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  1. Elias Pattersson on IG about Boeser 😄
  2. Adam Graves Peter Forsberg Markus Naslund Temmu Selanne Steve Yzerman
  3. Reino23


    Same. My grandma lives with my parents and i didn't visit them from early March until stage 3. Even then it was mostly BBQ on the deck with some beers. Crazy times.
  4. For like 6 games, you think he still remembers him? lol
  5. I'm personally not too low Holtz, i like him a lot as well, and i don't think he's a Olofsson clone, but for me it's between Raymond, Lundell or Jarvis if it plays out the way you posted it.
  6. Interesting. If this plays out like this, and we give Drysdale to Ottawa, then Sanderson and Rossi remaining two, that means Sabres will get their pick of Raymond or Holtz. Pretty good spot. Not only from a picking standpoint, but the value of the pick.
  7. I'm all for trading the first round pick, but it can't be one of those deals where Sabres get the short end. This draft is loaded, and the Sabres better be sure they are getting someone who will help them for a number of years to come if they are shipping away the 8th pick. Otherwise, tough luck, you gotta keep the pick.
  8. Yup. I'm on board with their thinking and i think over time fans will come around too, essp after they begin to re-stock their hockey department and it isn't just no name guys. However, i don't know much of him post his hockey days, but if Adam Mair gets the Amerks job, i am not sure too many fans will be buying in to that idea. Brian Gionta.
  9. Same. But who was thinking we didn't hit the jackpot when we hired Jason Botterill? We were all very comfortable three summers ago.
  10. I value the draft and scouting, of course, but i can't be convinced that you need 21 scouts or whatever it is the Sabres had on the amateur side. The Sabres since being owned by the Pegula's have consistently been among the leaders in the NHL in the amount of scouts they have with literally nothing to show for it. And Botterill never even gave them a real chance to maximize the return on all these scouts. I forget who wrote it on twitter, but during Botterill's three years as GM, the Sabres have not made 7 selections in any of his drafts, and in the next three years, they don't even start with 7 selections. For the 2021 draft, they are starting with just five picks. A great read about the evolution of scouting and modern day scouting i thought was this article in the ringer for anyone interested: https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2019/3/8/18256355/what-we-learned-from-73000-never-before-seen-mlb-scouting-reports-cincinnati-reds
  11. Kevin Hayes (2010) drafted by Chicago, played out in college then signed with NYR and also our new GM Kevyn Adams, drafted by Boston but decided to sign with Toronto after his college days were over.
  12. I enjoyed this pod a lot too. One of my thoughts from listening to this was when Elliott mentioned Rick Dudley and Scott Luce as possible people to join the staff. Dudley still lives currently in Lewiston. I don't think someone like Elliott throws names out there for no reason. I think these two are guys who are very much on the Sabres radar. The reason why it's interesting to me is, because all the talk is how thin the Sabres will go and how poor the Pegula's are, but both of these guys are very highly respected in the league, have an amazing track record and would cost a lot of $$ to bring them out of their current roles on their teams to come here. I'm probably in the minority here but i want the Pegula's involved. Maybe not be the ones who call the shots, who call GMs and agents, but to be "woke". All season long, all i've heard on social media is how they stopped caring after buying the Bills and how they never come to games anymore (which is not true), basically labeling them as absentee owners. Now, info comes out that they are NOT absentee owners and actually involved, people have issues with it too. My concern always is, if you have a GM like Botterill (before he was fired) coming back for a fourth season after three very poor seasons, you'd almost have to be an absolute idiot to think he was returning stressfree and having full confidence from ownership. What stops him from say trading UPL and Pekar for a 3rd liner and then trading the first round pick and Borgen for another player, basically tossing up a hail mary to save his job, knowing that at this point it's playoffs or bust for him. They make playoffs, he survives, they miss the playoffs, he's fired anyways so why should he care about the pipeline? Like fans, the owners remain with the club long after the dust settles. Players and management comes and goes. I sure hope Pegula's are asking "wait a minute, this seems odd, you sure this is for the best interest of the Sabres?"
  13. Krueger had Taylor on his bench to start the NHL season. He held a week long seminar with all coaches last summer to have everyone on the same page and keeps in touch with Taylor about players during the season. Adams said he will rely on Krueger a lot. To me, this seems like it was more Ralph's idea then some kind of savage move by Adams or the Pegulas. I obviously have no idea, but it's fun to speculate. One name of interest for me for the Amerks job is Cory Stillman. Played with Adams in Carolina, then went to be a development coach in Florida before accepting a gig as director of player development with Carolina, where he held the job for several years and worked a lot with their prospects, then leaving that job to be the head coach of Sudbury in the OHL, where he's been very successful. Yeah Taylor has a guaranteed contract but it expires on June 30th.
  14. I think you're being a bit too dramatic. Taylor was a good coach but let's not act like he was the next coming. The Amerks under Taylor had one of the highest payrolls in the AHL. They filled that roster up with veterans. It was a team build to win in that league and not because Taylor was the coach. When Taylor was in Buffalo last season while Granato was sick, Dineen-led Amerks were something like 9-3-3. 120 wins looks great, but in the two playoff series they were 0-6. Not a single victory. Lance in the buffalo news writes that last season the Amerks had 8 players who combined to make $5.1 million but neither of them scored over 15 goals and Taylor still claimed those guys had big roles even though they weren't scoring. The Amerks were a team with priority to win any way they could, to pad Taylor's resume for him to pack his bags and go to the NHL. Completely fine because that was the philosophy of Botterill and Sexton to build a winner in the AHL with vets and teach the prospects winning culture that was, but Adams has clearly said that is not how he sees to use the AHL. It's priority will be player development.
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