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  1. He's very good and worth a first round pick. But not from the Sabres, way too risky to be trading picks which very easily could turn into being top 5 pick.
  2. I thought i once read Rick lives in St. Catherines, so i think he's out.
  3. What's so funny? They are. They have Taylor Hall on a one year deal and any more missed playoffs could put Eichel over the top to begin to demand a trade. Sabres gotta start winning and they know it. Hence, they're in "win now mode".
  4. There hasn't been any official word but i think the target date now is Feb 1st.
  5. This is just a bit too much, dont ya think? Also, how did Hanifan get himself involved in this? lol
  6. On June 23rd he told us Sabres were gonna target Taylor Hall. fwiw lol
  7. Ottawa Sun says we’re interested in Phillip Danault
  8. Reino23

    So #8

    Again, i like both players quite a bit. For me, the reason i have Lundell above Rossi was size, lack of high end speed and figuring Rossi played with Quinn, which, however, was not the case.
  9. That's interesting. Taylor was on the bench with the Sabres until the end of the road trip in late November. November 25th at Tampa was his last game as assistant coach before returning to Rochester. So from the time he left Buffalo that was the last time Krueger talked to Taylor.
  10. Reino23

    So #8

    I did not know that, i assumed they played together a fair share. Thanks for that info. As for Lundell vs. Rossi. I think Lundell is one of, if not the smartest player in this draft. His international hockey resume is as good as it gets, and that's in tournaments against the best kids of that age group in the world. I think Lundell has a peak potential of a Patrice Bergeron. I like his shot, i like his defensive game, i think he's the total package and i think he's a very safe pick. He's a very mature player, dominates the middle of the ice, and has good pace that allows him to generate p
  11. If i understand it right, Krueger will have a lot of saying going forward with roster building, and i'd suspect he will go heavy-Euro.
  12. I've been really impressed with the Islanders these playoffs. They remind me of the Vegas Golden Knights in their first season when they just steamrolled through everybody playing a physical and heavy game and grinding down their opponents and then finishing teams off by their constant speed.
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