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  1. The 2-goal lead going into the third. Sabres are the most entertaining team in hockey.
  2. Dang. That's why you score it yourself unless it's a 2 on 0 with the other guy needing one more for a hattie. Be selfish at the end.
  3. Skinner is too nice and way too contested a pass. Just attack and finish it.
  4. Definitely worth protocols to check. He got a stick-butt swung into his chin, wobbled, and dropped. Popped up and needed just a bit of help to the bench. TSN says he looked alert and back fully aware as he was leaving the ice. But definitely needs to be checked.
  5. You worry about those jets, I'll worry about the empty net goals.
  6. Well. No shutout. But now there will be opportunities for empty-netters so folks can hate on Goalofsson.
  7. Bah! Boushh had it flub off his stick on the clear. Dang it. Sorry, Comrie.
  8. This team wants it for Comrie. They're playing Bruins-level defense.
  9. I think that since the Power goal, the Sabres have more goals than the Jets have shots.
  10. Goalofsson! That's how you retaliate. (And later you can run him for good measure.)
  11. Joker bails out Power. Still playing good defense all around.
  12. Honestly? Yes, lots of 'em. There have been numerous barrages that destroyed opposing teams' wills this season. The Sabres are scary when they get skating.
  13. Great defense by the Krebs line to close it out. Best lead in hockey!
  14. Sabres up 70.4 to 29.6 on faceoffs tonight. Huh. Who'd a thought that?
  15. Bryson's had a good game. Played the man on a rush in the first and knocked him over. Won battles. Turned on the jets to win the icing. Dahlin is a machine.
  16. The only time they didn't appear to be on the power play was when they had the man advantage and the shift immediately thereafter.
  17. Nope. Quinn got it into Hellebuyck, but needed to go further short side instead.
  18. Or did he just miss it entirely? TSN went right to commercial.
  19. And... then he robs Quinn. So... Tosche Station is still wasting time with your friends, you say?
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