thinks he's the key to a deep run and worth a 2nd round pick. The earliest is 3-4 more years. Even better, he retires after lifting the Cup in Buffalo as the first guy to touch the Cup after the captain. (unless Okposo is still with on the roster and not wearing the C himself... because then he's 1st after the captain.) In the meantime, Girgensons is built for the playoffs. He's not called the Locomotive for nothing. He'll take the hits that free up VO and Quinn and Power and Thompson, he'll make the hits so they won't have to and wear themselves out when the second season takes over. Every playoff team needs 3 or 4 Girgensons. You trade them after they've made deep runs and you have the next wave of them (or can entice players like them on minimum contracts because you're true contenders).
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