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  1. If the Sabres are doing really well then it won't really matter, but trading Scandella if we're trying to join the playoff race is underwhelming. He won't fetch much more then a 3rd round draft pick.
  2. Should be noted, that a sellout for the Jets is considered a poor night for most of the teams, such as Buffalo. 15,276.
  3. I think he'll be waiting until roster spots open up, and more then just one. Unfortunately, guy has to wait til someone gets hurt.
  4. This draft is loaded. I only skimmed this thread, so it couldv'e been already posted, but no knock on Holtz or Byfield, but i wouldn't be surprised if Lukas Raymond jumps up to 2nd by June. Another interesting player who might go in the top-12 is Kaiden Guhle, Brendon's brother. Has 8 points (2+6) in 9 games so far this season for Prince Albert.
  5. Olofsson was a guest on NHL Tonight this evening too.
  6. It will be very interesting to see who Krueger sits when Montour is back, but i really don't think Scandella will be the one sitting. Not only has he played good but Krueger sees him like a leader. And his pairing with Jokiharju has been very strong. I don't think they will want to split those two up.
  7. Reino23

    Sabres radio

    The WGR site has a on-demand page where every show and interview is stored. So, if you miss a interview like Krueger or Friedman, it'll be on-demand. Which game? Let us know if you need any suggestions or tips on Buffalo.
  8. Reino23

    NHL.TV Feed

    Same, i use NHL.tv on a smart tv (not apple) and havnt had any issues at all.
  9. Reino23

    Sabres radio

    I think this show is real entertaining. Peters and Rivet have great chemistry. I listen pretty much every day at work. They have three regular guests- Wed- Jeremy Roenick Thur- Elliott Friedman Fri- Darren Dreger Enjoy, Miles!
  10. Reino23

    Sabres radio

    Schopp and the Bulldog broadcast live from 716 each home gameday and have Rob Ray as a guest at 4pm on those broadcasts. They also get Jason Botterill on once a month during the season to talk all things Sabres.
  11. Unless something drastic happens, i think Seattle would be nuts not pick off a dmen from us. On offense, we can protect 7- Eichel, Reinhart, Skinner, Mittelstadt, Olofsson, then it becomes a bit of a wildcard after that but i'd guess Asplund and Thompson are the next two. On defense we can only protect 3 from a list of - Dahlin, Jokiharju, Miller, Montour, Borgen, Risto, Pilut, McCabe. Goalie you can protect one and since UPL is not eligible for this draft it's a easy decision to protect Ullmark.
  12. I know it's cliche, but after last nights poor performance, a big time game tomorrow night would go a long way for me. It'll be nice to see how they play after a loss. Not saying they need to win 7-2 but a good 60 minute effort and win would really satisfy me for a while in believing that this team is different then the ones in the past several seasons.
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