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  1. Vogl today in the Athletic: “Fans aren’t huge supporters of Sobotka, but his play on Friday in Toronto was very good. If that’s the kind of effort he provides regularly, he’ll be on the team and will be counted on to provide the grit and grind Krueger wants to see from parts of his lineup. He won 14 of 19 faceoffs, was intense on the forecheck and generated a couple shots. A lot of the same can be said of both Elie and Lazar, who have played to their strengths of getting in deep on the forecheck, pressuring puck carriers, and using their bodies effectively. Their offensive upside is minimal, but if Krueger’s plan is to have an energy line, that only helps the case for guys like Elie and Sobotka. Fans would scream at their inclusion and the results would have to pay off.”
  2. Pretty sure it’s phase three. Mojo at centre, Okposo in the top six, and “who get the last few spots” seem to be the current things they are looking at. The third line has those guys properly slotted, but I’m not sure if the players are being put in the best spot to succeed; is the whole as good as the pieces? And he’s still refusing to look at Skinner with Jack
  3. That may explain why Dea wasn't sent down yesterday.
  4. You’d get the Vegas Golden Knights. Or at least the version that went to the finals.
  5. Great nugget from Justin Bourne: Of the 135 centers who played at least 800 minutes last year (an arbitrary but reasonable cut-off, methinks), Auston Matthews was 125th in expected goals against per 60. Dude is another Risto. ?
  6. From Justin Bourne in the Athletic: “The explicit goal of a GM is to win the Cup for their organization. Except … except the real goal, really, is to have one of the 31 GM jobs around the league for long enough that you don’t have to worry about money or stature. Those are coveted, exciting positions. You’d take a 30-year GM career over a three year one that comes with a Stanley Cup, I think. That’s sacrilege to say publicly, but I think it’s true. That comment alone may come with some uproar, because fans need to believe that the shiny silver thing trumps all (that belief is what makes the sport work), but yeah: being a GM for a long time is a big part of the goal of GMing. These humans are just human and good jobs are good to have. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So when you take over a bad team, or even a mediocre team that might be salvageable, the best thing to do, selfishly, is to blow it all up. By doing that you’ve instantly guaranteed yourself three years in that job at a minimum, likely more if you can show even a scant hint of progress, and the blow-up move also sort of points the finger at the guy you’re taking over from. That alone is usually a popular internal move, given the team’s owner just fired the guy you’re now co-slagging. After you blow it up, you then suck for a bit while you’re still fresh in your job and secure (free pass years), then you get some high draft picks, then you get to sell hope and patience as those guys mature into your “next core.” This isn’t a script we haven’t seen before. I think we’re into year four of the job already now, and our hypothetical team hasn’t even tried to compete yet.” (For the record, it’s a column about Kevin Cheveldayoff, not Botterill.)
  7. Skinner Jack ? Olofsson ? Reinhart Seems like the best foundation for two legitimate scoring lines. Johansson would be a good fit for either “?” One more top six forward and we are golden.
  8. Any combination of Skinner/Thompson/Olofsson/Vesey on the same line is troubling, but maybe Victor can erase my concerns. We haven’t seen Tage with any good players yet, have we? And has Mittelstadt shown chemistry with any one?
  9. I liked Ralph’s comment about needing to be behind the bench in a game to get the right feel for individual players and how they execute the game plan: essentially, when you watch video, you don’t know what the players have been asked to do. He also talked a lot about having 15 guys you know are going to make the team and the other decisions come down to role fulfillment: where are the holes after those 15 and who best fills them? So with that caveat, and with Olofsson on the team, I have Lazar, Asplund, and Cozens as bubble guys I still have to make a decision on. Neither Joki, nor Borgen have blown me away, but the Montour injury means one will be here opening night.
  10. He’s been one of the best of the bubble guys in my opinion. Has no hands, but otherwise plays the game the right way. Not sure if he can supplant Kyle and Vlad, but has outplayed them. Could play with Larsson and Girgensons, or instead of them in a pinch.
  11. Still have 31 players, right, not counting injuries? Goalie is set. And/or it’s Borgen versus Joki versus Gilmour for the 7th D and/or Monty’s spot. But there are still 19 forwards. I am surprised Dea is still here and CJ gone, but otherwise that’s a pretty logical cutoff point. The tough choices still have to come.
  12. Colin Miller could be a huge addition from what I’ve seen so far. Really liking his game. Johansson was a breath of fresh air as well. There is no way in hell Jason Pominville could have scored Vesey’s goal. I usually agree with most of @Randall Flagg‘s player takes, but I’m still liking what I see from Asplund and I thought Scandella was fine tonight. I don’t think anyone here had any doubt, but Olofsson has made the team. Vesey’s goal was a goal scorer’s goal, but Victor is easily a step above. With those two and Johansson, we have to score more goals this year. We just have to. Heard Craig Rivet talking about how Risto had to play within himself and let the game come to him more, model his style after Chris Pronger. Saw some of that tonight. I refuse to worry about Jeff Skinner based on his performance in two exhibition games.? The goaltenders? I worry. Greg Miller is the single most aggravating broadcaster in the universe. Did you know the Tavares Marner line dominated all night long? You know, the line that was -3? Ralph’s post-gamer made it sound like significant cuts were coming tomorrow and Cozens, Asplund, Joki, Lazar, Ruotsalainen and Smith were all bubble guys. Smith played better than last night, Joki and Cozens worse. The others about the same. Real curious what that means for them, but also what it means for Vlad, Kyle, Tage and Casey.
  13. No, even though that’s good value. I think people are forgetting the point of trading Risto is to make our top six better. Roslovic is not a top six player. You would be trading a good NHL defenceman (yes, Risto) for futures. Thats not the move of a team that wants to win now.
  14. The Mojo to centre is worth looking at, but I am disappointed that it probably means we don’t get to see the Tre Kronor line from camp. I wonder who shifts to the wing: Cozens, Asplund or ERod?
  15. Cozens was diligent in his defence last night. He came back hard on the backcheck, showed good awareness covering for teammates and crisply moved the puck out of the zone. I hope @That Aud Smell got a chance to see him in board battles after the concerns he expressed about how skinny he was. Kid showed no issues on the wall against men.
  16. Lazar has a lot in common with Larry and Z in that he was a PP-type guy in junior whose hands didn’t keep up in the NHL and was forced to reinvent himself as a role player. His game looks almost halfway between the two: not as strong on his feet as Larry, or as fast as Zemgus, but he’s fast enough and strong enough. He works hard and he’s smart. He looks to fit the same mould. And he’s a great team guy. So far, he’s looked better than Okposo and Sobotka and is a better fit on the 4th line than Sheary or Thompson. He is also the same age as Smith and Olofsson and has played nearly 250 NHL games. His Corsi numbers were positive in his most recent NHL season, even though his counting stats were awful. Its just two exhibition games, but I like what I’ve seen. I’m pulling for him.
  17. I’m glad we get to watch him again tonight.
  18. The fourth line is not the issue for this team. They are as good or better than what most teams put out there. I like this lineup. The non-NHLers are mostly guys I’ve liked this camp and I’m glad they are getting an honest shot.
  19. So if that was an evaluation game for bubble guys: Thompson and Cozens faded as the game went on but looked physically strong and showed a high skill level. They remain in the mix. Curtis Lazar and Rasmus Asplund showed jump and reliability. I think they could step in for Larsson and Girgensons right now in similar roles and level of play. Asplund gets props for being a last-minute lineup addition and playing out of position. They too remain in the mix. Vlad Sobotka actually had a good game for Vlad. Of course the bar is so low an ant could trip over it, but if he is in the picture, today didn’t knock him out of it. If you thought Remi Elie had a chance to make this roster (I hope he doesn’t), he didn’t hurt it either. Showcased the two things he has, speed and puck pressure, well. Ruotsalainen was one of the few Sabres who got better as the game went along. His head was up and he kept skating. He’s not as good as Asplund, and I had already written him off, but today pointed his needle in the right direction. We weren’t playing Pittsburgh, so we got the Charmin Sheary tonight. I like CJ Smith, But I think he’s done. His first game he showed good jump and good hockey sense but his hands failed him against AHLers. Tonight against the Matthews line, he just faded into the background. He’s a good AHLer but he’s not making the jump. Kyle Okposo makes me sad. That was the second game in a row he looked a step slower than last year. We are getting close to Moulson territory. Casey was better than his first game, although this thread might not make you think so. He completed passes this time, hustled and paid attention to defence, and popped a nice backhand off the crossbar after bursting around the D on a rush. He was out against 34 most of the night and was outclassed. But he looked like an NHL player. Just not a 2C. Jokiharju looked skilled but too casual out there. Borgen got schooled badly on one rush but was otherwise quiet in a good way. If they are battling for Montour’s roster spot it’s going to be more of a reflection of what type of game Ralph wants, than who’s better, because they both have their pluses and minuses.
  20. From a thinking and trying point of view, they’re playing well. It’s 2-0 because the other team has a lot more skill.
  21. If you told me Pilut switched his number to 78, I would believe you. Bryson’s got some game.
  22. Ralph said he wouldn’t be matching lines, but it seems like Babcock might be. Casey has got the Matthews line almost every shift.
  23. I haven’t seen any reason yet why he can’t fill a Larsson/Girgensons role with similar effectiveness. His game seems to have the same strengths and weaknesses. And I’ll be crucified for not jumping off the Casey bandwagon yet, but I will be surprised if one of those two doesn’t evolve into a good 2C. Unfortunately, you’re right, it won’t be this year. But it is a reason for caution about overspending when we’re shopping. Agreed on all points.
  24. 4th line even doing some good things. All these bubble guys seem to have some fire tonight
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