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  1. Any word did Dallas fire their coach today? Lol Seems to be a common theme after a loss to the Sabres.
  2. How's that going sit with Erod if Wilson plays and he sits.
  3. Smith wasn't the answer, he's not and NHLer, barely an AHLer. It's been way too long past the time for JBot to address the grit issue with this team with legit NHLers.
  4. Yes, in the NFL you are pretty much drafting a finished product, but not always whereas the NHL drafting always seems to be about potential and development. There is no time for development in NFL as careers are so short.
  5. Would be cool, once the Sabre game is over to show the Bills game on the jumbotron for those that want to stay and watch it, Pegulas could make some more money by selling more concessions.
  6. Would love to see Kane here, don't know if it would be part of the answer with what would have to be given up but something severe needs to be done, these little periphery trades/signings haven't been the answer.
  7. Yup, get rid of Bogo and they are right at $80 m. 12 skaters (all the guys I said earlier), 7 dmen (current guys minus Bogo) and 2 goalies, obviously there would need to be more bodies but it could have been done, letting some dead wood go, trading some for bags of pucks but yeah, it could have been done. JBot is a cap master right, at least that is what was sold to us.
  8. JBot needs to do something, like yesterday. Hindsight if ROR and Kane were kept our top 2 line might have looked pretty solid, heck they all might have been ok Reinhart - Eichel - Olofsson Kane - ROR - Skinner Vesey - Johansson - Asplund Z - Larrsson - Okposo That actually might have been a halfway decent team.
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