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  1. Kid is a bit of throwback isn’t he? Seems to play the game the right way. Noticing that too.
  2. Kinda lucky the way that got through Ullmark there.
  3. Cozens and Thompson look strong and skilled early.
  4. Surprising jump to their game. Pace much better than the Jackets game, but I guess that’s typical against the Leafs.
  5. But nice hands to spring the initial rush, picking it out of the air at least ?
  6. I agree. Human nature. I see the team as marginally better on paper than last year. I think Botterill has also created an expectation of an internal boost from coaching and development. I do expect between 80 and 90 points and will be disappointed if we come in 10 to 15 points under that. But it won’t be the throats of the good players or the coach I’ll be coming for.
  7. Why would I refuse to acknowledge seeing unicorns, when there is one staring me in the face? ??
  8. I read that as he didn’t like Mitt’s game in CBus very much. Which a) isn’t the same as not liking the player and b) exactly how he should have felt.
  9. Again, two of 26 posters said they expected the Sabres to make the playoffs. You didn’t post “people are going to be shocked when this team struggles to hit 70 points.” But if that’s what you meant, fair comment. I think 80-90 points when I read mediocre.
  10. Occam’s Razor says Botts had orders or decided he had to avoid paying the bonus and that was price at the deadline.
  11. A lot of people said variations of “this team might compete for the playoffs” Two of the 26 posters said they expected the team to make the playoffs.
  12. Assuming this means he is one of our 12 best forwards, there should be no other answer than play Cozens. Casey is not subject to waivers. If he’s not among our 12 best forwards he sits. If he’s not going to play, he goes down.
  13. Is there really anyone on this board who fits this? When the most optimistic fans are saying “we have a chance to make the playoffs” that tells me we expect to be mediocre. As for rest, Beaulieu, Pominville, Berglund and probably Elie/Wilson won’t be here, but most of Sobotka, Sheary, Okposo, Thompson, Mittelstadt, Scandella and Nelson probably will. Montour*, Miller, Olofsson, Vesey, Jokiharju and Johansson look to be the new guys
  14. Wasn’t that the third line sometimes last year? Krueger, post-game: “Wow Smitty, I thought you were exaggerating, but they really were as bad as you said.” I think the plan was Risto/montour-McCabe on the 2nd pair with the other playing with Dahlin. Joki gets first shot (and is probably battling with Nelson) as Montour’s replacement. Right now, the defence looks pretty set to me. Scandella/Miller will be the other pair to open the season.
  15. I think a majority of those players make the team. I also think they are among the worst players on a disappointing roster last year and should - If Ralph and Jason are serious about a meritocracy - be at risk. Jack, Jeff, Sam, Marcus and Vesey get five of the forward spots, leaving 8-9 up for grabs. Sheary, Okposo, Sobotka, Mittelstadt, Thompson, Larsson, Girgensons are the incumbents. Are you saying the team has already decided only one of Ruotsalainen, Olofsson, Smith, Asplund, Lazar, Wilson Elie and Cozens are making the team?
  16. Yep. If it is strictly on merit, McCabe is the only exception for me. Scandella, Miller, Dahlin and Risto are in opening night. With Montour out, the guys in tonight are battling with Nelson for the last two spots. Up front, Conor, Tage, Casey, Kyle and Vlad are trying to protect their jobs. Lazar, Smith, Cozens, Ruotsalainen and the rest are trying to take them. For at least half this roster, it's their last shot at making the team and not many of the rest are going to survive the final cuts.
  17. Porter isn’t even on an NHL contract, either is Redmond. Why play them? Show of respect for your leaders on the farm?
  18. I want people to emerge, I don’t care who they are, I only care that Ralph plays them.
  19. The latest from the coach: https://www.nhl.com/sabres/video/ralph-krueger-91919/t-277437090/c-68984903
  20. If you look at this morning’s lineups, the A group mostly reflects your identity, the B group does not.
  21. A few players have to be going WTF? And if that’s the intent, good on Ralph.
  22. This is a good take. It is the intent -and it is possible - we might become a team with a very good puck-moving back-end.
  23. Was on this morning. Said Winnipeg is definitely aware of their issues and Buffalo’s glut of RHD. Doesnt think anything is brewing right now.
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