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  1. I absolutely noticed this. He is a different player this year. I still don't want him on the second line.
  2. I have been hyper critical of him since the start of training camp this year. Last night he was winning puck battles in the corners, and in front of the net. His assist on Sheray's second goal was an outstanding play. 17 played a better game last night than he did all of last season. The said, he still doesn't belong on the second line.
  3. Please don't stop. Everything you are saying, needs to be said. This is one of the worst players in the league.
  4. He shouldn't be on the Amerks 2nd line, let alone the Sabres 2nd line. Him starting there has completely sucked any hope out of this season, this coach, and this GM that I may have had. It's infuriating, and incomprehensible that this is actually happening in practice, let alone opening night.
  5. Sergio Leone! Spaghetti Western King. Also directed Once Upon a Time in America. Tremendous stuff.
  6. This is spot on. What a mistake that decision was. Dumont was very upset about this as well. He was part of the heart and soul of that '06 run.
  7. Grinder


    He hasn't done one
  8. Completely agree with this. I think these two are going to compliment each other so well. It's going to be so much fun watching these two young men grow.
  9. I will be heading down the the Arena for today's practice. Very excited to get my first glimpse at Eichel. I was at the rookie scrimmage last year, and will be paying particular attention to Reinhart, and how much he has improved.
  10. Saad-Toews-Hossa and Bickell-Richards-Kane were the lines until games 6 and 7, when Kane and Toss a flipped. Saad is an excellent two way complimentary player. One of the best in the league I'd say. Will be extremely difficult and expensive for any team to pull him out of Chicago.
  11. I got tickets directly on center ice, 15 rows up last night for $42 each. It was the third game of the year for me. I go to see the young kids play, and they are delivering. I am hoping to go see Colorado on Sat as well.
  12. Risto and Zadarov are going to be cornerstones to championship teams here in the years to come, whether McDavid or Eichel make it here or not.
  13. Do you still feel the Sabres should have drafted Mantha over Zadarov? I know Mantha is an absolute stud prospect, but I'm having a hard time saying either is a much better better prospect than the other. To me, a big-bodied, hammer of a dman with speed and a booming shot is more valuable than just about any winger can be.
  14. I really wish Directv would broadcast these games. I'd watch just about every one.
  15. Definitely was this imo Ink
  16. This has been my train of thought since the day Gionta signed here. The perfect bridge to Gus being captain.
  17. I think making the first line and the shut down line mutually exclusive is incorrect. While I do not see Gus being a top ten scoring center, I do, like others have said, see him being able to score between 50-60 points per year. On top of that, I think he's going to be one of the leagues top defensive centers, with the ability to play and succeed in all situations. He will wear a letter for the duration of his Sabres career too, with next year being the latest this happens. I think it's 50/50 that he wears one this year. I think this year starts with Stafford, Gorges, and Gionta wearing letters. If Stafford is traded at the deadline, Gus gets his letter. If not, he starts next year with one.
  18. I'll be there. Very excited to get a look at all the young talent the Sabres have been accumulating.
  19. The drive out of Toronto during rush hour is so brutal. That would be some serious dedication. I'm going to the scrimmage Tuesday night with my brother and cousin. I don't post much here, I've been a lurker for many years. I'll share my thoughts after the scrimmage.
  20. Ottawa let Chara go because they didn't think they could afford both Chara ad's Redden. They chose Redden over Chara.
  21. Ken Sawyer is the one who called Darcy a hockey genius. It was probably right after Darcy educated him on the marketplace. Darcy is a master of marketplace education.
  22. I went to 5-6 Leafs games last year, including the home opener against the Sabres, and their game 6 win vs Boston in last year's playoffs, and every game had a better atmosphere than just about every game I've been to at FNC since Briere and Drury left. I go to 4-5 games a year here in Buffalo.
  23. I think he meant to say some analysis, not analysts
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