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  1. I took as a simple hedging his bets. His basically saying St. Louis looked like ***** just months before they won the cup, and it took Washington years of disappointments before they graduated to champs. So “trust me, the Sabres are on the right path, just don’t ask me when it will all come together.”
  2. After watching him last year, it seems like a bad idea to have Vlad in the lineup at all. Lines change all the time. Just win.
  3. Krueger said he expects the bottom of the roster to be fluid and the road to Rochester well--travelled. Most of that is to keep the NHL team honest and the Amerks motivated, but part of it will be situational, based on the opposition. He said he expects all of the final cuts in blue and gold at some point this year. Be interesting to see how that unfolds.
  4. FIFY. I think he expects to compete for the playoffs this year. Even more so after reading his quotes to Lebrun. He just isn't going to sacrifice any futures to make that happen. Which is probably why we got the summer we got.
  5. I understand, I just don’t fully agree. Sometimes a trade is simply the price you pay to acquire someone you want. I wouldn’t say Guhle was cast aside. But sometimes players get cast aside in a trade in the sense that you decided said player is not a key part of your core and you are going in another direction. I would say O’Reilly was cast aside. Its guys like Alex Nylander where the “why” is little harder to read.
  6. Franchise centre: Eichel Franchise defence: Dahlin Sniper: Skinner (Olofsson?) Franchise goalie: (Lukkonen?) 2C: O’Reilly ? (Mittelstadt? Cozens?) Glue guy: Reinhart Power forward: (Cozens?) Those are the core pieces right? Got a ways to go, but we’re ahead of some and we’ve got the hardest two. Any optimism I feel comes from that.
  7. High pick for another lottery ticket could qualify. Being waived definitely should.
  8. Had something similar about 10 years ago, ended up getting 13 weeks holiday that year. Used it for a home reno.
  9. Lebrun says 5-7 for draft-and-develop to fully bear fruit.
  10. Most of the quotes are from Botterill and Krueger, so I assume you want Lebrun? “His enthusiasm for hockey and life, in general, is infectious. You never end a conversation with him without having new ideas to ponder. But now comes a mighty test. The Sabres have missed the playoffs for eight straight years. A passionate fan base is low on patience. And while those fans have every right to be skeptical considering the organization’s results over the past decade, I have this bit of advice to offer: Underestimate Krueger at your peril.” “A tip of the hat to Botterill who made the emboldened decision to hire Krueger when there were safer, conservative choices out there. Instead of the single, Botterill went for the home run instead. It’s a bigger risk, it may not necessarily work out, but it tells me this is a third-year NHL GM who has decided the hell with being worried what people thought about him as a first-time GM, he’s going to do things his way –more than ever — and let the chips fall where they may. “I said it then and I will it again, the Sabres made the right decision hiring Botterill as their GM.” “It starts with his coach’s approach. I only needed to watch one practice last week to get a firm grasp of that. At the end of it, you could hear Krueger’s clear message to his players, how he liked what they did that day and why it’s unlike anything I normally hear at the end of NHL practices.” “What I respect about Ristolainen is that by all accounts he’s been a good trooper and busted his ass off since the start of camp. He’s not letting whatever his future might hold affect his daily presence around the team. That’s the sign of a true pro.” “Coaching in the NHL is about getting players to buy what you’re selling. Krueger’s biggest challenge is keeping Eichel invested in the plan. By all accounts, Eichel cares deeply, he wants to win badly. But the path to get there is where he may need guidance.” “What’s unpredictable about teams trying to learn how to win is when, or if ever, it happens. It rarely happens in a smooth arc. There are twists and turns. Think about the long journeys for Washington and St. Louis — perennial contenders and playoff heartbreak for a decade or so — before finally winning it all. It won’t fit into place right away. It may never come. But the potential is there.”
  11. Daniel Sprong is 22 has 28 career NHL points, has been cast aside by two organizations, and just got waived by the worst offence in the NHL. How anyone could entertain the idea he represents an upgrade on Casey is beyond me.
  12. Apologies to those without a subscription, but this is a must-read in-depth piece on the state of the Sabres: https://theathletic.com/1251953/2019/09/30/lebrun-how-ralph-krueger-plans-to-unlock-the-vast-potential-in-buffalo-when-many-before-have-failed/?article_source=related Lebrun basically lays out what the team is trying to accomplish and endorses Botterill and Krueger. Couple money quotes with a surprising degree of confidence of our talent level: Botterill: “You look at the younger players we have in the organization that are ready to step up and be a part of our group here, there should be an opportunity to be aggressive all over the ice. What we’ve tried to add on the back end is more puck-movers, we feel we have a fairly talented group of forwards, we want to get the puck up to them a little bit more and have an opportunity to play more in the offensive zone. I think that’s what you’re going to see from our group.’’ Krueger: ”It’s more the pressure without the puck is something we’d like teams to say we’re really good at doing as a unit of five. Really going for it all the time. Without risks that will hurt us and understanding that balance. Because we have offensive tools that are top of the league. I’ve definitely never coached a team this good, overall, when you look at the entire group. It’s exciting.’’
  13. Who really thinks Jack and Jeff start game one together? Or that Risto isn’t in the top 4? To me, Ralph has shown us where he is going. The only questions are whether Sheary plugs in with Mojo or Casey, which one of ERod Sobotka or Okposo sits if Sheary draws in, and will Gilmour get the start over Joki despite being a leftie.
  14. Ralph made it pretty clear that he would be discussing Casey’s role with Botterill, so this isn’t far-fetched. That said, the simplest explanation for keeping him up remains the best one, IMO. He’s one of our four best centres. My Hot Take of the morning: Tage Asplund and Elie will plunder and pillage the AHL this year and the first two will be back in Buffalo to stay by the end of the season. Sprong is being waived by the Ducks. Think about that. Do Not Want.
  15. One extra D, one extra forward. Freeman nailed it upthread, although I hope it’s not ERod sitting. Maybe Montour is close, too?
  16. Jokiharju over Nelson is surprising to me for reasons listed up-thread. Im not surprised by Tage given the way Ralph used him. but I do think he deserved a spot over some who made it.
  17. So they sent down more than they had to, there is a roster spot open. Is this simply a cap savings move, or are they going to put in a waiver claim?
  18. I think my roof-falling days are over.
  19. I was signed up but didn't end up playing last year because i fell off a roof. But I am there (Suffering) and may have been in the game as a deadbeat owner.
  20. I know no one cares except me, but a player’s value in the team hierarchy is defined by ice time, not linemates. Linemates are about chemistry. Sobotka has not been promoted. Neither, unfortunately, has he been punted into the sun.
  21. Sorry, you were clear, I misread it.
  22. I would say that if any of those things happen, the coaching staff will get a big chunk of credit, deserved or not. ?
  23. Do I ever hope you’re right. I think your Sobotka thinking is wishful thinking.
  24. I haven’t watched the Patriots play in years. Today was no exception. And right on cue...
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