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  1. Or Eichel's agent. Either way, it's good that this might finally be coming to a conclusion. And yeah, it is nice that this being the story pushed nationally may up the stakes.
  2. The NHL really needs to allow flexibility in retaining salaries. Imagine if we retained 50% this year only to facilitate a trade. It actually may help make trades happen. But totally agree....you can't retain for 5 years. That would be monumentally stupid.
  3. Frank Gore too. Giving UPL a goalie room with this guy could pay dividends, especially in a year that likely doesn't matter.
  4. If jack does that, he risks losing 50M. If he was willing to do that, it would have already happened. My read on this is that jack thinks he should be able to have experimental surgery with no risk to his contract at all
  5. That doesn't make sense from both sides. Jack risks 50M, sabres lose an asset. This needs to end in a trade.
  6. I could make the argument that having 10M freed from the cap has a ton of value, especially in a flat cap world. Don't think we need to win the trade, as long as we gain cap room
  7. Fusion surgery, which has a track record that 50M future dollars can be banked on. I would assume if jack waived future liability that he could get his surgery. Guarantee his camp isn't willing to do that.
  8. He's basically asking for an experimental surgery, and seemed to be doing so very early in the process where wait and see is the medical gold standard. I don't blame terry and Kim at all for this....he's asking for 50M guaranteed to toss a piece of plastic into his spinal cord.
  9. Isn't this better for us in the long run? Free agency in hockey is awful. I'd argue the only time it truly benefits you is when you can add veterans for short money and term when you are looking at making a Stanley Cup run. Count me as thinking McCabe and ullmark both got too much term and money.
  10. Sam would be stupid to not leverage a long term deal in Florida. State tax matters. I haven't read all of this thread, so apologies if this has already been hashed out. While he's a legit NHL talent, is he really worth term at say 7 or 8M per year for 8 years? Go back to last offseason where a bridge deal seemed responsible.
  11. I don't think he was mailing it in the last 2 years. I just think he's shot. I think any and all possibilities to get his corpse off this roster need to be looked into. An expansion draft and a team with no cap hits as of yet - would it take next year's first to be rid of this? Or swapping picks plus maybe Johnson? I don't see how we can be successful with a replacement level player making 9m for the next 6 years.
  12. Why do people think a NTC means eichel can pick his destination next year? It only mattered for hall because he was a 1 year deal. 4 years remaining on eichels deal w NTC gives the team the option of saying no. It wouldn't be ideal obviously, but the team likely has more control.
  13. Quit or was fired. I believe the latter. This Wawrow tweet doesn't pass the sniff test. It makes Pat look worse if true. Hiring anyone with the express purpose of furthering your own agenda is the worst kind of leadership. For the hire a president and get out of the way sentiment....this is the danger that exists with that line of thought. I still think it's the direction we need, but you must select the right person.
  14. A new team would pay 14M in real cash for 18M on the books. I don't know if retaining salary could be done for one year of the three, but for a cash strapped team it could make sense.
  15. Depends quite a bit on how you qualify an organization as best. A lack of ethics from the very top down to the ball boy makes me disagree. Personally, I'd take losing on the field and acting like human beings off of it. Botts may soon join the scrap heap, but his handling of the lehner situation makes me proud. How do you think the "best org in 4 sports" would have handled that?
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