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  1. This has been a bad roster for a couple years now, JBot changes things around but the pieces going out and coming back are the same so the results are same on ice regardless of coach. I do think RK is way better than PH though. At some point JBot has to be held accountable and he needs a huge shakeup. Star player trade? Something has got to happen!
  2. Scandella, Mittlestadt and Vesey for Couture
  3. The smallest guy is Sheary but yes Skinner has some sandpaper in his game but not nearly enough.
  4. We're too soft, we're letting Nikita freaking Kucherov take liberties without a response. Not winning anything until we get a couple guys who can play a heavy game.
  5. Yeah kind of, I think Holtby played great last night but I thought it was fairly even, I mean Wash is better but Holtby was great lat night.
  6. Johansson doesn't fit the bill? He's not good enough?
  7. McCabe has been playing really well so far this year
  8. Man, I didn't know being an NHL head coach was so easy, I think you should apply. You sound like a perfect fit, seeing as you know everything and all!
  9. Bet their more right than you or me or anyone else on this board.
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