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  1. Nah, I drink too much beer for clairvoyance...... I think Montour can get you Domi and I think Risto can get you an Ehlers type..... That would leave us with 26, 10, 33, & 19 as our top 4 with Borgen and Bryson in the wings. Sign a couple cheap vets and away we go.
  2. So, I like Pilut and thought he'd be a capable NHL dman. I wonder what KA thought of the way JB botched the negotiation with Pilut??? I wonder if PIlut has an out in his KHL contract and if KA likes him enough to reach out. I want to make this team's forwards better and would like to think we could move Montour and Risto in a couple deals to bolster our scoring if we knew Pilut could come back. I think Pilut is an above average skater and passer and would like to see him back in the B&G.
  3. Domi also brings physical play too. Something this team sorely lacks.
  4. Domi for Montour straight up. Put Sam back with Max and see it they can re-ignite their chemistry from the World Junior days! He'd be an upgrade as our 2C!
  5. IvanPutski


    This Covid Pandemic has really effed up a bunch of you! That being said, The Polish Hammer is available to assist with beating the nasties that stand in your way!
  6. I'd like to know who came up with the effed up idea and how the others in the room or zoom call said, "we're good with that". It is a sh!t-show!!!
  7. I'll be there on Sunday night; my son is skating with his National Grid co-workers. I believe he is the only one from National Grid coming in from Syracuse. It is a very cool event.
  8. My wife's PET and CAT scan and biopsy came back negative and the oncologist told us yesterday that there is no sign of the Lymphoma. That, my friends - is Freaking Awesome!!!
  9. Sabres win the draft lottery and call up Vancouver and offer it for Bo Horvat and their 1st round pick. We get our 2nd line center (and still don't lose the first round pick) who has already played in the league and they get their Sedins 2.0. Two questions: 1.) Would you do it if you were the Sabres? 2.) Would you do it if you were the Canucks?
  10. Thank you for your prayers! We appreciate them and know they help! Thank you! I hope and pray it does too! Hope she's well enough -- we meeting our family at the Pens-Sabres game on Thursday too.
  11. Today is the last Friday before my wife's last chemo treatment on Tuesday!
  12. I'm ok with that. I'd rather have a kid that's been in the league for a few years than a draft pick that I have to wait for.
  13. A name I've heard as being available a couple times is Jonathan Huberdeau. Any thoughts on what we'd have to offer to get him? Does a 1st round pick and one of our higher rated prospects get it done? Florida was rumored to make a run for Bob and the Breadman and would need the 6 mil that JH is making.
  14. I like Bogo's game and liked when I saw him play with Scandella. Which stat site or service do folks use to get the data to prove or disprove how good they played together?
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