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  1. Is there a breakdown of Ristos corsi numbers for the first 41 games of the season only?
  2. With the current status of the Sabres could Skinner be waiting to see who is hired as coach before he signs here or elects FA? Did he not sign earlier in the year because he wasn't a Housley fan? Whatever the case, hope he signs here.
  3. I think he maybe targeting Keefe and Martin is just a filler to make it look like he is doing something.
  4. What was the end result of Eakins cross check?
  5. If there is no cross check Pavelski doesnt go off balance or leave his skates. Eakin started it and Stastny finished him off. The end result of the cross check was a head injury.
  6. If Eakin doesnt cross check him to go off balance Stastny doesnt push him down. So the cross check started the incident, correct call IMO.
  7. That's what I seen also, a cross check to the face/head and that caused him to go down awkwardly.
  8. Yet some would rather keep this guy opposed to Risto who is never hurt, younger, cheaper, plays 25 minutes a night, and will even get you 40+ points, smh!
  9. Trotz, Laviolette, Torts, Richards vs Housley, Bylsma, Rolston, Nolan. IMO, coach quality has made a huge difference. 30 other teams would take Risto in a heartbeat and here in Buffalo fans cant wait to get rid of good players. SMDH!
  10. Yes, he needs to get a lot stronger but he's fast as hell on skates.
  11. To add to this, I think Risto sees the coach, former trash coaches also as having poor gameplans, poor system, just poor coaching and checks out sooner than the others. Would love to see this guy with some good coaching. I think he would flourish on another team with a decent coach and that's why I wouldn't want to trade him.
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