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  1. Peter Forsberg Joe Sakic Mark Messier Patrick Kane Joe Thornton
  2. Maybe asymptomatic positive tests mean the person doesnt currently have corona but has already had it.
  3. For the most part, nothing JBot has done has made me believe he is capable of righting the ship. IMO he has this year and that is it or if he continues to show the same incompetence during the off season, then he only has until end of Dec should the Sabres still be floundering.
  4. I know but Kahun seems better than ERod and Sheary combined. I cant believe Pitts GM lost that trade that bad.
  5. I cant help but wonder if JBot called Pitts GM and asked for a favor and a little help "winning a trade" because he is on the hot seat.
  6. It is in the aspect of people looking for and sharing instant information.
  7. This place is really no different and you've been here for 5 years....just sayin'
  8. As good a player is Jack is, I just don't think he is captain material at the NHL level.
  9. Yup, I agree but i'm not sure I want JBot to be the one to make said trade as I don't think he is capable of doing it correctly for what is needed.
  10. I really don't care if they go 15-2 and miss the playoffs by one point, the incompetence JBot has displayed in 3 years is overwhelming, he needs to go.
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