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  1. IMO, Jack is a great player and a not so good captain. Nothing I've seen anywhere ever suggested he is/was a leader of men. I said it at the time it was a mistake not naming OReilly captain. Can't solely blame ownership for the problems, players and certainly the captain are culpable in this shitshow as they are the two common denominators in this mess. Get fair value for him and move on, have't won with him.
  2. Played in 111 NHL games, started 106 and gotten better each year 27 years old 46-46-13 record .912 save % 2.78 GAA On some horrible teams with horrible coaches. Someone is going to give him big $$$ and they will be rewarded for it, Linus is good.
  3. I don't blame him for leaving, this inept organization tests even the best mentally fit guys. Linus is a good guy good player, he's been good here on bad teams, imagine how good he would be on a good team with a good coach! League leading numbers possibly, who could blame him if he wanted to leave, yet some want to retain him on the cheap, no way, this guy is a good goalie.
  4. IMO, Eichel doesn't seem to be captain material at the NHL level. Great talent, yes, leader, sure doesn't seem like it. Neck injury, sure, I seen when he got his neck folded up, looked painful, but the broken rib, was what over 4 months ago, not buying that excuse anymore. Just hope he comes back and plays at the level he did last year.
  5. Had to make sure Boston won the game, was Tim Peel the ref!
  6. This whole team could score in a ***** house.
  7. Forget the coaches for a second, name me a FA player who would willing want to come play for this organization, bet ya can't. That said GMKA job becomes twice, three times as hard knowing he has to attempt to trade for players with hopes they waive their NTC. Good luck GMKA! TPegs current actions are setting this team back years on top of the already ***** show it was. Unbelievable!
  8. It's mind boggling how ownership continues to feel Ralph is the right guy for the job or a move would have been made. This is so unacceptable on all levels, it may take a whole roster rollover and years to recover from Ralph as it appears he has broken some guys. WTF is going on, it's embarrassing!
  9. And staring an 11th straight season without playoffs if Ralph is retained because he somehow manipulated the Pegulas into believing it will get worse before it gets better. Terry and Kim need to wake the eff up and figure out real quick Ralph sold them a line of BS and fire his arse!
  10. So who's in net for Philly? Hutton gives up 4 tonight and there is no way Buffalo gets 5. Elliott has 2 straight shutouts vs Buffalo Hart has 1 straight shutout vs Buffalo These guys have to be so demoralized even before stepping on the ice knowing they can't score and have no chance, Ralph needs to go after tonight!
  11. Isn't Taylor an assistant on Ruffs staff with the Devils?
  12. How about this one, McDavid and Draisaitl have combined for 25 goals and 54 assists and 81 points whereas all 15 Sabre forwards have a combined for 40 goals and 63 assists and 103 points. Ralph can't be shown the door fast enough, come on Adams do your job!
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