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  1. Hey y'all I have many pro Player brand replica Jerseys I'm looking to sell Phoenix St Louis Florida Dallas Washington Minnesota Atlanta Nashville as well as a Sabres Red Alternate I had Miro Satan autograph when the sabres played the Thrashers in Atalanta years ago Interested folks send me a PM appreciate it
  2. A freshly opened box of Liga Privada T 52 sticks that have been resting in my walk in for a year a bottle of Widow Jane and a Tybee breeze....
  3. Just did a 3 night run of Phish shows in Atlanta with my daughter ... Quite entertaining although I much rather Widespread Panic... But it was time well spent with my daughter
  4. Allman Brothers Band Live at the Fillmore East.... All of it
  5. Currently 78 bowl games, 12th consecutive year teams with non winning seasons are allowed to participate. This year 19% or 15 teams had .500 seasons Some bowl games ie playoffs have meaning in so far as to who becomes the national championship but the rest seem to have become the "participation trophy" for a season
  6. You can post all day long against my alma mater...hope you've lots of time because your fixin to become a full time author.My fandom.... It is goin to games at Bobby Dodd to be with my Papaw who is a GA Tech alum and is also 98 years old. Seeing him get all wound up and enjoying some corn squeezing is why I go. I really don't care about the scoreboard. I care about being with my Papaw my Daddy and brothers all of us alumni of Tech. Even when they play UGA I couldn't give a rats ass about the score.. See what I did there ubkev.... I know you are of the age to be in a particular generation characterized by winter precipitation but don't make to out to be a "meanie" and have you run to a safe space over some ball busting over a meaningless college football game
  7. Quiet as rats pissing on cotton in Athens
  8. Just finished up some of my Meemaw's recipe of shrimp and grits, poured a Glencairn of Angel's Envy, just started the fire in the pit and am about to cut and toast up a Torano Salutem to enjoy by the fire. Benny Goodman and his orchestra are providing the soundtrack to yet another glorious evening on Tybee
  9. "we" ...bless your heart.... Richt was fired because of his 5-10 record against Florida
  10. It's in Atlanta @ Mercedes-Benz Stadium
  11. The Hasek and Satan goathead jerseys have been purchased. The Briere slug and original logo winter coat remain. Interested ....let me know
  12. A Macanudo Cru Royale and a Bloody Mary get this Saturday morning off to a good start. One of my brothers and his wife and kids are headed to Tybee from Atlanta for a visit.
  13. HEAT by Jesus Fuego 5.5 x 60. Flavor abounds. Tons of thick smoke nutmeg cinnamon and gingerbread with a zip of pepper. A tasty stick.
  14. I have 3 jerseys up for grabs if folks are interested. All are replica jerseys. A black Satan goathead a white Hasek goathead and a blue Briere slug with a C on the shoulder. Goatheads are size XL Slug is XXL Also I have an old-school winter coat Large original logo in both shoulder sleeve and SABRES in gold on the back it's a Starter brand coat. Far to warm to wear on Tybee. Interested folks let me know. Good fair prices on all buyer pays for shipping
  15. Beautiful early evening here on Tybee...a cold tall boy and a Joya De Nicaragua Dark Corojo Antana for our pre dinner stick... post dinner choice is up to my nephew
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