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  1. A player that is also interesting to me is Jack Quinn. Right winger playing for the Ottawa 67's in the OHL. Smart player, has a mean game and likes to drop his gloves at times, but is a absolute lethal goal scorer. 34 goals in 40 games this season, 16 in his last 12 games played. Kid is on beast mode right now.
  2. I've felt Frolik has been pretty good in both of these back to back wins, tonight and against Vegas on Tuesday night. Same. Lazar gives his all each shift. Absolutely love watching him play hockey.
  3. I like Zary a lot more then many of the prospects in this draft beside the top 7. Think i would even take him over Lundell. Kid is a super smart player, high hockey IQ, plays a 200 foot game, and has excellent hands and a killer whist shot. Has been a scoring machine his entire life. Exactly. Not sure why people would be terrified over? Same concerns fans had last year when people said we wouldn't even consider any of the CHL players and only were looking at the US kids and Boldy was a name constantly mentioned.
  4. Yup, and fwiw, Jordan Binnington also played a full season in the ECHL after leaving junior hockey. He played 40 games for Kalamazoo.
  5. Same. And let him fire the coach.
  6. What was the reason he was born in Montana? Any idea?
  7. Rossi is a kid who i absolutely love. He's risen so much in the last year and continues to climb. Very impressive player. High IQ. Sabres would be very lucky to get a player like that IMO.
  8. Yeah it does, if the NYR want to be a charity and give him up for CJ Smith, then i'm all in. But they're not. Yeah, he's played at a higher level, but both have had good paths and neither of them have really accomplished anything yet. If you're trading for Georgiev, you're trading for potential or for what he may still do. We don't even know if Georgiev is an upgrade over Ullmark?
  9. In that case Georgiev hasn't proven anything yet either. So you're willing to trade assets we don't have for him? FWIW, i forget where i read it, the team to watch for Georgiev is the Toronto Maple Leafs.
  10. Not sure why the Sabres would be interested with UPL on his way.
  11. Thats not recent. It's from 2018 when Buffalo hosted the WJC fwiw.
  12. I'm not a hockey scout by any means, just a fan who loves to watch too much hockey, but beside Lafreniere, i think Lucas Raymond is the next best player in this draft, and thats not a knock on Byfield or Holtz. I think Raymond has super star potential. The Swedish Patrick Kane.
  13. Used to come to my mind once in a while, even though deep down i knew it was very unlikely, but with the Pegula's owning the team, i never even think of it anymore.
  14. I think if the Sabres wanted to flip Mittelstadt for Andersson they would certainly do it. Mittelstadt has a much higher offensive upside. On HNIC last night, they mentioned NYR would try to get something going with the Oilers and Jesse Puljujarvi, another top draft pick who has struggled but this one will be spending the rest of the season in Finland. Apparently Oilers are the ones hesitant dealing Puljujarvi for Andersson.
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