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  1. Nelson is a lock for me. He’s got a better NHL track record over Joki, has outplayed him in camp, is not waiver exempt and his stay-at-home style is a better complement to our existing group. Why do you see Wilson over Tage?
  2. Listening to Ralph’s post-game last night it doesn’t sound like Casey Mittelstadt’s roster spot is guaranteed. https://www.nhl.com/sabres/video/ralph-krueger-postgame-92819/t-277437090/c-69208903 They start talking about Casey about 60 seconds in. Maybe @... is on to something.
  3. Oops.Should be Gilmour. Edited.
  4. This is what training camp has led me to think we will see from Ralph early in terms of player usage up front: Jack and Sam will be his #1 offensive duo, Marcus and Jeff his #2. Casey will be his 3C in a sheltered role. Jimmy, Conor and Victor will be his primary complementary scoring wingers, pushed by Tage and Kyle. Zemgus, Johan, Evan and Vlad will be his utility guys - PK, defensive consciences, situational players. Not sure of their pecking order yet. It’s basically last year’s template, with MoJo, VO and Jimmy taking over the roles of Casey/Vlad, Pominville and Okposo/Tage, pushing the remaining four players down the depth chart and pushing Wilson/Elie/Berglund off the roster entirely. I’m less sure with what we’re going to see on defence. Dahlin, Miller and Risto will be in the top four to start, with Risto getting less minutes, but still more than 20 McCabe will likely round out the top four, with Scandella and Nelson in the last two spots. Gilmour will be the spare until Montour returns, which will likely push Nelson to the spare list unless he outplays Scandella. Essentially, it’s Miller in for Beaulieu and Montour for Bogosian, with less ice time for Risto. It will be interesting to see how Bogosian and Pilut fit when they return. The goalies will platoon, at least until one separates himself from the other. Hutton gets opening night. The PP will be Eichel Dahlin Olofsson Reinhart Skinner backed by five of Miller Ristolainen Vesey Mittelstadt Johansson Tage Sobotka and Scandella make the team in part for their PK ability. They will be joined be McCabe, Risto and Miller on the blueline and Girgs, Larry and ERod up front. Jack and Jimmy will get time up front too. I think the additions (Miller, Montour, Vesey, Olofsson, Johansson) have improved the roster, but not hugely; we will have more mid-roster depth, a more mobile defence and more options to create internal competition. If we are in the playoff race, it will be largely because of Ralph. But his decisions so far look suspiciously like Housley’s.
  5. Counting Sheary and McCabe we are five players over the roster limit. I feel pretty safe saying cuts will be at least three of Wilson, Asplund, Elie and Lazar, along with Jokiharju or Gilmour or both.
  6. Ralph has talked about needing a defensive conscience on lines and Vlad’s usage seems to be an outgrowth of that. How long a scoring drought will Skinner and Mojo have to have before he rethinks that? I’ve read about him being quick to switch things up when they aren’t working.
  7. Similar to Nylander, no? And not a bad starting point for Reinhart’s extension, except that Sam will be giving up more UFA years.
  8. The Rodrigues/Sobotka battle is an interesting (and confounding) case study in what coaches look for. I think Vlad has been pretty reliable so far and ERod has showcased his little boy amongst men tendencies. But history has to count for something. In things that make more sense but still are surprising, it is really starting to look like Okposo will sit.
  9. About a week ago. they said they expected him ready to start the season.
  10. So we’ve got our 7D to start the season? Dahlin, Risto, Miller, Nelson, Scandella, Gilmour, Jokiharju. McCabe and Montour will push at least one of the last four down when they return.
  11. Whatever happens, heck of an effort tonight. We haven’t stopped skating at all. Look like a motivated, well-coached team.
  12. I’ve been really impressed with Miller. I knew he could skate and shoot, but he’s been reliable without the puck too.
  13. And when he engages with his first guy, he’s done, Win or lose he’s got no gas left to make another play.
  14. Gilmour joins Scandy and Joker with the ill advised own-zone pass.
  15. Not a huge deal, but Tage backchecking on Taney, riding him into the boards and forcing the turnover in the neutral zone just didnt happen last year. He’s getting better at hockey.
  16. They’re playing like their jobs are on the line. Liking the pace. And the connection.
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