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  1. Reino23

    So #8

    Again, i like both players quite a bit. For me, the reason i have Lundell above Rossi was size, lack of high end speed and figuring Rossi played with Quinn, which, however, was not the case.
  2. That's interesting. Taylor was on the bench with the Sabres until the end of the road trip in late November. November 25th at Tampa was his last game as assistant coach before returning to Rochester. So from the time he left Buffalo that was the last time Krueger talked to Taylor.
  3. Reino23

    So #8

    I did not know that, i assumed they played together a fair share. Thanks for that info. As for Lundell vs. Rossi. I think Lundell is one of, if not the smartest player in this draft. His international hockey resume is as good as it gets, and that's in tournaments against the best kids of that age group in the world. I think Lundell has a peak potential of a Patrice Bergeron. I like his shot, i like his defensive game, i think he's the total package and i think he's a very safe pick. He's a very mature player, dominates the middle of the ice, and has good pace that allows him to generate pressure on the forecheck. He's smart, big and knows how to play a sound defensive game, with a promising developing cannon of a shot. Also could project to be a net front presence on the PP bc of his size, strength and hand-eye coordination.
  4. If i understand it right, Krueger will have a lot of saying going forward with roster building, and i'd suspect he will go heavy-Euro.
  5. I've been really impressed with the Islanders these playoffs. They remind me of the Vegas Golden Knights in their first season when they just steamrolled through everybody playing a physical and heavy game and grinding down their opponents and then finishing teams off by their constant speed.
  6. Reino23

    So #8

    Any time i hear scouts talk about Holtz, they compare him to Filip Forsberg. So you're looking at a 50-60pt guy with the occasional good season with 30+ goals and nearing 70pts.
  7. Reino23

    So #8

    I do like Rossi, but what worries me most about him is he doesn't have elite speed and his size. How many centers in the NHL are successful with his size? Not many. Players who have success at his size on the wing like Johnny Gaudreau usually have elite speed. Also while he put up crazy numbers last season in the OHL, he also played with another top 15 pick in Jack Quinn.
  8. ? You've been a troll ever since i joined this web site so i don't expect anything less, but obviously with the team being trash for 9 years and hiring wrong people and fans having their conspiracy theories so anything they do will be criticized heavily. They did that to themselves. Even when the rumors floated around about John Chyuka joining the Sabres, there was a handful of people pointing out of all his bad moves with the Coyotes and arguing that he would be a popular hire but not a good hire. Point is, the only way all of this negativity will go away is if the Sabres break their drought and make the playoffs. Until then, every hire, every trade, every draft pick will be looked at under a microscope. I don't know, go ask him.
  9. Because his resume has 19 years of hockey on it.
  10. Reino23

    So #8

    I don't have the numbers for Barkov but Lundell averaged 16 minutes a game. He also averages above 3 shots a game. Besides his defensive awareness and high hockey IQ, the other nice asset Lundell brings is he has a very nice shot. However, as it's been mentioned here, he is not a playmaker. He's a shooter first mentality type player. I like him more then Rossi.
  11. Reino23

    So #8

    I have a tough time believing he would drop past 4, let alone make it all the way to 8th.
  12. Maybe he just didn't fit philosophically? Kreuger holds coaching seminars with all the coaches from Rochester and even Cincinnati and development coaches and maybe during one of his many talks with Adams he just mentioned all the things he disliked with Taylor?
  13. At the end of the day the only thing that will make fans happy is results. Everyone is upset about Taylor being let go but he didn't exactly come here with a ton of experience. He went from playing to development coach to assistant in the Penguins AHL system to Amerks head coach. And Taylor was hired for the same reasons why Adams is getting blasted for hiring his "own guys". Taylor had a good relationship with Jbots. I much rather they take a chance on a new guy with a pedigree in development then give some guy whos been hired 5 times but had some success. I think that its much more likely you will find the next Jon Cooper that way. Also, for them to be "cheap", it was speculated by the fans that with next season being uncertain still, they wouldn't hire a coach right away to save some money. Now they hire a coach in mid August with no hockey in sight and still people say their cheap.
  14. Elias Pattersson on IG about Boeser ?
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