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  1. Our “easiest stretch” of games all season is from now until end of January. If not now then when?
  2. Another game this team didn’t show up for. No accountability. I hate this franchise they continually put winning as the last priority.
  3. Was it my imagination or was Clifton just lackadaisically not guarding the man on both goals. He blows.
  4. Making Christmas cookies and will have it on the tube in the other room. Go Sabres.
  5. Ok no excuse. At home to a bad team, Quinn is back, Levi is in. Sabres need to dictate play from the outset. Go Sabres.
  6. It’s ok guys Adam’s is still evaluating. He might make a small change after game 50.
  7. Well thought out post and I like the optimism but 4 is the one that won’t happen Atleast not in enough time to save this season. For us to get to the playoffs I think we need Atleast two 5-6 game winning streaks and we haven’t even had a three gamer yet so I’m really struggling to see that happening but I too am a numbers guy and like the math you laid out to get us to the promised land. Go Sabres.
  8. How many times have we had a lead going in to the third. We need to stay aggressive right from the first faceoff in the third. Let’s go boyzzz
  9. The only question for me is am I going to wear a paper bag over my head when I go to the panthers game in February or make a “Hockey Hell, thanks Terry!” Sign. Plenty of time to think about it.
  10. Just out of curiosity where are these “rumblings” coming from ?
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