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  1. I’m not one to freak out over the results of five games, but I am extremely interested in learning how our new coach uses players. People are worried about Risto getting 24:28 a game. It’s a tad higher than what I’d like, but not crazy high; he’s fit and most teams have defenceman in that 24 minute window. They are also talking about Dahlin, who is 6th on the team, is being sheltered, and is sitting when the team is protecting a lead. Again, his usage seems to be working in terms of cutting his gaffes, maximizing his points and winning hockey games. Another trend that is getting no attention is the fact that Jack Eichel is getting 22:11 a night, fourth most among NHL forwards and Sam Reinhart isn’t far behind at 21:20, good for 9th. Both are often against the other team’s best players. Is that good for the team long-term? What do we thing of Ralph’s player usage so far?
  2. Agreed. Very loosely, I think the streak had a handful of games we should have lost and a bunch more that were up for grabs. We just happened to win them all. This start we’ve had a game we should have lost, two that were up for grabs, and two games we dominated. Was there a single game we dominated during the 10-game streak? Nine of the 10 were one-goal wins.
  3. I think Sobotka has been a drag on his line offensively. I think he he has been a boost to that line defensively. His defensive awareness remains good, his creativity and hands remain bad, his physicality and pace have improved. Im not sure if he has even been net neutral overall, but the fact that he might be is big improvement over last year, when he was an obvious drag. I would like to see that position upgraded, but so far he seems to be holding his own in what Ralph is asking of him. Other than PK, I cant think of a single thing he does better than Sam. Wait, left-side draws!
  4. This is probably correct. But there is a part of me that wonders if rather than the minutes, Risto actually wears down from all the losing.
  5. Ralph again hammering his “calmness on the bench” “guys cheering so hard for the Larry line” “great opportunity for learning and growing” “pleased with the mindset of our guys” talking points without ever giving the impression that is what he’s doing. Guy is a master at staying on point
  6. Individually, I’ve already tipped the cap to the Larry line, but that was the best game Linus has played for a while. Vesey wasn’t good exactly, but it was his best effort, we finally saw some size and speed. Sobotka was actually good, making some positive defensive plays and sparking some offence with his physical play. Even showed a modicum of skill a few times to balance off his usual puck killing. The game wasn’t entertaining in the way the Habs game was, but it was thrilling and hard-fought. Didnt walk away with the usual sick feeling against the Panthers. I don’t care about their record, that’s a good Florida team. Wasn’t perfect but the middle 40 minutes were good. We fought hard, could have blown it open if not for Bob, and we won without the power play, or without the big guys carrying us. Long season, but so far it seems like we have more confidence, depth, skill and speed. And a coach who seems to understand players and how to put them into positions to succeed. Points matter. We got nine and only allowed 4 against five teams we are almost certainly battling against for a playoff spot. First place boys and girls. Smile. It’s a lot better spot than where you’d thought you’d be on Oct. 11.
  7. And Im sure they’ve all been told why in both counts. Everybody has a role.
  8. Don’t care if Florida deserves one. Ullmark too. Girgs, Larry and Okie three stars.
  9. After a bad first 10, I’ve liked the battle from most of the guys. Florida is earning most of their chances.
  10. Yep. Liked it though. The Larry line was getting Larried and earned the show of support.
  11. Don’t think we can blame Risto for that one. Happens 25 times a game.
  12. Usually have to wait 20-25 games for that one. Musta had it bookmarked. ?
  13. Loving Kyle’s effort, but he’s slipping back into holding it too long.
  14. Vesey and Casey have better jump tonight. Erod seems to still be at training camp speed,
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